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@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@AmazonHelp Stop lying @AmazonHelp . I sent you the details twice. Here is the acknowledgement. Now get on and refu… https://t.co/AWAeUvYKuJ

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@AmazonHelp @amazonIN I have 2 separate emails from @amazonIN promising refund of Rs 960 within 2 working days. We… https://t.co/EILj7ZvQ0p

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@AmazonHelp Of course it is your intention to delay refunds. Not the first time I am facing hassles to get my money… https://t.co/gE8164BLYu

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Why is @amazonIN trying to cheat me of Rs 960? Are things so bad with @amazon ? Bluffed me saying refund will be cr… https://t.co/THdVJamMIX

@orfonline ORF @orfonline

African politics has been beset with military coups, but the crisis in #Zimbabwe has not been termed one. Find out… https://t.co/jXKIjAeQ0K

@sreemoytalukdar Sreemoy Talukdar @sreemoytalukdar

French officials rubbish Congress’s Rafale claims https://t.co/ezhAOSU0X6

@rahulroushan Rahul Roushan @rahulroushan

Since my blog is getting huge traffic, and I love traffic (except in Mumbai or Bangalore), my old post on why Hardi… https://t.co/QmTyLZbv4Z

@OpIndia_com OpIndia.com @OpIndia_com

Assistant Editor of India Today Group caught lying about release date of GDP Q2 figures (by @CW_dynastycrook) https://t.co/frXuNSW4Ft

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@Reuters So why is #US continuing to fund #Terroristan? https://t.co/YL15OZKsDB

@orfonline ORF @orfonline

#GermanPolitics | The democratic parties — Social Democrats, Greens, Liberals and Conservatives will have to come u… https://t.co/2PU7kSIDlu

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Calling a rabid terrorist an 'Islamist' is like a coy wife referring to her husband as "Dabbu ke Papa". #Pakistanis… https://t.co/Z2AkkUBOCW

@AndColorPockeT Jon Yadav @AndColorPockeT

Why whataboutery is necessary and why being neutral is not an option. https://t.co/uffkDGWQZM

Why whataboutery is necessary and why be...

@sreemoytalukdar Sreemoy Talukdar @sreemoytalukdar

Row Over Rafale Deal: Congress’ Allegations Misses out on Facts https://t.co/AG1ueJLIwe Where Air Marshal (Retd) BK… https://t.co/N11IpPmtqB

@maryashakil Marya Shakil @maryashakil

Met Jyotsna Bhoye, a tribal, on way to Ahwa in Dang. For her elections= Modi=‘ujjwala’. She said it came into her l… https://t.co/Rr5JVmJE5e

@OpIndia_com OpIndia.com @OpIndia_com

Himanta Biswa Sarma terms reports alleging his insensitivity towards cancer patients as media distortion https://t.co/9Zs2XNwote

@ShekharGupta Shekhar Gupta @ShekharGupta

Exclusive: Rtd Judge S.N. Dhingra of Vadra probe fame in the dock for paying own daughter’s firm from disputed com… https://t.co/ySS3aQxKd5

@OpIndia_com OpIndia.com @OpIndia_com

Govt clamps down on benami properties, may make Aadhaar linking mandatory soon https://t.co/kDjmZe53hg

@ARanganathan72 Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72

Pleased to share @the_hindu's report on our lab's breakthrough - a collaborative effort spanning 3 years - that hop… https://t.co/Pbw2fXquVt

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@milindmody @SunjoyJ @amitabhk87 This is not 'news'. This is some bogus claim by a mischiefmaker or a crackpot. If… https://t.co/9BocM44bms

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

A terrorist state funded by #US and #China cannot be expected to disown terrorists. #Pakistan is #Terroristan and t… https://t.co/CcR9Ox5clL

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@SunjoyJ Both. Sadly there will be no exemplary punishment.

@SunjoyJ Sunjoy Joshi @SunjoyJ

Is this some mischief monger trying to spread panic - or is it that the means are now becoming the end https://t.co/KGCu6QSWu1

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

That's why Clause 2 is a bummer. Freedom with restrictions is not freedom. It is a limited 'right' that means nothi… https://t.co/poURjerowi

@rajshekharTOI Raj Shekhar Jha @rajshekharTOI

Seething with death of his nephew Talha Rasheed in the valley, Jaish chief Masood Azhar sets up special squad to ta… https://t.co/aS3NjOq42u

@KabirTaneja Kabir Taneja @KabirTaneja

Oh dear 😧...someone clarify to him difference between Hamas and Hummus before departure, OK? https://t.co/ZsFfYL8PDF

@SandipGhose GhoseSpot @SandipGhose

#RahulGandhi lacks Modi’s political capital, has only Dynasty Equity. To succeed @OfficeOfRG has to convert… https://t.co/wZavERiUml

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

SOP 1.0 ~ Catch them on the wrong foot and you are accused of 'whataboutery'☺️ Have a wonderful day. https://t.co/cVoHz5hs6L

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

Shocking? 🙃 https://t.co/7n2sX65YLC

@kanchangupta Kanchan Gupta @kanchangupta

@Retributions Check your paper's history. Begin with why @the_hindu stopped publishing #Bofors stories filed by… https://t.co/JAGxKvqGdZ

@vijai63 Vijay Chauthaiwale @vijai63

In a well researched article the editor of @Openthemag elaborates strategy of BJP Chief Shri Amit Shah on… https://t.co/jiBZBGDcra

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