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may.08.14 | 20 | #GoSensGo❤️

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@Rebecca1Rose Becky @Rebecca1Rose

@GovernorsOffice @GovernorTomWolf You hav tons of kids coming home from school on break stuck since 2pm on i81, get… https://t.co/91odNqVuVf

@Rebecca1Rose Becky @Rebecca1Rose

@GovernorTomWolf you have tons of people(a lot of college kids for break) stuck over 4 hrs on i81 in freezing weath… https://t.co/shEi4rmGHq

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

#TiaForBachelorette !!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

If this isn’t me https://t.co/SG6Lcm4P3E

@WellsAdams Wells Adams @WellsAdams

Noooooo #Bibiana! Ok, I’ll start it, #BibianaForBachelorette! Or...what can I get you to drink??

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@kaitlynbristowe AND @misshayleypaige ?!?! My favourite designer and my favourite bachelorette. It doesn’t get bett… https://t.co/6Jq7VWNrF9

@meanpIastic mean plastic @meanpIastic

How I see with my glasses VS. how I see without my glasses https://t.co/KbgXKomMTY

How I see with my glasses VS. how I see...

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

When the group chat has strep 🤒👌🏼 https://t.co/V2hBBO9bIt

When the group chat has strep 🤒👌🏼 https:...

@kaitlynbristowe Kaitlyn Bristowe @kaitlynbristowe

NO. I can’t be sick. I don’t have time to be sick. SAY IT AINT SO! 😩

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

Today I honour my lovers birthday❤️🦄💃🏼 @katyperry AND TODAY MARKS 1 WEEK UNTIL I SEE YOU IN TORONTO👁🙏🏼😻👩🏼‍🎤✨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🍒🐯🍕🍭🏀❤️

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

Just finished Sex and the City and it was probably the most satisfying ending ever wtf #nowthemovies 🗽💕🍸

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

Disappointed that I didn't make any cool Rick & Donna gear for City Strong BUT I get to meet my girl crush @kaitlynbristowe #CityStrongTO 🎉🎉

@britt_saunders Brittney @britt_saunders

Why do we put a round pizza in a square box, then eat it in triangles?

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@hannahbenoit_ @RaquelPratt I'm glad that's not me again this year ☺️ https://t.co/OkJnNxiqNI

@_seabrooks Caitlin Brooks @_seabrooks

"I walked by your eyelashes for two days" is the new "I wrote you a letter every day for a year" #TheBacheloretteFinale

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@RaquelPratt ❤️ https://t.co/dVZL2mxdJy

@sydney_strate Sydney Strate @sydney_strate

"we're not rushing anything" GIRL NEITHER WAS PETER but you sent his ass home #TheBacheloretteFinale

@Shawn_Booth Shawn Booth @Shawn_Booth

Rick & Donna https://t.co/sihmWEf4RC

@jemimaskelley Jemima Skelley @jemimaskelley

WHO IS NEXT??? chrissy teigen and john legend??? blake lively and whichever ryan she's with???

@erin_moye Erin Moye @erin_moye

I'm confused on how you can cry your eyes out for a man and then the next day get engaged to a different man?🤷‍♀️ #TheBacheloretteFinale

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

LITERALLY😒 https://t.co/Tu5mjSxWF2

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@brianna_knaack You're welcome 😂😂😂

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@brianna_knaack If you go into your memories there is a stories tab you can click to see all your stories!!☺️

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

When my best friends get me VIP tickets to meet my girl crush @kaitlynbristowe on my Bday 😳😍😅@Shawn_Booth I guess your ok too #CityStrongTO🎉

@_steph_johnson stephanie johnson @_steph_johnson

attention boys!! if ur gonna send 20+ girls the same "fresh out of the shower" snapchat make sure you don't make a… https://t.co/kBo1u38fZP

@kaitlynbristowe Kaitlyn Bristowe @kaitlynbristowe

This is the reason Shawn is Shawn B. Thanks Shawn E, and Happy Canada Day. https://t.co/0UHEOJkDZ2

This is the reason Shawn is Shawn B. Tha...

@ErikKarlsson65 Erik Karlsson @ErikKarlsson65

Congrats to @CraigAnderson41 for winning a much deserved award. More than a lot of dedication to his family and the game of hockey.

@kenziecjones Kenzie Jones @kenziecjones

@kaitlynbristowe can you please stop coming to Toronto when I'm not there????????? 😩💔

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