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#CIAK9 Pupdate: Sometimes, even after testing, our pups make it clear being an explosive detection K9 isn’t for the… https://t.co/2RscNJXO8y

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@Lamb_Tales Gold!

@SamBaker sam baker @SamBaker

After the overwhelming #MeToo response to Weinstein, its time for #HimToo. 👏👏👏 @salihughes https://t.co/nP47d1H3Jv

@WPLGLocal10 WPLG Local 10 News @WPLGLocal10

Trump to widow of Sgt. La David Johnson: "He knew what he signed up for" https://t.co/ZKREENMCjA https://t.co/sjzs9saPLh

Trump to widow of Sgt. La David Johnson:...

@louk20 Louise @louk20

#melbmara 👏event. 2 years ago u kicked my butt, today the Same but 20 minutes faster and a BQ! #runninglikeagirl #thisgirlcan

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@GuiltFemPod https://t.co/Jfwe9JgqoW

@GuiltFemPod https://t.co/Jfwe9JgqoW

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

Kim Beazley: The interpretation that the Americans have of their second amendment is complete craven rubbish. MORE:… https://t.co/i0kL7kjU1p

@AndyRichter Andy Richter @AndyRichter

Australia confiscated 650,000 guns. Murders and suicides plummeted. https://t.co/HWTxlsdwMN

@The_Pigeon Mo Willems' Pigeon @The_Pigeon

Enough. Enough. Enough. https://t.co/eftiQtrtun

Enough. Enough. Enough. https://t.co/eft...

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@Lamb_Tales would love to say Boudica but reality is Glory. (Btw Hilarious & great distraction from v depressing news day).

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@LisaMillar agree, but after every mass shooting I think maybe this will be the one that changes things. It won’t be, NRA too powerful in DC

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@Onecpblue @piersmorgan hello, he is not making it about colour but about gun control this is all about the NRA.

@Lin_Manuel Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel

You're going straight to hell, @realDonaldTrump. No long lines for you. Someone will say, "Right this way, sir."… https://t.co/ljmumXrvXh

@thereaIbanksy banksy @thereaIbanksy

Don't quit. https://t.co/0JP0cXkarV

Don't quit. https://t.co/0JP0cXkarV

@justinjm1 Justin Miller @justinjm1

"Son of a bitch" vs. "very fine people" https://t.co/AdpeQFRQLN

'Son of a bitch' vs. 'very fine people'...

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@caromeldrum got ours today

@TheEconomist The Economist @TheEconomist

Donald Trump is politically inept, morally barren and temperamentally unfit for office https://t.co/xLDMtLclUw

@louk20 Louise @louk20

Gotta love the #City2Surf, 80000 out for their Sunday run https://t.co/4A9hgZ8AZ6

Gotta love the #City2Surf, 80000 out for...

@louk20 Louise @louk20


@AdamParkhomenko Adam Parkhomenko @AdamParkhomenko

the most normal thing in 2017 so far https://t.co/X05h6nQFrG

the most normal thing in 2017 so far htt...

@MichaelSkolnik Michael Skolnik @MichaelSkolnik

Eleven personal trips this year by Trump to Mar-A-Lago: $29 million Medical services for transgender people in the military: $8.4 million

@BillKristol Bill Kristol @BillKristol

It really isn't right to say Donald Trump is "humiliating" or "shaming" Jeff Sessions. Donald Trump is humiliating and shaming himself.

@louk20 Louise @louk20

This is frightening: https://t.co/XH88NZ1dmw

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@Lamb_Tales usd power banks on several rides in NZ 2-3 weeks. Reliable & light even if not as env friendly as dynamos. 5/6 wks 2 opt needed

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@LisaMillar great read. Was at finish line in Boston 2013, it's running that has kept me sane since.

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@nytimes yep, and the cabs are winning. Uber service in London nothing like NYC

@BitsieTulloch Elizabeth Tulloch @BitsieTulloch

This is how grownups handle criticism. Particularly those elected to the highest office in this country.… https://t.co/dh1gq2ltz8

@louk20 Louise @louk20

@GStephanopoulos @KellyannePolls hello who took the personal attacks to a new level during campaign #snowflake https://t.co/AMcdcwHtwc

@GStephanopoulos @KellyannePolls hello w...

@J_plus_8 J @J_plus_8

I guess snowflakes come in all sizes and colors https://t.co/pAtthmwRZH

I guess snowflakes come in all sizes and...

@nytimes The New York Times @nytimes

Opinion: We catalogued nearly every outright lie Donald Trump has told publicly since taking the oath of office https://t.co/2uNz6s0d3g

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