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@DPosthu Danielle @DPosthu

Looking for an exciting scientific environment? Come work with us - we are looking for a new PhD or Postdoc in neur… https://t.co/v86YdWusWc

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

Hide me - my parents are scientists! #myminineuron #scicomm #BelieveInScience @mlopezvernaza https://t.co/YGP3oqZo6i

Hide me - my parents are scientists! #my...

@HKilpinen Helena Kilpinen @HKilpinen

UCL has 3 Rutherford fellowships available for health informatics research https://t.co/PYDGj05126, DL Jan 7th. PM… https://t.co/YukXLnFxaf

@DrDanielJSmith Daniel Smith @DrDanielJSmith

Another plug for our fully-funded #PrecisionMedicine #PhD opportunity in #mentalhealth and #heartdisease Deadline… https://t.co/FWNbxnACQB

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@abigailruthf Thank you very much for the collaboration session yesterday #SCICOM17 it reignited my motivation in m… https://t.co/PAbb0g5FQv

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

Today was so helpful, engaging & fun! Met so many fab ppl & now have a long to do list of ideas to follow-up! esp i… https://t.co/hvnvPxfrLC

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@aoibhinn_ni_s @scicomie Thanks so much for a fab day!

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

Check out https://t.co/2VhhscXfwE @RCSI_Irl https://t.co/QyKbgPL0a0

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@GJBpublishing @robinince @JosieLong @McLeanAmy @MindCharity Check out https://t.co/2VhhscXfwE @RCSI_Irl

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@RRocheNeuro @NeuroscienceIRL @FENSorg Congratulations 🎊

@fiosgenomics Fios Genomics @fiosgenomics

We know that making sense of NGS data in biology is a difficult task: these datasets are useful only if extracted a… https://t.co/ijGCTmCsUG

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

On the way in! Looking forward to it https://t.co/8SkZDUZ1bs

@mrc_hgu MRC_HGU @mrc_hgu

Currently recruiting for 8 PhD studentships for 4-year multi-disciplinary PhD programme in Human Genetics, Genomics… https://t.co/HX9gmtSlog

@antoryan Anthony Ryan @antoryan

ASHG Interview: Jeff Gulcher, WuXi NextCODE https://t.co/n4CUHGoxU2

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

The Story of the Brain - Dara O Briain's Science Club - Episode 5 - BBC Two https://t.co/bTNkAnHxiL via @YouTube

@mlopezvernaza Manuel Lopez Vernaza @mlopezvernaza

Venus flytrap Claus! Absolutely hilarious! If needed, another very important reason to #loveplants https://t.co/vUJOsO0i3B

@scienceirel SFI @scienceirel

The 2018 L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science UK & Ireland Fellowship Awards Programme will open on Monday 4th Decem… https://t.co/HtyDoqJ85g

@anderson_carl Carl Anderson @anderson_carl

Only a few days left to get your applications in. Come join our team! https://t.co/aCKdADlQ0J

@enigmabrains ENIGMA Consortium @enigmabrains

Look before you leap!! For open #postdoc positions in ENIGMA or ENIGMA-related labs, check out the refreshened list… https://t.co/kYnaAgIhAi

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@mairebrid https://t.co/MS5Y4A5xce

@ceclindgren Cecilia Lindgren @ceclindgren

Applications are welcomed for the 2018 entry to the 4 year @wellcometrust funded DPhil Programme in Genomic Medicin… https://t.co/n6OCKlrW7X

@aoifemcl Aoife McLysaght @aoifemcl

And in related news, I'm recruiting postdocs and PhD students ... :-) https://t.co/hvt8a0cqMi

@actionhappiness Action for Happiness @actionhappiness

Want to help spread happiness? Our festive Kindness Calendar is packed with simple actions to bring more joy to oth… https://t.co/aCVnbxWKwt

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

@soragnilab Thanks so much for sharing! I am just starting my own group and agree 100% - check this thread out @IMMAlab

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

With thanks to the great folks at CPL recruitment - who specialise in STEM careers, by the way - we've got 10 STUDE… https://t.co/Ls6QIQtinC

@Muireann_Irish ☘️Muireann Irish🧠 @Muireann_Irish

Hands up if you have fMRI experience? Interested in memory? Fancy a 3 year contract in beautiful Sydney? I am looki… https://t.co/h9BGZPjM65

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

What a cool lab logo! #plasmodesmata #falcontubes #gochristine #oldedinburghgang https://t.co/zQSNZknT7L

@BritishNeuro The BNA @BritishNeuro

Need online resources to teach #neuroscience? Want to know where they fit into your syllabus? The British Neuroscie… https://t.co/zwbSiYhp8H

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

Just came across this - recommend it highly!! Thank you very much https://t.co/nyULp0OYXr

@lornahoulihan Lorna Lopez @lornahoulihan

So important & useful! https://t.co/12Vr8SotUS

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