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OH born and bred; LA bread and butter | Writer of sitcoms, animation, sci-fi | NaNoWriMo in Nov! | #coffeecrisp

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

On overcoming anxiety: https://t.co/tgfiMDjvUU

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

Play a fun game! Find the bots the algorithms didn't catch that are hashtagging posts with #TwitterLockout, and report them! 🃏🃏🃏

@darrenhayes Darren Hayes @darrenhayes

The #TwitterLockout is merely a purge of bots. You had ten thousand russian bots following you? The FBI literally c… https://t.co/mM45NsK5rw

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@williamlegate These must all be the people that believe a quarter pounder is more than a third-pounder because 4 i… https://t.co/iwuZupDacb

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@krisp__y You're not being silenced. It's just no one is listening anymore.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@kingr1973 @edwardleonard7 @BrentButt I appreciate your attempt at civility, but it wasn't a match to win. It was just an exchange of ideas.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt If you have all the answers but don't educate people, then what good is the k… https://t.co/aoapgGNvP6

@ChuckTingle Chuck Tingle @ChuckTingle

cant stop thinking about how perfect you all fit into this timeline what an amazing puzzle. so thankful to be conne… https://t.co/EZTJU3jei9

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@carrieksada @Riya_Pillai @Oyyster_Boy @WajahatAli @mehdirhasan Reported! https://t.co/HEJ8f8MVKb

@owillis Oliver Willis @owillis

really starting to buy the idea that when todays teens see trump and the gop talking all they see is president snow… https://t.co/AZhdphI3Wd

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt Tell me what I don't know.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@BrentButt Aww, I was having a good conversation with this bot! Thanks for showing me the light, y'all.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@Rapieress @BrentButt This is disappointing. I've been talking to this dude for a day. But he does seem to refute e… https://t.co/Sq2BdgxhsM

@sarahchad_ Sarah Chadwick// #NEVERAGAIN @sarahchad_

Actually for me the worst news I got was that 17 people died in my school. One of my best friends was shot twice. A… https://t.co/nmlgJDNiJz

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt I'll admit, I laughed. Question: what about the US would we have to homogeniz… https://t.co/Qnp7gVEXXr

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt No, the economy in a socialist country is enforced by gov't (labor laws) but… https://t.co/LtkCIhJ5Yo

@aggretsuko Aggretsuko @aggretsuko

SO OVER IT... who's ready to go home? #AGGRETSUKO #RAGE https://t.co/Ohm0p46YSS

SO OVER IT... who's ready to go home?

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt That is incorrect. Please at least read the first two answers on this page. C… https://t.co/D1ZL8Gf9OJ

@MaryJProbz So MaJestic! @MaryJProbz

@joshcomers @SethMacFarlane Part of mental health is teaching self mastery and communication to children at a very… https://t.co/iC5q6q6Jsb

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @theVPofpeepee @BrentButt That may be true. But their concerns are quite specialized. As is for far… https://t.co/M3gSbRG5Hz

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt I live in CA, too, but am from the Midwest. CA does a great job of things but… https://t.co/gY7s84Z9ut

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@kingr1973 @edwardleonard7 @BrentButt The whole community suffers when people are forced to fight for themselves. T… https://t.co/dGTCMb2coL

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@kingr1973 @edwardleonard7 @BrentButt I think so, too, but it's due to wealth inequality. You can't have street BBQ… https://t.co/XNCWIDhIYG

@resistbot Resistbot @resistbot

NEW: Text NRA to 50409 and I'll tell you how much money the NRA spent in direct and outside funding, both for, and… https://t.co/PTsfZnmnPK

@jessphoenix2018 Jess Phoenix @jessphoenix2018

Did people you know lose their lives at 14 & 15 years old because our country's love affair with guns is stronger t… https://t.co/wc5kpVvPku

@EdKrassen Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen

BREAKING: The NRA loses a Supreme Court case in California. The Court says that California may continue to use gun… https://t.co/Whndlh6S9P

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@jessphoenix2018 @JackKingston A lot of teenagers don't have financial obligations that keep adults in work for 50… https://t.co/H2L4gkkjJd

@Mikel_Jollett Mikel Jollett @Mikel_Jollett

Guns aren't allowed at the White House, the Republican National Convention or Mar-a-Lago in case you're wondering w… https://t.co/4r9PDUaId6

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@rumblefish416 I haven't watched it yet! I'm excited to see it.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@edwardleonard7 @kingr1973 @BrentButt I think police "miss" people for a couple reasons. Lack of resources is one.… https://t.co/1xRUi5yFVc

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