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@KanchanGupta Kanchan Gupta @KanchanGupta

Like NDTV 'restructured' its loans? https://t.co/1Q1ddtDK7i

Like NDTV 'restructured' its loans? http...

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

'Left Wing' socialism is bad. 'Right Wing' socialism is worse.

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Not only public sector banks, all PSUs (steel, mining, shipping, power, oil, natural gas, fertilisers etc), Air Ind… https://t.co/dnokMawiIx

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@dubash @AviralKapoor_ @indianreagan @pratyasharath No sir. A forensic audit would show up any such attempt.

@TOIIndiaNews TOI India @TOIIndiaNews

Every 4 hours, 1 bank staffer held for fraud https://t.co/vn6w5zTCJi

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

That's correct protocol. Most visiting dignitaries are received at the airport by an MoS who then chaperones the vi… https://t.co/lAuMiTiQw9

@Evolutionistrue Jerry Coyne @Evolutionistrue

Penn faculty and students brutally attack law professor for her conservative op-ed; Dean asks her to take a leave o… https://t.co/51fl3Kt5wA

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

"Are you aware you can do this without a gun? All you need is an LoU." (With due apologies to @spectator ) https://t.co/C3DEdm67kW

'Are you aware you can do this without a...

@upcoprahul RAHUL SRIVASTAV @upcoprahul

Hi all, If anyone in Ghaziabad/ Noida or elsewhere spots this car pls do tweet at @Uppolice along with its Pic & ex… https://t.co/c0GsNcjQbV

@ThePrintIndia ThePrint @ThePrintIndia

Mehul Choksi bigger defaulter than Nirav Modi, probe says 143 LOUs issued over two months, reports @BhardwajAnanya… https://t.co/DT176aQPnX

@Sanju_Verma_ Sanju Verma @Sanju_Verma_

Yes;On 24th Jan'18, #RBI sent a circular to banks,asking them to report into its central database,any transaction w… https://t.co/Vdq3UjADzV

@NikhilNikunj Nikhil Nikunj @NikhilNikunj

@KanchanGupta @Sanju_Verma_ @_Namrataa @smarket yes all the CDR, SDR, JLF kind of disposal mechanism for NPA manage… https://t.co/Vdse1IIwC9

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Check RBI circular of 24.01.18 to which @Sanju_Verma_ drew my attention. Banks have to reclassify NPAs as SMAs and… https://t.co/o4KmNjFlQ2

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Brilliant commentary by Sabir Nazar. https://t.co/ntZAyB9aD5

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

My continuing lessons. #HowILearnedEnglish #BC @ShashiTharoor https://t.co/wYad2nkQW7

My continuing lessons. #HowILearnedEngli...

@samirsaran Samir Saran @samirsaran

On the occasion of the #MunichSecurityConference- I write for the security times on the hegemonic instrument that i… https://t.co/kXSM8rMiX7

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

This @ReutersIndia report shows bank fraud is result of systemic failure of banking system. We need sweeping bankin… https://t.co/LH3DfYurGo

@KanchanGupta Kanchan Gupta @KanchanGupta

As countdown begins for key State Assembly elections leading up to Lok Sabha Election, what do you think is Modi Sa… https://t.co/WILSaamCGW

@timesofindia Times of India @timesofindia

#NiravModi case: CBI arrests Gokulnath Shetty, ex-PNB deputy manager DETAILS: https://t.co/QW0zBGfnQy #PNBScam… https://t.co/4Dx7f3T35F

@additiyom Sudarshan Banerjee @additiyom

I hadn't read Ravi Subramanian's book, but clearly the author who has been a banker over 2 decades naming his chara… https://t.co/LKnDh00K3G

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

The Curious Case of Karti Chidambaram. https://t.co/q6aBiuJbdB

@CNNnews18 News18 @CNNnews18

#EXCLUSIVE -- Tax department provisionally attaches 29 properties of Nirav Modi. 105 bank accounts also frozen: sou… https://t.co/1FIkrwXJ0m

@s_navroop Navroop Singh @s_navroop

PSU Banks’ NPA worse than Republic of Korea during 1997 Asian financial crisis: World Bank - https://t.co/NaQ96KWWIX

@takhalus takhalus ( تخلص ) @takhalus

“India goes to war” a report from India during the 1965 war. https://t.co/FNwBQeM2qA

“India goes to war” a report from India...

@orfonline ORF @orfonline

#NepalElections | The left front in Nepal must focus on development and maintain balance in geopolitics — analysis… https://t.co/ODE37UbmVw

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Can't @ArvindKejriwal be his own lawyer? After all he has the right to be represented... https://t.co/EVWQxklbIK

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

#CBI should file appeal in Supreme Court. Do whatever it takes to prevent Karti from travelling abroad. That apart,… https://t.co/TZTLGAJy3T

@KhamotaDiDi Khamota Banerjee @KhamotaDiDi

@KanchanGupta তুমি রবে #Nirav-এ হৃদয়ে মম! https://t.co/lbWm48bfMg

@gjha88 Gaurav Jha @gjha88

Nirav Modi is only a tip of the iceberg. If you see the big list of defaulters and the 💰💷💶 amount who availed loans… https://t.co/ed0uDuJC2o

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