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Dark nerdy elf #blackmetal #DRAGONS #smaugsunday #leepace #wiccan #paganism, love to draw @Dwyvern_fire is my dragon; Avi is me ✴

btw reality & dream / germany

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@krueger_elf Hi, ☆Fily☆! Danke fürs Kommen und einen schönen Tag!

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

@joylight62 Thanks 😘

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

@joylight62 Aw Hi Pam! Have not seen your message, of course yes! 😍😍💞😍💞🙆

@pattylavida Patty leetelier @pattylavida

Sweet Dreams mys lovlees 💝😽💕 @northtrekr @WeirdJob7 @DV8aBit @ileana_iancu @glorfirith @Herweirdness @krueger_elf… https://t.co/XnSKsr0bIC

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

@AnarchyNihilist Interesting, first I think the universe in the way how it exists is "just there" and builds the b… https://t.co/yE7hgwA38u

@BlackDarkMetal Black Metal 🇳🇴 𖤐 @BlackDarkMetal

Metalcore and screamo is not Black Metal. For all the trolls out there who love to troll this account 24/7, at leas… https://t.co/XDJFwRIpEU

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

@AnarchyNihilist Nice title! Lol!

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

@EveIrving69 Get well soon love 💕☕🌼🌹💚

@Dwyvern_fire °*Dracontas*° @Dwyvern_fire

FREITAG! In welche Bar geht's heute? #FridayFeeling https://t.co/vU31e5uoi4

In welche Bar geht's heute?...

@BlackDarkMetal Black Metal 🇳🇴 𖤐 @BlackDarkMetal

Infernus (Gorgoroth) https://t.co/sZetDruG0L

Infernus (Gorgoroth) https://t.co/sZetDr...

@FalkorTheDragon Falkor @FalkorTheDragon

HAPPY #FALKORFRIDAY https://t.co/xDbFw315nD

HAPPY #FALKORFRIDAY https://t.co/xDbFw31...

@krueger_elf *☆Fily☆* @krueger_elf

The only weapon against emptiness is To fill it with love. Happy #falkorfriday 🌈🌈 @CatsTatsBikes @EveIrving69… https://t.co/xlVZyJlqqg

@Black_Altar Blind @Black_Altar

Vultyr - Black Legions of Satan https://t.co/cZKqPDGHqL @Silent_night8 @DeathAngel167 @lindavmpire @Darksun_always… https://t.co/18vfzmYAiN

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