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OH born and bred; LA bread and butter | Writer of sitcoms, animation, sci-fi | NaNoWriMo in Nov! | #coffeecrisp

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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@neiltyson Neil deGrasse Tyson @neiltyson

Is it just me, or does the Tardigrade (from the neck down) resemble Miyazaki’s “Cat Bus” in his Totoro film. https://t.co/43feE1E9GL

Is it just me, or does the Tardigrade (f...

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

One of my roommates holds every phone call on speaker regardless of what I am doing in the house and all her relatives are half-deaf.

@Iron_Spike Iron Spike @Iron_Spike

Take it from a bitch in management AND talent. There is no abusive, misogynist, sociopathic "genius" out there tha… https://t.co/qIQGnfiR91

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@JElvisWeinstein I could've swore this shot was from last year... It's a different shot?? Wow.

@Marisha_Ray Marisha Ray @Marisha_Ray

Guys, no matter how bad things get, just remember we’ll always have the summer of Pokémon Go.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@RefuteFrMartin @JamesMartinSJ Can I have a Bible passage about a transgender person committing a sin by being transgender?

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@billprady https://t.co/RYWTC4jjqm

@billprady  https://t.co/RYWTC4jjqm

@Timodc Tim Miller @Timodc

@joshmesker really there is not. If Sessions got in great. He's not going to. Abstaining is a personal choice and t… https://t.co/thvhAvzjGl

@Timodc Tim Miller @Timodc

I just donated to a Democrat for the first time in my life if any of yall want to do so as well. Enough is enough. https://t.co/YlDXTXSnyJ

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@Ashlayyye thewhitesareatitagain.jpg

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

I'm done with 2017. Tapped out. Kaput. Done. I'm gonna turn up with Xmas cheer and everyone can go ho ho ho themselves until next year.

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@chelseaperetti Try Du-Par's?

@dreamer_debra Debra Bishop @dreamer_debra

BREAKING: The @FCC will unveil its final plan to kill #NetNeutrality today. PROTEST at Verizon stores nationwide on… https://t.co/KSFVGIgSfF

@The_UnSilent_ UnsilentMajority 🌹 @The_UnSilent_

Meet Cindy’s employer: 15 straight quarters of record profits, sitting on $41 billion in cash With just a measly $… https://t.co/vGceLwiO8Q

@Mono80 Anna Pallai @Mono80



@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

Individuals, instead of gathering to change things how they want them to be, sit isolated and laugh at disaster. We… https://t.co/7uoXMUrzQ1

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

The reason we have 45 is that men in America, instead of dealing with negative emotions (helplessness, fear, self-d… https://t.co/brRouo8ne5

@MoonPie MoonPie @MoonPie

Not really just stuff em up there I guess https://t.co/WaAVaOI02a

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@RheaButcher All the best!

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

The disgust when you bite into an egg thinking it's hard boiled and it's actually semi-hard boiled #2017feelings

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@adamconover Is it possible we'll learn how to harvest helium from the sun before it runs out here?

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

My coworker is jamming on Santana so hard I can hear it from two cubicles away. #cubiclelife

@ShaunKing Shaun King @ShaunKing

Listen... Donald Trump is fighting a culture war. He’s losing politically. He has no achievements. The Republi… https://t.co/a014WmkbTb

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@towerguy1970 @auntymimi69 @MontrayDavis @KaivanShroff He didn't release them for them, he released them for his ow… https://t.co/3RAolPn4ys

@KaivanShroff Kaivan Shroff @KaivanShroff

RT if you know what these private American citizens Trump has attacked have in common: Colin Kaepernick Jemele Hil… https://t.co/Pf6n7V4viE

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

So many people in gov't would benefit from therapy. Too bad America has stigmatized mental health to the point of national crisis.

@BrandonESuttles Brandon Suttles @BrandonESuttles

@jfreewright Everything Eminem said about him and Trump was silent. But this, he speaks up on. #TrumpIsRacist

@emmykegler Emmy Rettino Kegler @emmykegler

If you ignore the witness of teenage girls, if you tell refugees "go back where you came from," if you close your… https://t.co/D9glTkG3rz

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

The Young Republican group in AL pulled support for him. It's good to know morals are above politics for upcoming l… https://t.co/qtH4Bi9rJL

@lindsaystweets Lindsay Britts @lindsaystweets

@KenTremendous https://t.co/RoQbxocXv5

@KenTremendous  https://t.co/RoQbxocXv5

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