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@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

@jairodriguez 😘😘

@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

Black Panther Movie For All @ HAMS https://t.co/m9pQOORg8E

@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

@Najah_Lee Yup!

@justin_hillian Justin Hillian @justin_hillian

I only have 14 followers, but all 14 of y'all should watch tonight's episode of The Chi, written by the brilliant C… https://t.co/ecCLXtK5xI

@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

🙏🏾🙏🏾 https://t.co/vAsvArTewv

@JR3D23 Justin JR3D {•_•} @JR3D23

Once again #TheChi delivered #NextWeekAwaits #TheChi #TheChi #Showtime @LenaWaithe https://t.co/4HPbkUp4MR

Once again #TheChi delivered #NextWeekAw...

@LilMiss1ofakind 👑✊🏿 @LilMiss1ofakind

#TheChi is going to be so good next week I can't wait love this show

@steveucnlive SuperFly 2 Kim @steveucnlive

Time for #TheChi . This seasons televisions Rookie of the Year .... #Showtime

@KTSx3_ KDot @KTSx3_

#TheChi was a good episode tonight

@SHOTheChi The Chi @SHOTheChi

WEST COAST: We're hangin' with @Common in 30 MIN! ✊🏾 #TheChi #Showtime https://t.co/hyQlLoGstA

WEST COAST: We're hangin' with @Common i...


The Chi, big up to @lenawaithe . . #lenawaithe #thechi #Chicago #chitown #illinois #television… https://t.co/Ofj5Oy9B6V

@CathyRenee_ CathyRenee @CathyRenee_

Decided to watch it yet again #TheChi I'm gone get everything I can get in

@ChelseyBrejanee Chelsey Brejanee @ChelseyBrejanee

We are literally living in a modern day black renaissance-Hollywood edition. @shondarhimes @IssaRae @LenaWaithe Rya… https://t.co/r5uQzZBnrV

@HungryMCsStreet Bryant Cedric @HungryMCsStreet

#thechi my favorite show on tv right now #greatwriters great #actors a all out great #cast… https://t.co/68uTQ6AP4Q

@SassMasterFl3x D. Carter @SassMasterFl3x

I wish I could binge @SHOTheChi. I wanna know what happens next. Why must you do this to us?! @LenaWaithe @Showtime #TheChi

@DavePOfficial Dave Pierre @DavePOfficial

@SHOTheChi dope episode tonight! #TheChi @LenaWaithe luv her art and creativity in this show! @common @JasonMitch… https://t.co/bikTYkrrT3

@Cameron_773 Amazing Man @Cameron_773

#TheChi one of the best shows I seen on tv

@NiceLookChrissy TheeAntiSocialite🌹 @NiceLookChrissy

WOWWWW😱😳.. yall wrote the hell out of this episode @SHOTheChi round of applause👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #TheChi

@PhyllisRickeal_ PhyllisRickeal @PhyllisRickeal_

Brandon Out Here Being Salt Bae #TheChi @SHOTheChi @LenaWaithe https://t.co/ESSAYrPv3u

Brandon Out Here Being Salt Bae #TheChi...

@TheeMissMims Shaquayla Mims @TheeMissMims

See what happens when Black and Brown people come together. I'm digging the Amir/Emmett partnership ✊🏾✊🏼 #TheChi

@msteeitsme Lovely Tee 💙💋 @msteeitsme

Emmett gettin to a bag and takin care of that baby. Respect that young man #TheChi

@JohnWBrown1 John W. Brown @JohnWBrown1

Ms. Ethel ain't no joke. In the same breath, she accuses Jada of stealing from her AND offers to get her nails done… https://t.co/gYy3jFRlQ5

@Free_WitDaHands ✋CheckWho_iMFree @Free_WitDaHands

Everybody & they mother’s Need to be tuned in to #TheChi 🙃🍿

@Ms_CurlsNCurves NaDia @Ms_CurlsNCurves

Sneaker heaven!!! #TheChi

@MatthewACherry Matthew A. Cherry @MatthewACherry

Just saw #BlackPanther for the 2nd time and it’s even better. Can’t say enough good things about it. Remember to s… https://t.co/6qApdWE1KL

@brielarson Brie Larson @brielarson

If you want to buy tix for people who can’t afford to see #BlackPanther at the moment, comment below. If you are in… https://t.co/KLFMhjqMvT

@qu33nofdrama Ayanna Floyd Davis @qu33nofdrama

"All my life I had to fight" -- but seriously, 2b a chocolate woman seeing chocolate women in a blockbuster movie a… https://t.co/fLygz9xmyp

@thebayzdonyae #PrincePetty the #GameBoy @thebayzdonyae

Start @Showtime free trial by Ms @LenaWaithe watch #TheChi and use CODE (LENA) https://t.co/TYhIMkp0eH

@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

#TimesUp is spreading. https://t.co/4A1FW3UHUI

@lenawaithe Lena Waithe @lenawaithe

I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS! https://t.co/ipZ0AAnnrE

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