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Labor Member for Barton, Shadow Minister for Human Services, and former NSW Labor Deputy Leader. Contact me at Linda.Burney.MP@aph.gov.au

Kogarah, Sydney

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@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Joining @SophieCotsis at her Xmas party yesterday https://t.co/e4LP54BR5H

Joining @SophieCotsis at her Xmas party...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Having Xmas lunch at Shangri-La Aged Care in Hurstville this afternoon https://t.co/eEglW1bTuA

Having Xmas lunch at Shangri-La Aged Car...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Presenting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag at Clemton Park Early Education and Care Centre this morning. https://t.co/C3M7XhPttv

Presenting Aboriginal and Torres Strait...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

55 million calls to #Centrelink went unanswered in the last fiscal year. Centrelink is in crisis under Turnbull and… https://t.co/tipeIXvBel

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Good luck to our year 12s, in particular those in Barton, as results are released today. Congratulations and best wishes for the future

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Congratulations @raelenecastle on becoming first woman to lead an Australian football code

@ClrLindaScott Linda Scott @ClrLindaScott

Today marks 25th anniversary of Paul Keating’s #Redfern speech, with the mighty Sol Bellear as MC. As we mourn Sol’… https://t.co/DVAYVEIXHD

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

joint statement with Sen. Dodson and McCarthy on 25th anniversary of Redfern speech https://t.co/9g5imG1dLL

joint statement with Sen. Dodson and McC...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

https://t.co/VWL39w0jXH when the gap is widening and Gov has abandoned Rec, Keating and Redfern reminds us of the possible, to never give up

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Honour and privilege to meet with Ms Jessie Malone opposition MP from Zimbabwe in Parliament this week https://t.co/NjaW4JzanK

Honour and privilege to meet with Ms Jes...

@7NewsMelbourne 7 News Melbourne @7NewsMelbourne

Same-sex marriage: "I'm proud of your daddy...he did such a good job...It wouldn't have happened without your daddy… https://t.co/KCAdNziVJY

@RNDrive RN Drive @RNDrive

@PatsKarvelas spoke to @terrimbutler about the historic #SSM bill passing. Listen back: https://t.co/snwdF7u9s3… https://t.co/evQhfhkohj

@PennySharpemlc Penny Sharpe @PennySharpemlc

With the other Penny. #marriageequality @SenatorWong https://t.co/kpFrEhiKB0

With the other Penny. #marriageequality...

@MartinAnne139 Annie Martin @MartinAnne139

Australia Makes Same-Sex Marriage Legal https://t.co/Yq6TIy1oXo so @LindaBurneyMP how amazing! #MarriageEquality 🌈

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Done✅ photo: Lukas Coch/AAP https://t.co/1MiVvmWYNB

Done✅ photo: Lukas Coch/AAP https://t.co...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp


@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

The Labor team got together to donate gifts to the Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal. Every child deserves to wake up on Ch… https://t.co/hwadbHAk7k

@BuzzFeedOzPol BuzzFeedOz Politics @BuzzFeedOzPol

I'm number 5. https://t.co/5vprZ8EEyI

I'm number 5. https://t.co/5vprZ8EEyI

@Tony_Burke Tony Burke @Tony_Burke

Watching this debate is a window into the coalition joint party room. #auspol

@AlboMP Anthony Albanese @AlboMP

Former PM @TonyAbbottMHR once ordered @TurnbullMalcolm to 'demolish' the NBN. #MissionAccomplished #AbbottHappy https://t.co/ti9SHW61Py

Former PM @TonyAbbottMHR once ordered @T...

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Apparently Libs' promise that every Australian would have access to NBN by end of 2016 wasn't a promise it was a "goal". Own goal. #nbnfail

@tanya_plibersek Tanya Plibersek @tanya_plibersek

Needs a caption competition... https://t.co/bvEvmwK3rd

@workmanalice Alice Workman @workmanalice

Imagine how many houses you could buy with this giant avocado https://t.co/9XY0xox4p3

Imagine how many houses you could buy wi...

@workmanalice Alice Workman @workmanalice

Let a thousand blossoms bloom! https://t.co/DH8u8owVJO

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Turn on your televisions. Watch history being made #getitdone @LindaBurneyMP

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

Not long now, let's get this done #MarriageEquality https://t.co/B75hNWetnU

Not long now, let's get this done #Marri...

@markdreyfusQCMP Mark Dreyfus @markdreyfusQCMP

Ready for the day. #MarriageEquality #getitdone https://t.co/X266FcaKvQ

Ready for the day. #MarriageEquality #ge...

@CanterburyBoys Canterbury Boys High @CanterburyBoys

A packed Year 7 2017 Orientation Day! We welcomed our incoming students and their families to CBHS. To find out mor… https://t.co/sOFtG4xKMc

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Thanks for your hard work and advocacy @MagdaSzubanski and thanks for popping 'round https://t.co/D9bGK08IGm

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