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@JoewackleGh wackle @JoewackleGh

Yesterday, in the toilet, I didn't have my phone. I found out there were 96 tiles on the wall, with 17 grey marks on each tile.

@bolaNLee_c BOLANLE🇳🇬✍ @bolaNLee_c

PMB assessment so far! Transparency International Rating failed this Govt on fighting corruption. Amnesty Internati… https://t.co/VGlmI1NABP

@KelvinOdanz Kelvin Odanz @KelvinOdanz

People who make so much fuss about "waiting for the right person" are usually the wrong people. Bunch of hallucinating narcissists. 😏

@SarahGPerry Sarah Perry @SarahGPerry

What libraries look like when you don't have a government systematically starving communities of the arts: this is… https://t.co/0SvQH9si0y

@SaharaReporters Sahara Reporters @SaharaReporters

PHOTONEWS: Boko Haram terrorists roaming Dapchi and posing with locals for photos after dropp ng off kidnapped… https://t.co/ISpYJiR3Km

@MidKnightGaz A Man Has No Name. @MidKnightGaz

I feel sorry for the people that say they couldn’t get past the first episode of Game of Thrones.

@hallaboutafrica James Hall @hallaboutafrica

Congrats NneNne Iwuji-Eme, of Nigerian parents, who will be the UK's first black female ambassador when she takes u… https://t.co/96bFz2nw5q

@imamdimam Imam Imam @imamdimam

People without roads, ports and factories can’t flourish. And roads, ports and factories without skilled workers to… https://t.co/M3ugnA6djo

@elnathan_john Elnathan John @elnathan_john

If there is anything social media has blessed us with, it is confidence. The confidence to say: while I have not re… https://t.co/tPCCuib1pE

@TheEconomist The Economist @TheEconomist

Seventeen of the world’s 50 most violent cities are Brazilian https://t.co/99L8TRAx8s

@TheEconomist The Economist @TheEconomist

You could soon get through passport security by taking a selfie https://t.co/ml4VxIW8Mq

@kelvinodanz Kelvin Odanz @kelvinodanz

I say this all the time. You can sit in Lagos/Abuja and roll out analysis and prefer solutions without understandin… https://t.co/BKBSd5JxuF

@BrezhMalaba Brezh Malaba @BrezhMalaba

As we interview Robert Mugabe (94) in his library at the Blue Roof,he looks 10yrs younger,he's mentally sharp.He sa… https://t.co/hYDJE7TNjZ

@asishana_steve STEVE B. ASISHANA @asishana_steve

So NEPA people were coming into our estate to cut light, FRSC now stopped them. Driver didn't have license 😂😂😂😂 Th… https://t.co/zDQqxK3hRk

@RMadrid_Stats Real Madrid Stats @RMadrid_Stats

Among ALL active players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo is the player with the: • Most hatricks: 50 • Most NT goa… https://t.co/3AkLDRJP4g

@pius_adesanmi Pius Adesanmi @pius_adesanmi

IG orders police withdrawn from private individuals IG postpones withdrawal to April 20 IG says that same private V… https://t.co/1lmnTOoFaV

@MrNwiks David @MrNwiks

Lol. Osinbajo explain economic plan finish man like Bill Gates looked at him and told him point blank that the plan doesn't make sense.

@KelvinOdanz Kelvin Odanz @KelvinOdanz

A peasant with his farm and livestock in a corner of Africa is as happy as the man with the latest Ferrari in Vegas. Happiness is contextual

@KelvinOdanz Kelvin Odanz @KelvinOdanz

If you want to see how quiet and humble Nigerians can be, visit the US embassy or any European Embassy 😂😂😂

@bet365 bet365 @bet365

🇦🇷 Lionel Messi: Games - 47 Goals - 38 🗣 "Back to his best." 🇪🇬 Mohamed Salah: Games - 44 Goals - 38 🗣 "Form… https://t.co/MqFPUOYSgG

@Rygista Ryan. @Rygista

So Cristiano haters spent 90 minutes trolling him on here only for him to score two goals in the 91st & 94th minute… https://t.co/Nz4w6OPas5

@TrillestAC Popular AC @TrillestAC

So Rick Ross baby moms getting $2800 a month in child support but wants it increased to $20k. The judge said “hell… https://t.co/s4fd3IaM2S

@kelvinodanz Kelvin Odanz @kelvinodanz

Delusional sandbags 😹 https://t.co/syU0oImjKo

@deapoirierbooks Dea Poirier 🐲 @deapoirierbooks

The beauty industry: For men: This can be used as a shampoo, body wash, face wash, lotion, mouth wash, tooth paste… https://t.co/73EqYfdUjI

@Mrs_Cr7 #ProtectTPS 🇸🇻 @Mrs_Cr7

no offense, but how come when black teens protested police brutality/unjust killings they didn’t get this kind of o… https://t.co/YWvf5FtcMy

@ReacNoire Réac'Noire @ReacNoire

How black are you ? https://t.co/9gnNW6jBV4

How black are you ? https://t.co/9gnNW6j...

@kelvinodanz Kelvin Odanz @kelvinodanz

#MeToo movement in summary. Horse shit for TV ratings 😂 https://t.co/Q958lHkwlm

@Olanrewaju_Max Olanrewaju @Olanrewaju_Max

“So you stopped talking to me because I didn’t want to have sex with you” Yes ma. My intentions with you were pure… https://t.co/g9vaDXWbqL

@yashar Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar

Sound On: One of the many reasons I love elephants is that they celebrate births and mourn the dead. When an elepha… https://t.co/XNTeUNLaZP

@sunsetnecho Mathapelo. @sunsetnecho

A lot of adults live in a fantasy. Some dream world created around their wounds, their stories of victimhood and th… https://t.co/kCTqGXRthc

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