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@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

Seriously tho, thanks everyone for joining me in this round of #XenobladeChronicles2 Can't believe we completed Cha… https://t.co/awU1oM9oKj

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

5 HOURS!!!!!

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

We are live! Let'z Play - Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Part 5 - Another New Ship Ahoy https://t.co/ZShAOSSqTz

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@PRB_12 @PearlshippingTV @EntityMays Just to be safe, my recent review had to simply use one image (which i had to… https://t.co/TVAtj8Y9ds

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@EntityMays @PRB_12 Yeah, another thing i found odd was the random selection of videos that got hit and also that m… https://t.co/AyNnBk8eOL

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@PRB_12 Except that this isn't the actual Shopro (you can tell cause the real name of the company is ShoPro) it see… https://t.co/00lPcaihwC

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

We shall be continuing our adventures real soon. Let's see what Chapter 4 has in store for us all. Let'z Play - Xen… https://t.co/QllTffNeo3

@ochimusha108 Greg Chanukah Name @ochimusha108

Okay, I'm pretty sure *this* is my favorite. https://t.co/HpnKKOxeWG

Okay, I'm pretty sure *this* is my favor...

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

Hideri best girl #blend_s https://t.co/TUs1SgqxEj

Hideri best girl #blend_s https://t.co/T...

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@GekkougaLarry Yee, i did one with Sonic Mania for now lol

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

Gonna try to get the review out later tonight and then after that, we can finally return to some #XenobladeChronicles2

@AshandSerena サトセレ @AshandSerena

source : https://t.co/PpCjbDt7wF

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@Dein95 @Momo13265 I really didn't like how TR in the end of this weeks episode didn't even do much. They were like… https://t.co/duSBogI6DL

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@Dein95 @Momo13265 Apparently the ritual takes time? At least that's what I got from it lol

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@Momo13265 @Dein95 Hala : His name... now what was his name again

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@Momo13265 @Dein95 Wait. So Kiawe wins the league?

@pKjd moetron | pKjd @pKjd

A new Yu Yu Hakusho anime special will be included in the 25th anniversary Blu-ray box set https://t.co/r4I1Eq92a5 https://t.co/yy70fqkZow

A new Yu Yu Hakusho anime special will b...

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@Momo13265 @Dein95 His Z Ring will get destroyed before he was able to complete his Z Move thus causing him to lose the league

@mrfeelswildride Mr. Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas @mrfeelswildride

when someone tries to convince you their ship is canon https://t.co/QtqBfOIozQ

when someone tries to convince you their...

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

Good Morning everyone

@animator1965 岩根雅明 @animator1965

確かにニョロボン出たらシャドーボールしか撃ってこなくなりました。ということで臆病希望 https://t.co/klLCvDFsNR


@kingrocketz lil’ kim jong illnana @kingrocketz

Jackie Chan peacefully passed by a store in Koreatown, NYC today at age 63. https://t.co/ESqbcMGHj2

Jackie Chan peacefully passed by a store...

@dee_bax Devon Baxter @dee_bax

Just received word that Bob Givens, one of the last remaining animators from the Golden Age, passed away at the age… https://t.co/K1wh16Q0Ug

@hinopika ヒノッチ @hinopika

こんなシール出てたんだ∑(;゚Д゚) 画面の液晶保護フィルムも付いてるからこれからSwitch購入の方いいかも!!!! https://t.co/1mUBV4tlEv


@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

oh what to do for today

@kato_olm 加藤浩幸 @kato_olm

作画監督の香月さんが描いてくれたピカチュウのポップです。 #anipoke #アニポケ #デジタル作画 https://t.co/8eDGyEZAo8



@Pokeshopper Pokéshopper.com @Pokeshopper

Pokeshopper Notice : New Years Pokémon Center Official 2018 bags JP online preorders sell out in under 2 hours… https://t.co/H727SmhFqB

@El_Aleph87 Aleph @El_Aleph87

Rockman.EXE 3 CM made by STUDIO 4℃ and directed by Koji Morimoto. This is how you sell a game. Superb animation! https://t.co/TNPIYwD73p

Rockman.EXE 3 CM made by STUDIO 4℃ and d...

@pKjd moetron | pKjd @pKjd

Shokugeki no Souma S4 TV anime announced for April 2018. Thanks @TheStark700 https://t.co/G7oTtRVnWJ… https://t.co/FuB3A0LIPW

@kgprestige Kevfin @ Casa @kgprestige

@HERMSAUR This should have been an automatic yes lol

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