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I'm a lover of coffee, carbs, & geeky stuff. A stepmom to 2 awesome kiddos, Lily bear's mommy, & married to a wonderfully geeky, bearded guy @MikeBurns77

Ohio, USA

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@CuteEmergency Cute Emergency @CuteEmergency

Australian Cattle Dog with a little corgi 😍 https://t.co/eegUItT21c

Australian Cattle Dog with a little corg...

@billyeichner billy eichner @billyeichner

Stop everything you're doing and watch this and share it. Oh my God. Emma Gonzalez, THANK YOU. We are with you!!! https://t.co/dqTWcenQf3

@charley_ck14 CK @charley_ck14

Fake Christians #ThingsIdLikeToSeeImpeached @HashtagJones1 https://t.co/dnBM6NlvPL

Fake Christians  #ThingsIdLikeToSeeImpea...

@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This orangutan saw a baby bird trapped in his zoo enclosure — and what he did next was so compassionate ❤️ https://t.co/R7bxJxlneQ

This orangutan saw a baby bird trapped i...

@longlivekcx kyra @longlivekcx

let it be known that cruz messed with the wrong school. We as students are using social media as a platform to have… https://t.co/JzEL9oVH2q

@The_UnSilent_ UnsilentMajority 🌹 @The_UnSilent_

Wanna know how I know @realDonaldTrump is senile? This is his visiting children who were just shot in a mass shoo… https://t.co/u4hKVK4fXF

@SaysHummingbird The Hummingbird 🐦 @SaysHummingbird

I will not apologize for repeating this statement everyday... The Republicans are willing to impeach truth, decenc… https://t.co/sqR8gX6F4l

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

#TheThingIDontGet is enough sleep https://t.co/p0PrbiPH4S

#TheThingIDontGet is enough sleep https:...

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

Watching #LittleEinsteins makes me feel super #dumb https://t.co/GqlhZqhpYf

Watching #LittleEinsteins makes me feel...

@HeyItsChris412 The Artist Formerly Known as Nutella Queen @HeyItsChris412

#TheThingIDontGet is how I can be tired all fucking day, but when I want to go to sleep, I'm wide awake.

@andylassner andy lassner @andylassner

The Russians concluded that the best way to fuck up America was to elect Donald J. Trump president. They literall… https://t.co/uDQsIvVxQO

@VancityReynolds Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds

BELIEVE. THE. HYPE. All hail the king #WakandaForever https://t.co/qENThMS9qU

BELIEVE. THE. HYPE. All hail the king #W...

@shannonpurser Shannon Purser @shannonpurser

If the kids who survived the Florida shooting are ready to talk about gun legislation, we should be too. End of story.

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

@OriginalFunko Nigel Thornberry https://t.co/ZrryhiKLbz

@OriginalFunko Nigel Thornberry https://...

@billyeichner billy eichner @billyeichner

Donate what you can: https://t.co/l0NxyJaGtK and FUCK THE NRA

@Best_Food_Porn Best of Food Porn @Best_Food_Porn

chicken bacon ranch fries https://t.co/DQ3OTprhFL

chicken bacon ranch fries https://t.co/D...

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

@JasmineHey1 True it is but you need to take care of yourself for not only your sake but for hers.

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

@JasmineHey1 Poor thing! Sounds like you really needed that sleep plus more.

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

@JasmineHey1 I understand completely! When I was in my third trimester I rarely slept, but when I did I was dead to the world.

@savvysuzee SuZarrar’s @savvysuzee

World Warhol Z #PutArtInAFilm https://t.co/6pstgiRpeX

World Warhol Z #PutArtInAFilm https://t....

@lovebunny_ninja Ellie Burns @lovebunny_ninja

@JasmineHey1 You don't suck. It's called being pregnant and just trying to sleep when you can.

@MikeBurns77 Michael Burns @MikeBurns77

Got my first ever #geekfuel box today. I wanted it for the Castlevania item and was not let… https://t.co/UpJPoAYpVy

@MikeBurns77 Michael Burns @MikeBurns77

The original x-men on a space adventure with Venom. Yes please. #venom #marvelcomics #xmen https://t.co/AG4KI2QUNM

@MikeBurns77 Michael Burns @MikeBurns77

Trump suggests 25 cent gas tax increase, senator says https://t.co/JjtiFX8QxA


Florida sheriff: “What about the rights of these students? What about the rights of young kids who go to schools wi… https://t.co/Tym0FLMTiF

@thehill The Hill @thehill

Ex-GOP lawmaker to voters: If you want to stop mass shootings, kick Republicans out of office… https://t.co/in6lvx8ejG


17 People Died In The Parkland Shooting. Here Are Their Names https://t.co/1l1ugp7nLq

@mradamscott Adam Scott @mradamscott

$3.3 million from NRA https://t.co/Sf91ZZlXlx

@MikeBurns77 Michael Burns @MikeBurns77

Wow @marcorubio is pretty deep in the NRA's pocket. https://t.co/exlRDfJ895

@SethMacFarlane Seth MacFarlane @SethMacFarlane

The primary function of a Tide Pod is clean clothes. The primary function of a gun is to make something stop being… https://t.co/l4HrepZXS7

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