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Very proud Co-Founder of Ava, caring about women's health, digital marketing, chocolate and female founders.

San Francisco, CA

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@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@gabr_hunter Merci! 😍

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@MarcelSpeiser @Handelszeitung Vielen Dank, Marcel! Schön, dass yns die @Handelszeitung von Anfang an begleitet hat!

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@blogstone @AvaWomen @Forbes Thank you, Stefan!

@PennySchiffer Penny Schiffer @PennySchiffer

Congrats! @leavonbidder of #smartwearable startup @avawomen nominated in Forbe’s 30 Under 30 2018 in Healthcare 💉⌚️… https://t.co/G5isYzPQAe

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@ShareeLo Should be you next year!

@caracaleo Maryam @caracaleo

Congrats to @leavonbidder for making #30under30 in healthcare. @AvaWomen is incredible! https://t.co/QAkCzBO96P

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@SZ_PlanW Danke für die Unterstützung. Es wird Zeit, dass Frauen endlich bessere und genauere natürliche Verhütungs… https://t.co/yE6DafpYzw

@GregSommer Greg Sommer @GregSommer

Honored to speak on data driven #fertility tech in NY today! @trakhq @avawomen @leavonbidder @nyfertility https://t.co/yZPk5bQ6tE

Honored to speak on data driven #fertili...

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

Take a deep breath and.... realize how fascinating it is that your breathing rate is higher in the second part of y… https://t.co/M8kphpu1r5

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@trello Done!

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@trello We'd love some trello swag! Big fan of your product!

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

45% of pregnancies in the US today are unintended, highest among low-income 18-24y. women. Don't make this worse. #HandsOffMyBC

@AimeeGrove Aimee Grove @AimeeGrove

That time your client @leavonbidder from @AvaWomen makes the New York Times ... https://t.co/id86VXoXgr

@Womens_Forum Women's Forum @Womens_Forum

We are proud to announce the 2017 cohort of Women’s Forum Global Meeting Rising Talents! https://t.co/Y8Zl7yX72f… https://t.co/MLovrEGTEy


Schaut euch Teil 1 mit @leavonbidder hier an: https://t.co/NPKoNYObic #srfeco https://t.co/oHQPEznotq

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@nualafmurphy @LeanInOrg Absolutely! How do I join?

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

Very proud of the entire @AvaWomen Team for having been selected the #1 Swiss Startup today! https://t.co/q7yRCLspcx

Very proud of the entire @AvaWomen Team...

@AvaWomen Ava @AvaWomen

So excited to announce the birth of the first #Avababy! Watch Lizzie's story about her experience using the… https://t.co/AgjK1z3M3H

@La__Cuen Leigh Cuen @La__Cuen

@FLOliving @idatin & @leavonbidder are changing the world by actually listening to women's bodies. https://t.co/bjInDEEPCA #womenintech

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

@DanielleMorrill @LauraBehrensWu Hi Danielle! Thanks Laura! I definitly have @AvaWomen on my home screen :)

@TechCrunch TechCrunch @TechCrunch

In tech, the wage gender gap worsens for women over time, and it’s worst for black women https://t.co/rW9T8GzQBL… https://t.co/heecthVSvW

@startuptickerCH startupticker @startuptickerCH

HSG Founder of the Year 2017 is Lea von Bidder co-founder of @AvaWomen Congrats! https://t.co/8FoqHsXVM8

HSG Founder of the Year 2017 is Lea von...

@leavonbidder Lea von Bidder @leavonbidder

If we admire the way startups disrupt the status quo – why can’t we also disrupt the old gender roles? https://t.co/2hnM8erA6h

@susanthesquark ☃️Susan Fowler🎄 @susanthesquark

I wrote something up this weekend about my year at Uber, and why I left: https://t.co/SyREtfLuZH

@PennySchiffer Penny Schiffer @PennySchiffer

Swisscom's annual report 2016 is out - and we're on the cover together with the startup @AvaWomen… https://t.co/BTnwbZ0Eir

@BMagistretti Bérénice Magistretti @BMagistretti

Here is my take on the #femtech sector! @LMSchulte @JesseDraper @KatManalac @idatin @leavonbidder https://t.co/efxBNANrZj

@vanderlust R. Vinayakan Aiyër @vanderlust

@JulieSmolyansky Top stuff! https://t.co/vkZwqhJYyq via @leavonbidder Very pleased to read this!


Meet Ava, the wearable that helps couples get pregnant https://t.co/KVvoK1GXO0 https://t.co/QIpHrdPvGV

Meet Ava, the wearable that helps couple...

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