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George and Amal, I couldn’t agree with you more. I am joining forces with you and will match your $500,000 donation… https://t.co/6OQDVICE7b

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Happy Birthday✨🌺 thank u for your music https://t.co/BqDF6VxPYp

@PostMalone Beerbongs & Bentleys @PostMalone

psycho feat @tydollasign available friday cover art by @cavecanems @100BRBR @trvsbrthrs https://t.co/Q6CfOkjDKk

psycho feat @tydollasign available frida...

@RyanDestiny RYAN DESTINY @RyanDestiny

@LaurenJauregui @LaurenJauregui @LaurenJauregui Both killin it. These numbersss!

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

😱😱😱 wow😍💕✨ I’m so so so grateful for each one of those streams..these songs meant so much to me in my opening up pr… https://t.co/bVnwX9GLnz

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

“Can’t stop the spirits when they need you. This life is more than just a read through” - @chillipipers

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

I️ love you this thread is so😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/MKZrbw4HXn

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

💕💕💕 https://t.co/r3jLj4ZEFg

@relatabledinahj Relatable Dinah @relatabledinahj

@LaurenJauregui Right? You know they’re tragic when all you do in politics class is either cry or laugh because of… https://t.co/6ht7myqvCP

@sarahchad_ Sarah Chadwick// #NEVERAGAIN @sarahchad_

On behalf of the #neveragain and #March4OurLives movement we want to thank George and Amal for the support and dona… https://t.co/E2aaU4eUMW

@AllyBrooke Ally Brooke @AllyBrooke

If someone is speaking truth to you, listen

@JenAnsbach Jennifer Ansbach @JenAnsbach

I’m not sure why people are so surprised that the students are rising up—we’ve been feeding them a steady diet of d… https://t.co/WZvvi19VPh

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

This family is the epitome of petty lol https://t.co/TpXr0fLot2

@schoolwalkoutUS National School Walkout @schoolwalkoutUS

#NationalSchoolWalkout We have some flyers for you to print and pass around! Keep sharing, keep fighting! Thanks to… https://t.co/ENPTQxhAVr

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

#NationalSchoolWalkOut #SpreadTheWord #UseYourVoice if you wanna be heard you gotta make waves, I️ believe the yout… https://t.co/sXEbJNMSg3

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@laurensmind_ Miss u

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

When your scrolling through Instagram and notice that your crush posted a selfie for the first time in a while ❤️🎯… https://t.co/jMvr6LkBHq

@schoolwalkoutUS National School Walkout @schoolwalkoutUS

On Friday, April 20th we want students to attend school and then promptly WALK-OUT at 10:00 am. Sit outside your sc… https://t.co/aOSVZYgDRf

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

I️ like ur face, is cute https://t.co/SiakfMb8iB

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

#EmmaGonzalez is everything and more. I’m so excited to be alive at this time when the young ones are leading thing… https://t.co/aD7Ar3lOlr

@Zendaya Zendaya @Zendaya

I only deleted my last tweet cause I haven't fact checked her age, but reguardless, she's a HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT wit… https://t.co/jnyBAOTm87

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@justlnsjauregui I’m so sorry babe/: we truly didn’t want to and if it were up to us at all we would’ve been there.… https://t.co/2LUJyWHkaP

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

This album is truly a fucking masterpiece..can’t wait to watch ittttt https://t.co/R5goRlTygk

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

inSANELY amazing https://t.co/6l7lCz8M3f

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@FLGovScott Hi! I’m a Florida resident, born and raised in Miami Florida. And I️d like to know why in the wake of a… https://t.co/r4xpl6AkUi

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@ClaramJauregui Ma I’m talking about the lady in that recording, not you. Pls text me about these things🤦🏻‍♀️

@JoshuaChavers Joshua Chavers @JoshuaChavers

Here’s the speech from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez at an anti-gun rally happening to… https://t.co/3IvHCO6dEq

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Thank GOD they put a brilliant young woman at the frontline of this conversation. GOD BLESS this woman & her brain… https://t.co/XOSxFBMIQ8

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@LifeWithAlcohol @heartbreak Me last night

@Tweets_By_MaxP Bruce Chillis @Tweets_By_MaxP

When you finally try on that fit that you put together in your head and it don’t slap at all.... https://t.co/xOrXwSvAPx

When you finally try on that fit that yo...

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