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OAM. Founder & CEO @ASRC1. Lawyer. Social Worker. Teacher. Amateur Chef. Masseur. Philanthropist. Board @ChildrensGround & Diverse Women's Mentoring Association

Australia, Wurundjeri Land

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@JaneCaro Jane Caro @JaneCaro

I am not at all religious but as we approach Palm Sunday can I join the call for a more humane approach by Australi… https://t.co/U1m8YbX9zj

@SatPaper The Saturday Paper @SatPaper

Editorial: These are the people "dead" to Peter Dutton, the people who have died on his watch. https://t.co/4du3dMNuwI

@lenoretaylor Lenore Taylor @lenoretaylor

Ged Kearney will argue for a more "humane" policy on asylum seekers at ALP conference, @GedKearney interview with… https://t.co/6sH14ZGeZN

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

@FrBower Can’t wait to read it mate congratulations that’s a huge effort 🌟🙌🏼👏🏼

@firstdogonmoon First Dog on the Moon @firstdogonmoon

Oh no I did another mean cartoon! ahahaha have a good sook about this @PeterDutton_MP you massive baby. https://t.co/Pihu0GCLfC

@Kon__K Kon Karapanagiotidis @Kon__K

#Melbourne! Get ready for Walk for Justice for #Refugees tomorrow for #PalmSunday. https://t.co/0B32LY5kHq

#Melbourne! Get ready for Walk for Justi...

@OzRefugeeCounc Refugee Council @OzRefugeeCounc

Positive news from @AustralianLabor as discussions of lifting refugee intake to 50,000 emerge #refugeeswelcome… https://t.co/p9tJ3lH3sC

@OzRefugeeCounc Refugee Council @OzRefugeeCounc

Amazing! ACT parliament calls to overhaul refugee sponsorship program #refugeeswelcome #auspol #actpol… https://t.co/kaRbM95D6m

@sacarlin48 Anne Carlin @sacarlin48

South East Queensland tweeps I'll see you in Brisbane @ King George Square 1pm #refugees #walkforjustice https://t.co/ROUoWPAV7a

@InsidersABC Insiders ABC @InsidersABC

This week on #InsidersExtra @barriecassidy on the sad story of a boy with no name. #Insiders #auspol https://t.co/WI1jzd0X9S

This week on #InsidersExtra @barriecassi...

@jess_thejourno Jessica Whitty @jess_thejourno

Don’t forget #PalmSunday justice for #refugees march https://t.co/tTNvqq762e

Don’t forget #PalmSunday justice for #re...

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

@KamahiDKing I remember it well ☺️ thanks for the very kind words 🙏🏼

@BreakfastNews News Breakfast @BreakfastNews

.@barriecassidy shares the story of a 10-year-old boy on #Nauru who has attempted suicide multiple times. It took a… https://t.co/53GTNN6H5r

@Kon__K Kon Karapanagiotidis @Kon__K

"I'm completely blind as to somebody's skin colour, it makes no difference to me," - @PeterDutton_MP How many whi… https://t.co/iNsDmHNBWs

@Kon__K Kon Karapanagiotidis @Kon__K

This is big. Same thing happened under John #Howard last time #Manus was open. This evil system is unravelling agai… https://t.co/ITfVBLYG91

@SkyNewsAust Sky News Australia @SkyNewsAust

#PoliticsHQ poll: Should Australia accept white South African farmers under a special migration intake? #auspol


Labor left push for raising humanitarian in take to 50,000 and bringing everyone on #Manus and Nauru to Australia. Yes! #ChangeThePolicy

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

Take notice people of what could happen if we don’t stand up, speak up and act. https://t.co/opJalt3WIq

@Mo_Alkhafaji Mohammad Al-Khafaji @Mo_Alkhafaji

@citiesofwelcome 2018 symposium at the Adelaide Convention centre kicks off. #citiesofwelcome https://t.co/JckCxAWCBm

@citiesofwelcome 2018 symposium at the A...

@Kon__K Kon Karapanagiotidis @Kon__K

This is important. @PeterDutton_MP the second highest office holder in our country says the ABC/Guardian is dead to… https://t.co/11LJrj8xT5

@talfitzpatrick Tal Fitzpatrick 🌈 @talfitzpatrick

Shame on you @PeterDutton_MP https://t.co/XBW3gU8HuC

@pamnonga pam @pamnonga

Listening to men talk can be so draining. A lot of them tend to overvestimate the value and/or originality of their… https://t.co/jqo2026Skt

@abcsydney ABC Sydney @abcsydney

Myer called security on an Aboriginal boy while he was shopping for his school formal. Ten staff members converged… https://t.co/7fW4PRuUaT

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

@georgieslats Girl trust me, as long as you plan to pash no one for 8 hours from time of eating you’re fine 😂

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

@georgieslats Try lots of raw garlic before bed, great when your body is run down and fresh lemon with honey and fresh ginger tea

@kon__k Kon Karapanagiotidis @kon__k

@georgieslats We delivered and I’m now feeling betrayed by this crap weather 😥 it better improve tomorrow!

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