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@_vinceeeeee Vince🃏 @_vinceeeeee

And then, Apple be like “Maybe : Baby💙” https://t.co/nLL7Ewp4zW

@YoTell_MeHow #ImSavedNow @YoTell_MeHow

Condom sex be like https://t.co/hpKZxaGIc1

Condom sex be like


@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Also extremely hype that Loyola-Chicago won

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Best feeling ever as a walk on

@bomani_jones El Flaco @bomani_jones

the dude in that picture is 19 years old. https://t.co/MWErMr5WYV

@BSO Robert Littal @BSO

Watch Florida Man Steal a Car Realize a Baby is in It, Drops Baby Off Safely, Before Making His Get Away (Video)… https://t.co/f5A4Bo17Ct

@theSleepiest t @theSleepiest

I know he still stole a car but this shows character idc https://t.co/En62LLGVaC

@TheUndefeated The Undefeated @TheUndefeated

🏈@michaelstrahan was a 2X @theswac DPOY at @TexasSouthern as a DE. He set the NFL record for 22.5 sacks in one seas… https://t.co/vjIwGVrrTW

@Phil_Lewis_ Philip Lewis @Phil_Lewis_

Shooters shoot https://t.co/GZ3XS3XePd

Shooters shoot https://t.co/GZ3XS3XePd

@TroyNoBolton_ Harper Avery Award @TroyNoBolton_

He tried to hold her hair so she could throw up and😩😭 https://t.co/BvLLmMPGXN

He tried to hold her hair so she could t...

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

@basqui_not_ @thatnigga_cutty 😭😭😭 YOOOOO stop

@ANYnotNEY Brittany Simone @ANYnotNEY

😭😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/OUgF7QwQUF

@KingDraftMusic Draft @KingDraftMusic

#FreestyeFridayBET is coming back March 30th!! I rapped over some new @JermScorsese to celebrate! Tag @bet and… https://t.co/oypvGfQ6tp

@DamnJamz joy rd. jamz @DamnJamz

if Isley Brothers can set the mood now imagine the energy when that shit was freshly crackin. like picture Between… https://t.co/3j7yBkrM4I

@Nicktheegr8 Souf Sil Fa Lil @Nicktheegr8

LeBron James with 17 assists and 0 turnovers https://t.co/EBRNurDFOd

LeBron James with 17 assists and 0 turno...

@Dee_Ar_Jay D'usseverus Snape @Dee_Ar_Jay

I never tell people my problems because I think people will tell me they are not a big deal. But they are to me. An… https://t.co/2GUCadsUTb

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Sheesh https://t.co/MPRco4ES7M

@thatnigga_cutty Bishop Bullwinkle @thatnigga_cutty

😂 RT @_prettypicture: young man ..... https://t.co/BM68O8cQFc

@UMBCAthletics UMBC Athletics @UMBCAthletics

Cinderella herself only went to one ball https://t.co/zfzp4Dp7yu

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

A solid 3 hour nap is what this gon be

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

@King_Biancaxo we like giants, what can i say 😂

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

@King_Biancaxo 😂😭 mam why are you like this

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

I already know this McDonalds gon tear my stomach up smh

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Yooooooo https://t.co/UmKFy9HZV7

@theDOMdotCOM Nique @theDOMdotCOM

The continent too litty 😭🖤✨ https://t.co/2LxhOP1JgO

@TheUndefeated The Undefeated @TheUndefeated

Doug Williams became the 1st African-American QB to lead his team to a win in the Super Bowl. In 1988, Williams gui… https://t.co/a81djPQdIO

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

@thatnigga_cutty @basqui_not_ 😭 https://t.co/yGtRpswYGt

@DameFromTheWay Just Dame. @DameFromTheWay

Batman villains ain't even super, he can call the cops and solve 80 percent of his problems lmao

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Remember the Titans wins everything https://t.co/4Pwb9p9bcA

@kterry313 Smokie @kterry313

Waterboy https://t.co/3yGe44qgTi

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