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  • RT @MalcolmJenkins: .@Eagles fans I appreciate all of the support. I don’t need Gofundme pages and all that. But if you wanna help let’s ra…
  • 👀 @qrose_3 doing work on defense 👊🏽. Nice comeback. Raise em! @TUMBBHoops
  • That was a special squad.
  • @PaulPalmer_6 @Owlified @CollegeFBHoF @TheMoCoShow @wchsfootball17 @DawgsSports @Temple_FB @NFL @HHGarnets @TUBAAOwls @bsu_temple @TempleUniv @PrincipalGarnet @ChurchillPrin @JSmith5525 @NFFNetwork @WalterCampFF @3HSGarnetLive This is awesome. Congrats again bro 👊🏽
  • @DishCentral I will pass on the message. It has been a great game to watch.

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