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I am #TheResistance. I block dividers, MAGAmorons, bots, trolls & those adding me to lists. Pinned tweet says it all. Tweeting since 2009. This account - 2016.

Love the USA - hate with trump is doing to it.

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@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

#NationalSchoolWalkout MSNBC is covering the event. CNN is covering the event. HLN is covering the event. My local… https://t.co/Az7giRFH21

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

UH-OH, They went to Jared! Kushner’s company subpoenaed by federal jury after filing false paperwork https://t.co/FMszXWGv29

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

"Matt Harvey" Fourth inning and Mutt Harvey is out there again.

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

"Matt Harvey" might be just the right bait to add to a package to get us a major league catcher to replace Travis D… https://t.co/G67ZyuEpef

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

trump Allies Worry Michael Cohen Is a Ticking Time Bomb https://t.co/JrV0BNPc7f

@activist360 Bill Madden @activist360

Michael Cohen dropping the Buzzfeed and Fusion GPS lawsuits is a prelude to helping Mueller take down the entire Tr… https://t.co/DFrUNBzu5h

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

The only reason trump has added "Rudy Giuliani" to his legal team is so he has a pussy to grab who won't sue him li… https://t.co/Jtwbbjr1jU

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

"Rudy Giuliani" is going to WHAT???? https://t.co/WiYWUNHM73

'Rudy Giuliani' is going to WHAT???? htt...

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

Oh come on you idiots! You're 18 days late. April Fools Day was on the 1st. Next year, get a damn calendar! Giuli… https://t.co/egsLBvqG3j

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

Chalk up another loss for #ShitHoleDonnie https://t.co/p0yWtd0rSM

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

@LindseyGrahamSC What a fool. Let THIS be your legacy! https://t.co/fVFNmd5iDR

@RepTedDeutch Rep. Ted Deutch @RepTedDeutch

.@SenateMajLdr McConnell refusing to put a bill to #ProtectMueller on the Senate floor is inviting a Constitutional… https://t.co/T3QAPEBpnp

@JoshCox69 🇺🇸Josh A Cox 🇺🇸 @JoshCox69

The Koch brothers are planning to throw 400 million dollars into the mid term elections. That kind of money will… https://t.co/03EyhKHF8w

@babsben My Sweet Baboo Redux @babsben


@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

#ProjectUnfollow OOHHH! I was wrong. Sorry. It's a BMW thingie. I thought that all the trolls, bots and morons f… https://t.co/uGpy4zvAEt

@EdinaDebbie Debra Strege @EdinaDebbie

@Blue_Tsunami1 @Keep2020Alive I'd love to follow but I'm maxed on following at 4999 and 260 shy of 5000 followers. Help a fellow leftie?

@Blue_Tsunami1 Blue Tsunami @Blue_Tsunami1

I’d like to be connected with more people who believe that removing tRump and his sycophants would be the best way… https://t.co/F6u40TgTQC

@TheQuietAnon C🌊#OpBlueWave🌊 @TheQuietAnon

💦LET'S GET EVERYONE PAST 5,000!! 💦 A lot of #FBReststers are getting stuck, unable to #followback. Let's focus har… https://t.co/8WVayhaVbp

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

RIP Barbara Bush. Condolences to the Bush family.

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

Sean Hannity denies that Michael Cohen was ever his lawyer—but the Fox News host was represented by a pair of legal… https://t.co/2DkMjzGeQH

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

#DeepThoughtsFromGolfers trump needs to get a GRIP trump's performance is below PAR trump only cares about GREEN tr… https://t.co/OTan5enKTa

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

We'll change that in a few months! https://t.co/jhWGwlNW76

@ProudResister Ryan Knight #BlueWave2018 🌊 @ProudResister

New FEC filing reveals Trump's 2020 re-election campaign has paid $280,000 in legal fees for the Mob Boss and his “… https://t.co/5sNH1kVcKz

@robreiner Rob Reiner @robreiner

If Fox News doesn’t fire Sean Hannity for not revealing his conflict of interest with Michael Cohen, the thinly vei… https://t.co/3sPlB0tJUh

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

WTF? trump Campaign Paid Bodyguard Keith Schiller's Lawyers, Records Show https://t.co/QEXO3pysxo via @nbcphiladelphia

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

@GovGaryJohnson @OurAmericaInfo Do us all a favor. Don't help us any more. The last thing you tried ended up with t… https://t.co/4P86OaJtdo

@keep2020alive Keep2020Alive 🌊 @keep2020alive

Perfect. https://t.co/EDwkYrL44c

@fultzieee Emily Fultz @fultzieee

If Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Mike Pence, Sean Hannity and Wayne LaPierre wanna go… https://t.co/NglT0GW3xi

@4everNeverTrump Pé Resists @4everNeverTrump

Sean Hannity claims he and Michael Cohen "almost exclusively" discussed real estate. Real estate transactions are… https://t.co/1SDCaza0Mw

@Dano50 Dan Clifford 🌊🌊🌊 @Dano50

Yep. I demand to see the Trump tax returns as well as an accounting of the cost of golf weekends and where the mon… https://t.co/7rL0PDA3sE

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