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Former @ussoccer_wnt midfielder - WC & Olympics • @nike Coach • @Onnit Pro • UVa Alum • #SoccerPerformance Coach • https://t.co/T7PO8Jx6cZ

Washington, DC

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@jemelehill Jemele Hill @jemelehill

Years from now, the NFL will be embarrassed it kept a player out of the league for being a humanitarian. https://t.co/lZDhZCd8jX

@GlennonDoyle Glennon Doyle @GlennonDoyle

It’s common for white people like me to celebrate MLK JR. To think we’d have stood with him. It’s comfy to love a c… https://t.co/EuBDpNkL54

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Oh geez. Help us all. 💃🏼💯 https://t.co/MlwcthHZEB

@Arsenal Arsenal FC @Arsenal

#MerciArsène https://t.co/7wqOwveCfz

#MerciArsène https://t.co/7wqOwveCfz

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

How are we feeling about this @beckysauerbrunn & @TobinHeath?! https://t.co/BPGpGLTodT

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@chris_awk Thank you!

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@chris_awk In what area of the field were most of the passes completed?!

@ussoccerfndn US Soccer Foundation @ussoccerfndn

ICYMI- #USWNT stars @lindsaytarpley and @LoriLindsey6 recently joined our team as ambassadors! Check out their bios… https://t.co/GOwEoNXmU3

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Today is #GiveOUTDay, the one day a year where people rally to support nonprofits advocating for the #LGBTQ communi… https://t.co/bYgQjNrmf8

@marwilliamson Marianne Williamson @marwilliamson

Aging is like walking through a big house and every decade is a fantastic room. All of them are interesting but onc… https://t.co/V7xVOAy0N1

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@jordangeli @NWSL @WashSpirit @torihuster @mparsons_1 @keepernotes Does anyone have a vid of this?!

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@taylorcarr90 @SachaKljestan Ahhh yeah! 🙌🏽

@taylorcarr90 Taylor Carr @taylorcarr90

With its new guidelines, FIFA has made it clear that anti-LGBTQ laws like the one in Morocco aren’t acceptable. FIF… https://t.co/quH3GUrjPg

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@PogMoThoinTrump @keepernotes @UtahRoyalsFC @jordangeli @NWSL @go90 You’re right...probably @jordangeli because I’m funnier.

@jordangeli Jordan Angeli @jordangeli

Making history with @LoriLindsey6 was fuuunnnnnn - think we will do it again a few times this week @NWSL @go90 https://t.co/lYEU8QsSeR

@keepernotes Keeper Notes @keepernotes

Yesterday @UtahRoyalsFC made woso history. Today, @jordangeli & @LoriLindsey6 do the same, as they become the first… https://t.co/Yd0VJn2NJb

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

@crewfanscott With the one and only @jordangeli 🤗🙌🏽

@Jacq_Porter jacqui porter @Jacq_Porter

19,203. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 The attendance for new @NWSL club @UtahRoyalsFC. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Absolutely love this. WELL DONE UTAH.… https://t.co/eeqj5kpBPk

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Yes. @NWSL @UtahRoyalsFC ❤️ https://t.co/W4bgEhGy7p

@GrantWahl Grant Wahl @GrantWahl

Utah Royals set to sell out Rio Tinto Stadium in their first NWSL home game. Impressive.

@HeatherOReilly Heather O'Reilly @HeatherOReilly

This is very cool and a positive step for women’s football. Will be incredibly interesting to see how European and… https://t.co/syHxUfWgQl

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

You’re the bees knees @PranskyJ Pumped to see all your amazing features during this summer’s @FIFAWorldCup 🙌🏽🐝⚽️ https://t.co/J72yIR6GhO

@EPFinitiative Equal Playing Field @EPFinitiative

"Gender equity shouldn't just be an add on to society, it should be embedded in the decisions we take and the actio… https://t.co/VXKNBiTktJ

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

.@prileyfury4life has to be going 🍌🍌🍌🍌 right now.... #ManCityLiverpool #ChampionsLeague

@JulieFoudy Julie Foudy @JulieFoudy

#EqualPayDay fact: Almost 75% of Americans think it would be a crisis if they earned 20% less money. Well, guess wh… https://t.co/dV2S5dsTjg

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

I think the real MVP of this #usavsmex game (actually the entire last year) is @S10Bird 🙌🏽😂 (@mPinoe)

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Congratulations @CarliLloyd 100 golazos. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽⚽️ #USAvMEX

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Game on. 2-2. Here we go @ussoccer_wnt #USAvMEX

@lorilindsey6 Lori Lindsey @lorilindsey6

Wow. Can this game get any better?! #DeGea #MCIMUN ⚽️🤗

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