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  • A friendly reminder that I’ll be performing at @lagunitasbeer Seattle tomorrow night, October 24th for this all-ages 6-8PM set! #singersongwriter #seattlemusic #seattlemusicscene
  • Mentally prepping for a 4-hour set tonight singing 48 songs with Seattle’s Blue Wave Band. In 25 years of performing, I’ve never performed for more than 3-hours. SEND RANCH.
  • That ain’t a Froot Loop.
  • A reminder that no matter who wins the #NBAFinals, I still suck at basketball.
  • You might want to call your grandma and explain the whole @seanhannity situation, because one night when he’s suddenly gone and @FoxNews is running a “How To Stop Your Dog From Turning Gay” story with no explanation, she’s going to wonder why she was ghosted...

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