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Oh, Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaatrick............. https://t.co/TFB3vS7VP9

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

@PadraigBelton Happy St Padraig's Day from the very Irish Ottawa Valley, in Canada!

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

That Darn Catalogue! #OrganizeAFilm

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

The Da Vinci Codify #OrganizeAFilm

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The Green File #OrganizeAFilm

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

The Alphabetization Game #OrganizeAFilm

@ticiaverveer Ticia Verveer @ticiaverveer

Remains of the ancient port city of Palepolis have been discovered off the coast of Naples, near the Castel dell’Ov… https://t.co/Vz00D8fjIf

@newscientist New Scientist @newscientist

Steve the aurora can be seen as a narrow purple arc, sometimes with green dashes alongside https://t.co/xmoL221iAY

Steve the aurora can be seen as a narrow...

@HeaneyDaily Seamus Heaney @HeaneyDaily

Anyone with gumption and a sharp mind will take the measure of two things: what’s said and what’s done.

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

Hey, @eigentourist! Sez here: 'Loves jazz, science, open source, and pasta.' What a four-part quodlibet *that* would make!!

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

@eigentourist @Wikisteff { grin }

@loreleiq LoreleiQ @loreleiq

@eigentourist @Wikisteff How geocentric! 'Facepalming' implies both 'face' and 'palm' in said aliens' external morphology. (-;

@Blod_wen Anna Hill @Blod_wen

This is such a beautiful piece of writing by @RobGMacfarlane The word-hoard: Robert Macfarlane on rewilding our lan… https://t.co/z8OYy77Rvv

@WilliamShatner William Shatner @WilliamShatner

Happy #PiDay2018 😋 https://t.co/qAOzna1cG6

Happy #PiDay2018 😋 https://t.co/qAOzna1c...

@mcnees Robert McNees @mcnees

It's a bit of a somber morning, but happy π day! Here is a color-coded representation of the first 10,000 digits. https://t.co/3CRUIo656x

It's a bit of a somber morning, but happ...

@irishradioca Irish Radio Canada @irishradioca

This came in to me via @IrishMusicOtt. Looks very interesting. Dr Kieran O'Conor from @nuigalway on - The Castles… https://t.co/b3UXZzqIY5

@I_Find_Planets Newfound Planets @I_Find_Planets

You have discovered a planet. It moves equally, tenderly. It is somewhere near Alpha Lyrae. It could send us love.

@brian_bilston Brian Bilston @brian_bilston

π in the sky He'd think about her constantly - well, 22/7 - never completing. He even stopped eating. Th… https://t.co/nBxy416vIi

@Wikisteff Steffen Christensen @Wikisteff

Per aspera. #RIPStephenHawking https://t.co/cOXo9HotNs

@Mikel_Jollett Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge." https://t.co/Tk1mTs0E2O

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not...

@openculture Open Culture @openculture

Stephen Hawking’s Ph.D. Thesis, "Properties of Expanding Universes," Now Free to Read/Download Online… https://t.co/n29ou0nvoh

@ticiaverveer Ticia Verveer @ticiaverveer

This beautiful Roman mosaic bowl was created by fusing pre-formed canes of glass in a mould. 1st century B.C. - 1st… https://t.co/PUFyUfAl6R

@irarchaeology Irish Archaeology @irarchaeology

The Irish name for the greenfinch is 'Glasán Darach', or in English 'little green one of the oak tree'. Photo: St… https://t.co/sWGy7YRPUa

@ticiaverveer Ticia Verveer @ticiaverveer

Cats have been up to mischief for six centuries: the particular document that the cat got its paws on dates to Marc… https://t.co/K0tVciwMer

@Qafzeh PaleoAnthropology+ @Qafzeh

If Doggerland Had Not Drowned https://t.co/mDcpDiuJFn https://t.co/AEPdsZrj5G

If Doggerland Had Not Drowned  https://t...

@Qafzeh PaleoAnthropology+ @Qafzeh

#PaleoDiet https://t.co/3vSBrhEYsP

#PaleoDiet https://t.co/3vSBrhEYsP

@RobGMacfarlane Robert Macfarlane @RobGMacfarlane

Word of the day: "ythlaf" - the stretch of shore or beach revealed when a wave ebbs; the contested & mobile space t… https://t.co/RpGvPJ1x20

@Jamie_Woodward_ The Ice Age @Jamie_Woodward_

"A stampede of charcoal" from 35,000 years ago at Chauvet Cave #IceAgeArt Photograph by Jean Clottes published in… https://t.co/ONPzuJODPo

@the_sidecarist Short Stack🏳️‍🌈🌹 @the_sidecarist

When two city planners hate each other: https://t.co/LSb7k8KoaW

When two city planners hate each other:...

@Qafzeh PaleoAnthropology+ @Qafzeh



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