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@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

Just purchased Good Life [Explicit] - @KeiynanLonsdale https://t.co/rI6QK5mAES via @amazon

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

Some really great movies I saw so far in 2018, after not seeing any in a theater for almost a decade..For the 1st t… https://t.co/3CEZO3CC4u

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

Some really great movies I saw so far in 2018, after not seeing any in a theater for almost a decade..For the 1st t… https://t.co/zAtGb9GtZ5

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

@Married2TheReal Just imagine if you're an hour and half in and that did happen..🤣 https://t.co/vFlDIOpMis

@Married2TheReal Just imagine if you're...

@dravanamora Dravan Amora @dravanamora

@Unreel__News Did Disney finally decide to grow a pair? LOL https://t.co/B0f7PrjZmM

@Unreel__News Did Disney finally decide...

@ehmzee_ Pettywise the Bridechilla @ehmzee_

@Unreel__News https://t.co/sRk3bGDYmj

@Unreel__News  https://t.co/sRk3bGDYmj

@Married2TheReal Married2TheReal @Married2TheReal

....umm WHAT?!?! so #Thanos about to murk everybody, def nervous now #InfinityWar https://t.co/TcG18FuHn9

@GeoffThorne Game of Thornes @GeoffThorne

that is some REAL shit, right there. Damn. https://t.co/IU23jUwLmJ

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

@Married2TheReal https://t.co/Rb2AJ9aMYi

@mynette Mynette Louie @mynette

8 years ago, Daniel Wu was attached as the lead in a film I was producing. No one in the U.S. knew who he was, so n… https://t.co/K1a6ePM6Ll

@Nnedi Nnedi Okorafor, PhD @Nnedi

I am watching this tonight, o! 😆! ❤️🇳🇬 “Nigerians produce Wakanda Forever parts 1&2, a month after Black Panther re… https://t.co/TmtdZTDxkZ

@MyBlackMatters My Black Matters✊🏾 @MyBlackMatters

As a young black woman, what is something that really gets on your nerves and irritates you?

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

When black ppl I know or I'm related to through the years constantly "joke"bout how my features,what I'm into,or my… https://t.co/i3CPnpAbEQ

@MizTeeFranklin BINGOLOVECOMIC.NET @MizTeeFranklin

Due to unforeseen circumstances I need an artist for this story. It needs to start immediately. It’s a WFH short st… https://t.co/l7sfZFGeRq

@_niapiaaaa • TØMMŸ BØÏÏÏ • @_niapiaaaa

If funny how y’all talk SOOO much shit about Candice but yet you’re still filling her pockets and making her famous… https://t.co/KmFSwOCiMb

@sonnislove S @sonnislove

The real question is would I fuck y'all? HELL TF NO 🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/WcTPYvhczo

@roxana_hadadi Roxana (DO NOT SING 'ROXANNE' TO ME) Hadadi @roxana_hadadi

Something I wrote for @pajiba that I'm proud of: an analysis of the people @mindykaling's Mrs. Who quotes in @ava's… https://t.co/rU0x5ErJbH

@TatianaKing Tatiana Shuri King @TatianaKing


@dodo The Dodo @dodo

This couple adopted a gorgeous deaf dog and taught him sign language. Then they realized dogs like him had no chanc… https://t.co/FWlCsgs9N5

@sonnislove S @sonnislove

Or don’t go killing someone for being happy 🤷🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/jlaWVUozny

@blackgirlinom Black Girl In Om @blackgirlinom

“I’m putting Black women at the forefront of a gorgeous aesthetic, because a lot of times, you don’t see that.” —… https://t.co/KHQxcmjIgy

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

Wait... I got too happy, too quickly.. it's only for Atlanta..😕 #marvelmarathonmovieevent #marvelmarathon… https://t.co/yVO5LfIGsk

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

What! Is this for real @Marvel @MarvelStudios @RegalMovies ?! Not only an early fan event showing of… https://t.co/COU3JwTDi3

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

RTing my tweet because just like #blackpanther , #AWrinkleInTime is that good! https://t.co/Z6pHUN4eOR

@kelleyli1974 A Weirdly Unique Anomaly👩🏿 @kelleyli1974

@ReignOfApril @theblackpanther I saw it in 2D first weekend then days later I saw it in 3D https://t.co/V1jqTV5WTi… https://t.co/AJjR0CXRrX

@gayredpaladin katy voretron @gayredpaladin

Finally got around to editing some of these photos from last night.. galaxy makeup for Lotor ~ 🌚💫💜 https://t.co/qpVh2VY0iv

Finally got around to editing some of th...

@bryanedwardhill BryanEdwardHill @bryanedwardhill

Many in my Twitter family have wanted me to write Batman. Others have asked me about Black Lightning. Well, here yo… https://t.co/emBNRcsbfX

@Karnythia Mikki Kendall @Karnythia

Casting agencies are largely run by white people & there is a whole lot of Jim Crow era history in which agencies g… https://t.co/x8jAIQMaY0


The new drama series #FifthWard (Episode 3) is avail. NOW on #UMC (Urban Movie Channel)!!! See Mýa play Mina - a si… https://t.co/ZSR80zHurE

@FilmFatale_NYC ReBecca Theodore-Vachon @FilmFatale_NYC

Welp https://t.co/33brXORGLx

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