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@JoeVilla_ME Joe Villa @JoeVilla_ME

Good people. Check out the link below and help this young lady if you can. Her dad is one of the best people I know https://t.co/Fmm8hk0gpD

@kanewwe Kane @kanewwe

I signed this action figure for Omar 15 years ago! @snowboarding2x Thanks for the ride. #Axxess https://t.co/FfILQ7KzdN

I signed this action figure for Omar 15...

@HermieSadler Hermie Sadler @HermieSadler

Thank you @KyleBusch for the message you sent to mine and @KaneWWE buddy Caden at the Children's Hospital in Knoxville!! @SamanthaBusch

@kanewwe Kane @kanewwe

RIP Dusty Rhodes. One of the best ever in so many ways.

@kanewwe Kane @kanewwe

Awesome day at @DW_Experience. I think I'd look good in The Master's robe.

@ScottAppelMedia Scott Appel @ScottAppelMedia

8 Reasons To Check Out #SeeNoEvil2 This #Halloween http://t.co/a1eac5DP8r @KajEriksen @twisted_twins @KaneWWE @halloweengal @LeeMajdoub

@ChuckCarrollWLC Chuck Carroll @ChuckCarrollWLC

Best part of @KaneWWE interview: him reminding me @WWENetwork isn't $9.99 in Nov "Well no Chuck, actually it's free." http://t.co/aW66Sa49d7

@twisted_twins The Soska Sisters @twisted_twins

The stunning @halloweengal behind-the-scenes on @SeeNoEvil2Movie !! @WWEStudios http://t.co/5d6oGUAq18

The stunning @halloweengal behind-the-sc...

@marik_darkness Hoàng Cao Chí @marik_darkness

@twisted_twins @KaneWWE @SeeNoEvil2Movie i'm looking forward to watch it

@kanewwe Kane @kanewwe

Sign up now for the WWE Network http://t.co/nk1rejfj1C November is free including #SurvivorSeries. #FreeFreeFree

@DorielRivera93 Noriel!!! @DorielRivera93

What a night we had #SeeNoEvil2 it's #WOW. Waited years and now i'm satisfied. My Mom's Favorite #WWESuperstar in action. @KaneWWE

@colts_1988 James Leopard Jr. ™️ @colts_1988

@KaneWWE I just watched #SeeNoEvil2 and I must say it is awesome! Hope there will be SNE 3!

@kanewwe Kane @kanewwe

WWE Network is free for November including #SurvivorSeries. #FreeFreeFree http://t.co/q7BZBVXLBq

@SquwilliamUKR William UKR @SquwilliamUKR

@KaneWWE was awesome on #SeeNoEvil2 what a good movie.

@reallucass lucas wilkins @reallucass

@KaneWWE @twisted_twins behind the scenes was where it was at loved the movie ill line up for #seenoevil3 good job guys

@KajEriksen Kaj-Erik Eriksen @KajEriksen

@lenya_simmons @SeeNoEvil2Movie @twisted_twins @KaneWWE @halloweengal @LeeMajdoub @ChelanLSimmons That is awesome! Great work!

@BiffBamPop AndyBurns@BiffBamPop @BiffBamPop

Happy to share our interview with @twisted_twins talking #SeeNoEvil2 , working with @Katie_Isabelle and @KaneWWE http://t.co/KCHAkdbdIf

@ShadowSpectre23 SPECTRE @ShadowSpectre23

@twisted_twins @KaneWWE watched #SeeNoEvil2 and it was awesome hop theres a See No Evil 3

@heelstevens HEAVY @heelstevens

@KaneWWE great sequel to #SeeNoEvil2 @WWEStudios

@thedeadites The Deadites @thedeadites

Trick or Treat Radio #117 http://t.co/M4n7I96COB we review @SeeNoEvil2Movie from @twisted_twins with @KaneWWE @Katie_Isabelle @halloweengal

@brokehorrorfan Broke Horror Fan @brokehorrorfan

Remember @KajEriksen from Goosebumps? He’s all grown up in #SeeNoEvil2! Interview: http://t.co/LjhW3CUaQk http://t.co/P1B8XKclb2

Remember @KajEriksen from Goosebumps? He...

@TommyPistol Tommy Pistol @TommyPistol

@twisted_twins @KajEriksen @whatsupkimani @SeeNoEvil2Movie PROPS TO #WHATSUPKIMANI for the great stunt choreography in #SeeNoEvil2

@brokehorrorfan Broke Horror Fan @brokehorrorfan

We spoke to @KajEriksen about @twisted_twins' #SeeNoEvil2, Goosebumps and more: http://t.co/IFZloncXT0 http://t.co/jvAL4zxosv

We spoke to @KajEriksen about @twisted_t...

@ToddWiliamsDP Mahlon Todd Williams @ToddWiliamsDP

@twisted_twins relaxing after @KaneWWE (Jacob Goodnight) tears the room up. @WWE @ToddWilliamsDP @SeeNoEvilMovie http://t.co/yd4Dl7K0Gk

@twisted_twins relaxing after @KaneWWE (...

@twisted_twins The Soska Sisters @twisted_twins

Jacob Goodnight is not dead. Got your copy of @SeeNoEvil2Movie yet? Don't make @KaneWWE angry on #HellInACell day! http://t.co/LwAduhubtB

Jacob Goodnight is not dead. Got your co...

@DevannyPinn Devanny Pinn @DevannyPinn

Having a blast at @screamfest for the @SeeNoEvil2Movie premiere! Getyour copy now! #horror #YES #movies #Screamqueen http://t.co/TDRCpbuuxv

Having a blast at @screamfest for the @S...

@robertricciuti Rob Ricciuti @robertricciuti

@twisted_twins @SeeNoEvil2Movie I did my homework happily. my review for your terrific movie. It's up on IMDB if you'd like to check it out.

@KatieBelleCom Katie-Isabelle.Com @KatieBelleCom

#SeeNoEvil2 is on VOD/DVD in time for Halloween. You're invited to the party and you'd have to be dead to want to miss it. @twisted_twins

@michaeldaughert michaeldaugherty @michaeldaughert

Recent @Localbozo interview with #WWE superstar @KaneWWE. Promotes See No Evil 2, which is in stores now! http://t.co/0a43WNpRHV

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