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@madiibergh madi @madiibergh

alright now that we know Alabama didn’t elect a pedophile to office, text "RESIST" to 50409 or sign the petition be… https://t.co/3RsR5380g7

@_Vaun . @_Vaun

black women of Alabama walking into work tomorrow knowing they defeated their MAGA coworkers. https://t.co/aUxxba3hkt

black women of Alabama walking into work...

@JessicaValenti Jessica Valenti @JessicaValenti

Thank you to the women who came forward about Roy Moore, and to all the other women taking down powerful abusers. T… https://t.co/VLS3svRZfL

@daredvlI :) @daredvlI

shoutout to all the kids that don’t go viral. all the kids of color, lgbtq+ kids, kids of all different religions r… https://t.co/mAjnWYoC0i

@nadearaxc 🎄festive🎄 @nadearaxc

Save Net neutrality Save Net neutralit Save Net neutrali Save Net neutral Save Net neutra Save Net neutr Save… https://t.co/3xcLfO788K

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Retrograde crazy .


thanks to @LaurenJauregui @Zendaya and all of these voices for hope and change 🙏 https://t.co/qaJDVGtCSk

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

PRAISE THE LORD🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 https://t.co/2RmK7xGTHz

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

WE'RE 2 TIMES PLATINUMMMM!! Thankyouuu @RIAA & spotify for having us tonight(: the crowd was lit… https://t.co/HbYYv9U4mf

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Pleasepleasepleaseplease https://t.co/00BYOs7fYw


Wow, I love three queens: https://t.co/NtwKmgH88I 👑 @NormaniKordei @iamcardib @LaurenJauregui https://t.co/gaMUpcpIrh

Wow, I love three queens: https://t.co/N...

@Kiss108 Kiss 108 @Kiss108

BEST FRIEND GOALS. #Kiss108JingleBall @halsey @LaurenJauregui 👯 #Kiss108JingleBall https://t.co/yYhUqrlfl2

BEST FRIEND GOALS. #Kiss108JingleBall @h...

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

These. Queens. Though. 👑 | @FifthHarmony https://t.co/1lw3UnQqv5

These. Queens. Though. 👑 | @FifthHarmony...

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@laurmanisbridge @kourtirl 😍💞❤

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

So much love for this beautiful soul right here. Your heart is so beautiful and the fact that so… https://t.co/0lJHHS7npE

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

With my nenaaaas iheartjingleball #toronto and #boston https://t.co/tt7V9PWsP1

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

❤👅👅👅❤ I love this woman😩😩 @iamcardib ur a queeeeeen https://t.co/6RswqblkB3

❤👅👅👅❤ I love this woman😩😩 @iamcardib ur...

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Thankyou so muchhh @iHeartRadioCA for having us at #JingleBallToronto we had soooo much fun! Excited for #JingleBallBoston tonighttttt💞❤💞

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

IM DEAD https://t.co/qm73tJQFJq

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

@sza just ATEEEE that @nbcsnl performance WHOLE. SO proud of you mama..you're such a supernova

@iHeartRadioCA iHeartRadio Canada @iHeartRadioCA

RT to save a life @FifthHarmony @LaurenJauregui @AllyBrooke @dinahjane97 @NormaniKordei #JingleBallNorth https://t.co/PD8eKBdGwx

RT to save a life @FifthHarmony @LaurenJ...

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

❤️🏁❤ https://t.co/oIkWfS2nfB

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Love this womaaaaann lol I'll say it in every caption💞 thankyou so much lovely @halsey https://t.co/hwuEYMLEeb

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Motorsport https://t.co/nf3Le5E479

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

Thankyouu for having me @iheartradio #JingleballNewYork was lovely https://t.co/MIY42iaDYI

@Z100NewYork Z100 New York @Z100NewYork

All 🤗🤗🤗🤗 for #LaurenJauregui & #Halsey onstage at #Z100JingleBall https://t.co/dyhQrhSpHl

All 🤗🤗🤗🤗 for #LaurenJauregui & #Hals...

@iHeartRadio iHeartRadio @iHeartRadio

Can we just… 🏁❤️ @LaurenJauregui you are a BABE #Z100JingleBall (📷: @GettyImages) https://t.co/ByCgTlYSgs

Can we just… 🏁❤️ @LaurenJauregui you are...

@laurenjauregui Lauren Jauregui @laurenjauregui

😂😭😭😂😂 me as FUCK https://t.co/5WHE0peDlS

@ThePopConnect Pop Connect 💥 @ThePopConnect

Which current member of Fifth Harmony would have the most successful solo career? • Retweet: Normani Kordei • Lik… https://t.co/CwM2YzqAJM

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