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~Follow your own path no matter what people think~ Watch me every week as the #RavishingRussian on #SmackdownLive watch me on #TotalDivas on E! #LanaSquad

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@legit_bossx natalka @legit_bossx

These pictures are awesome ♡ https://t.co/xolXB7ONp2

These pictures are awesome ♡ https://t.c...

@moonlightsetsu Amy Deffenbaugh @moonlightsetsu

@LanaWWE #WWEMMC #SDLive #RavishingRussian #LanaIsNumber1 Lana you are Number 1 and looking to seeing you CRUSHING… https://t.co/YzzXUSg2o6


@LanaWWE @WWE @RusevBUL #WWEMMC For all who celebrate, Happy #RavishingRusevDay!! ☺🎈🎉🎊 I'm ELATED!! 😀👍 Lana… https://t.co/hmDFHvlWfO

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

#RavishingRusevDay #WWEMMC @WWE https://t.co/eX97ZuxHv1

#RavishingRusevDay #WWEMMC @WWE https://...

@vinothkumarr2 vinoth @vinothkumarr2

@LanaWWE Wow she is adorable and phenomenonal keep going lana😊lana no.1 lana is best https://t.co/QVILoidlKW

@LanaWWE Wow she is adorable and phenome...

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

If your going to walk a mile in my shoes, can you pick me up some beer & whiskey on the way 🍺🥃 https://t.co/73bVmuS3as

If your going to walk a mile in my shoes...

@milcoantonio milcoantonio @milcoantonio

@LanaWWE @WWE Lana is the best Lana number 1 😀😀😀😀😀😀

@QueenJennWWE_ jenn @QueenJennWWE_

Can't wait to meet @RusevBUL and @LanaWWE March 24th..already got my VIP tix, thanks @iPlay_America, always coming… https://t.co/lzhCMN7DYL

@PrinceApocolysp Prince Apocolyspe @PrinceApocolysp

I miss @LanaWWE on tv. Wtf

@WWEDramaKing Aiden English @WWEDramaKing

Honest Question: What does #RusevDay mean to you?

@Lee6753 Miss Thompson @Lee6753

Waiting for @LanaWWE and @RusevBUL to come out..

@NBCOlympics NBC Olympics @NBCOlympics

The women of @TeamUSA have won 3 medals already today, with a chance for more tonight! WHO RUN THE WORLD?! https://t.co/clgbc56FXp

The women of @TeamUSA have won 3 medals...

@ATWRiichyyyT | RiichyyyT | LVD | CJP | AM @ATWRiichyyyT

I see all this new @WWE merchandise coming out! Meanwhile thinking where is the Lana merch!! 😔😪😡 I’m still wait… https://t.co/iHHFyfI3W2

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

@ringfox1 Hahahahahahaha !!!!


.@LanaWWE​, @RusevBUL​,@itsBayleyWWE​ and @IAmEliasWWE​ couldn't help but break into song during their @WWE Mixed M… https://t.co/3iCDAIkirf

@taliazcruz Natalia Cruz @taliazcruz

I’m so happy that I’m a fan of @LanaWWE since the beginning because I see how much she has developed 💙 https://t.co/yIBywHcpMY

I’m so happy that I’m a fan of @LanaWWE...

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

@bigalpen88 Thank you

@MissAbi_Newton Abi @MissAbi_Newton

I have legit been singing Lana is the best Lana number 1 - all day! 😂😂❤️❤️ @LanaWWE

@1Danweller TJPGirl❤️ @1Danweller

@LanaWWE I drew this of you. What do u think. @Bunnies798Acorn https://t.co/6Ty0Xu1BiU

@LanaWWE I drew this of you. What do u t...

@somapsychotic Sophia Moon @somapsychotic

Wrestling twitter has been a pretty bleak place recently, but I just want to smile that @LanaWWE got her very first WWE pin.

@BlissBanks_ 🎶BBankx🎶 @BlissBanks_

I miss seeing @NatbyNature & @LanaWWE friendship on #TotalDivas

@aluxbliss90 Alux McAlux @aluxbliss90

@LanaWWE That smile seemed genuinely happy! Lana is the best, Lana #1! 👏👏#RavishingRusevDay https://t.co/N5RdII3TBB

@LanaWWE That smile seemed genuinely hap...

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

This is the best !!!! Thank you 🙌🏽😎 https://t.co/SVzW2ScE5j

@diegp77 Diego @diegp77

.@LanaWWE is the best 👏👏 Lana number one! 👏👏 #WWEMMC https://t.co/J0kbVF5tUs

.@LanaWWE is the best 👏👏
Lana number one...

@MaffRogers Maffu @MaffRogers

I watched the #MixedMatchkaChallenge earlier on and I couldn’t be happier for @LanaWWE and @RusevBUL on their win what a #RavishingRusevDay

@_CaptainChaos Curtis III @_CaptainChaos

@LanaWWE has amazing entrance music. Happy #RavishingRusevDay

@thomasjr_96 sunny-t @thomasjr_96

@WWEShop needs to have “Lana in the best. Lana #1 👏🏾👏🏾” on a shirt so y’all can have my money. @LanaWWE make it happen. Like asap

@lanawwe CJ (Lana) Perry @lanawwe

I believe in resiliency, I believe that hard work pays off, I believe dreams do come true..... @WWE #WWEMMC NEVER… https://t.co/5mnDx7ReUM

@bradzigulis bradley zigulis @bradzigulis

So happy that @LanaWWE got her first wwe win in the #MixedMatchChallenge @RusevBUL and @LanaWWE are on to the secon… https://t.co/zCrxaPwRvt

@AllAboutEIise ę. @AllAboutEIise

I’m still so happy that you won your first match @LanaWWE you’re what we, the people want to see! Continue to make… https://t.co/HfB1AOD2Oj

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