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Authorised by Linda Burney ALP Sydney Labor Member for Barton, Shadow Minister for Human Services. Contact me at Linda.Burney.MP@aph.gov.au

Kogarah, Sydney

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@MurrayWatt Senator Murray Watt @MurrayWatt

Currently debating amendment that would stop anyone being worse off from Liberals’ cuts to bereavement allowance, p… https://t.co/xtfth7VNf6

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

More reports in this morning’s newspapers that Australians are struggling with out of control health insurance inc… https://t.co/wxo9mCIH7E

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Great to be out in Hurstville this morning with @chrisgambian, Labor's candidate for Banks! https://t.co/RmDZPeSXPl

Great to be out in Hurstville this morni...

@lukejgosling Luke Gosling @lukejgosling

#DarwinNT Sikhs will be back at Jingili water gardens this afternoon from 2.30pm, providing take away containers wi… https://t.co/8988CEUBHh

@June_Oscar June Oscar @June_Oscar

We're looking forward to meeting Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women and girls in Tasmania next week. The Wiy… https://t.co/BRIF6jGgQo

@SammyPoate Samantha Poate @SammyPoate

“The stadium splurge of the Liberal-National Government is an extravagant waste of money.” - @Luke_FoleyNSW https://t.co/6sT7ckXdEK

“The stadium splurge of the Liberal-Nati...

@NACCHOAustralia Aboriginal Health @NACCHOAustralia

The interview on @sunriseon7 this morning 6.45 am with our Pat Turner , Olga Havnen @DanilaDilba and… https://t.co/Es0bTCGr5y


The government will make tiny savings from cuts to people’s incomes in their proposed Welfare 'Reform' Bill, yet wi… https://t.co/HSIzW9jTFi


The NRL has launched an investigation to find the person who racially abused two Indigenous players at a rugby game… https://t.co/oLVcJCN79Q


Currently, people get backpaid to the day their claim was made which is an important part of our social security sy… https://t.co/Sdmu5kKDMp

@FootballJMF JohnMoriartyFootball @FootballJMF

This moment. A long wait. Shay is the first Borroloola footballer selected for Australia since John 55 years ago https://t.co/qXUZwytQZw

This moment. A long wait. Shay is the fi...

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

https://t.co/kei66QfTbm great to see the @PenrithPanthers take a proactive stance on incident of racial abuse against @greg_inglis

@DrCraigEmerson Craig Emerson @DrCraigEmerson

The Treasurer and NewsLtd describe Jean as a low-income earner who can only survive by the Government sending her c… https://t.co/8SuSyiI2BS

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

.@RichardMarlesMP defends Labor's tax plan: This is dealing with a loophole where you're using dividend imputations… https://t.co/7tjnx3I6No

@marcialangton Marcia Langton @marcialangton

The kids are protesting the hateful racism incited by @sunriseon7 @Sunriseon7 | https://t.co/mUSqxqbOBL

@JoshButler Josh Butler @JoshButler

I asked Peter Dutton's office yesterday if Australia was looking at any fast track programs for Rohingya refugees f… https://t.co/zxosYwFa6n

@gedkearney Ged Kearney @gedkearney

A message from my friend @JuliaGillard. Thank you Julia, from the bottom of my heart! #batmanvotes https://t.co/NN4pFuetBc

A message from my friend @JuliaGillard....

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Great to hear from Rt. Hon. Patricia Hewitt former UK Labour minister for women and secretary of state for health,… https://t.co/16LoTyIJ8u

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

great to attend First Nations Womens Forum on Noongar country in Perth and listen to local leaders on range of issu… https://t.co/D3aO9D2HXG

@researchjames james ward @researchjames

Correcting this complex story with facts-STIs in majority of young people DOESN'T mean they should be removed from… https://t.co/C4bkUQst5g

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

What a privilege to attend the NSW SES - Marrickville Unit Members Awards Presentation on the weekend! Congratulati… https://t.co/ga0iWesUjf

@MadeleineMHKing Madeleine King @MadeleineMHKing

Thanks @LindaBurneyMP for joining a fantastic discussion 🙏🏽. We will see again soon in Noongar country ! https://t.co/QdJlNR5mG6

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Great to meet local Indigenous leaders with @MadeleineMHKing in Noongar country! https://t.co/UtpHAXZIqI

Great to meet local Indigenous leaders w...

@RecAustralia Reconciliation Aus @RecAustralia

We are looking for examples of cultural sites that are open to the public and appropriate to visit, such as Namadgi… https://t.co/8ecTs1pzQB

@billshortenmp Bill Shorten @billshortenmp

Only Labor has an economic plan that will deliver a fair go for all Australians. https://t.co/R3f8oHhFbd

Only Labor has an economic plan that wil...

@MThistlethwaite Matt Thistlethwaite @MThistlethwaite

Plenty of community anger about the NSW Liberals and their plans to take down more trees around Moore Park as part… https://t.co/T7w7YEfgZ8

@elwhyte88 Elmari Whyte @elwhyte88

@marcialangton This is such a complex issue and how it's being handled by some just shows a complete lack of unders… https://t.co/NsK0SIiEiU

@anne_clothier granianni @anne_clothier

@marcialangton @sunriseon7 Murdochs Monsters

@marcialangton Marcia Langton @marcialangton

The offensive & racist comments on @sunriseon7 are irresponsible because people will be terrified of going to clini… https://t.co/CQAf6bxI56

@lindaburneymp Linda Burney MP @lindaburneymp

Great to hear from @googledownunder last week about their #rap #reconciliationactionplan Reconciliation is everyone… https://t.co/zlWWeFrmw1

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