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@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@chavezglen1755 @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @AmazonianGal127 @Da1PoliticalV Daddy only said it to l… https://t.co/YuX0Wu3OyA

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@chavezglen1755 POS!!!! He's calling Putin congratulating him on his "election" win, but can't take the time for a… https://t.co/4sBz0bUWcB

@chavezglen1755 REALLY REPUBLICANS @chavezglen1755

Truly Amazing and Wonderful such Admiration for a Great Woman @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6… https://t.co/lYsuLlAyrm

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@chavezglen1755 @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @AmazonianGal127 @Da1PoliticalV I personally care more… https://t.co/B3Gk7ZseQ1

@reddawns reddawns @reddawns

@chavezglen1755 @xscoutie @Progress4OHIO1 @KimberleAllen @keriRN @rini6 @AmazonianGal127 @mmpadellan In past kids g… https://t.co/FHQrRTsIgZ

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

Another day. Another school shooting. And GOP Congress has still done nothing to protect our kids. Bunch of pansy a… https://t.co/sQ310gL8xq

@AmazonianGal127 #CrookedDonald @AmazonianGal127

@chavezglen1755 @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @KimberleAllen @Da1PoliticalV Nixon is offended by bein… https://t.co/dbtOdJylc2

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@chavezglen1755 @keriRN @EnigmaNetxx @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @AmazonianGal127 @Da1PoliticalV I've sent the prick 2 t… https://t.co/moiIT06akM

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

Maybe I've been so busy reading other things, I could have missed it, has Donny said anything abt this new school shooting? @chavezglen1755

@kaitlancollins Kaitlan Collins @kaitlancollins

Sen. McCain didn’t criticize President Trump for having dialogue with Russia. He criticized him for congratulating… https://t.co/NlbYyczGjN

@mmpadellan BrooklynDad_Defiant! @mmpadellan

Me: *Checks Twitter. *Sees Christine Quinn trending *Sees Unqualified Lesbian trending *Takes peek... ** ** Also m… https://t.co/xwZogO0WYk

@funder Scott Dworkin @funder

White House just said that there’s no apparent link to terrorism in the Austin bombings. I want you to read it aga… https://t.co/rimo4riNwP

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@SarahHuckabee How can I put this? BOMBINGS ARE AN ACT OF TERRORISM YOU TWIT!!! It does not have to be done by a f… https://t.co/bAQG0GZUQa

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@SenFeinstein First, you betrayed Franken, now you don't think you need to protect Mueller. You already lost Me as… https://t.co/OFKQyNunWx

@TheRickyDavila Ricky Davila @TheRickyDavila

Channel 4 announced yesterday that they’re airing another undercover film some time today that shows Cambridge Anal… https://t.co/YzuTXR4HDA

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@MarkAmodeiNV2 Your words will have consequences also. There has already been another shooting!! Pull your head out… https://t.co/ukaXkqf5Hj

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@MarkAmodeiNV2 Your "welcome to a world where words have consequences" shows how little you care about the kids los… https://t.co/MtFoJQOsyu

@JoyAnnReid Joy Reid @JoyAnnReid

So Donald Trump held a call with Vladimir Putin but didn't bring up: - Election meddling - The poisoning of Russian… https://t.co/eQLYcxLjN4

@RuthHHopkins Ruth H. Hopkins @RuthHHopkins

"Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embrace of the sun, and we shall soon se… https://t.co/8nOTTAcPx4

@anons4cetaceans Anons for Cetaceans @anons4cetaceans

#Iceland voted against the creation of a #whale #sanctuary in the #southern #ocean. #IWC https://t.co/ygWiSMkOVP #OpWhales

#Iceland voted against the creation of a...

@issielapowsky issie lapowsky @issielapowsky

Alexander Nix specifically said Cambridge never had Facebook data. Not that it had been deleted. I have this record… https://t.co/dg3fG2pMso

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

@Mamaknits3 @OmarNunez Aw come one. You know if it's a WASP, then it's not terrorism.

@StopTrump2020 Stop Trump 🍷 @StopTrump2020

Which would you prefer? https://t.co/1Bsc8qr9X8

Which would you prefer? https://t.co/1Bs...

@Goss30Goss ✊USAF✊ Secret Society Member #VetsResistSquadron @Goss30Goss

Guess who took a polygraph and passed. 👇👇 #StormyDaniels https://t.co/37q5Yh4ZsT

Guess who took a polygraph and passed. 👇...

@chico_for Chico and JC @chico_for

"The Un-American President" Let this sink in......The ultimate CON When you bring Bill Clinton Ac user's to sit in… https://t.co/4i4V31iWpa

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

Please share guys. @chavezglen1755 @keriRN @reddawns @Progress4OHIO1 @rini6 @mmpadellan @AmazonianGal127… https://t.co/ssY5sebOQn

@kimberleallen 45=5T DRAFTDEFERRED @kimberleallen

Please RT like crazy!!! https://t.co/0hsDOsXAWM

@irishrygirl donaldtrumpnewstoday @irishrygirl

I find it ironic that the Trump administration is trying to bring back abstinence only education. He can’t keep his… https://t.co/f7820Whq8V

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