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My nieces, nephew, and Cody Dotson are my whole world. I'm blessed beyond measures. 😇

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@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

@allisonn__paige this is me and you 😂 https://t.co/DG93e28gvs

@taylaadanii Tay. @taylaadanii

i am not photogenic, I get a good pic like every 2 months 😂😂

@ItsGreysHumor Greys Anatomy @ItsGreysHumor

Who remembers this 😂 #GreysAnatomy https://t.co/JGWCASDnUg

Who remembers this 😂 #GreysAnatomy https...

@sighbrattt 💛 @sighbrattt

I got the smartest mouth with the softest feelings i cry over everything 😂😭

@kaitlangley l a n g 🌺 @kaitlangley

if ur a girl and u love singing to the top of ur lungs to country music with the windows rolled down, let's be friends

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Today has been pretty good!

@HornyFacts Horny Facts™ @HornyFacts

A relationship with a lack of communication WONT work. There has to be vulnerability. Your partner is NOT a mind re… https://t.co/1XPgLZzF5d

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Today has been the worse day for me and I’m sick of everyone

@kaitlynbkilgore ❁kait❁ @kaitlynbkilgore

tanning bed naps are the best. you fall asleep with a fan blowing in your face and wake up darker. how could it get better??

@ItsGreysHumor Greys Anatomy @ItsGreysHumor

I would do anything to have these 5 together again ❤️ https://t.co/b1mSBgQcan

I would do anything to have these 5 toge...

@CraveMyThoughts When Boys @CraveMyThoughts

s/o to my ex. u broke me down, poisoned my mind, fractured my heart but i thank u. if it wasn’t for your betrayal,… https://t.co/vghxOTCVHP

@baicrabtree03 Bailey Crabtree @baicrabtree03

No Kim, we owe it to our children to give them better role models than Kardashians like you. Prayer can change ever… https://t.co/UVeHG3M1Co

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Quick way to get stabbed in the neck🤗 https://t.co/lKdiYWSIKZ

@sky_kye_15 sky 🌚 @sky_kye_15

this weather has me feeling like a new person 😍

@ItsGreysHumor Greys Anatomy @ItsGreysHumor

I'm gonna pass out https://t.co/zMRE3mQz2p

I'm gonna pass out https://t.co/zMRE3mQz...

@rachelwise06 rachel @rachelwise06

When people can’t get guns they get knives, bombs, or cars and run them into crowds on sidewalks or parades. Evil hearts are evil hearts.

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

@HaleyAutumnH_ Your welcome! 💜

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

@HaleyAutumnH_ You are precious!

@TheDJLegacy DJ Legacy @TheDJLegacy

I’m at a loss of words.. How can someone hurt innocent people like this.. My prayers go out to everyone that was in… https://t.co/mBOiOE0UTH

@HaleyAutumnH_ haley holcomb @HaleyAutumnH_

I understand that college may not be for everyone, but what I don’t understand is being 20+ years old sitting at ho… https://t.co/NWLsJjRZS0

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Guess we will be sleeping at Cody’s house 😂 https://t.co/oF6lW2n5KA

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Now I know that’s true https://t.co/N95C2CtqJp

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

Me and Cody have been together almost 4 years and this is not true. We value and respect each other! https://t.co/GhPQt1AYVs

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

THIS IS SO ME 😤😭😢 https://t.co/Sk3GydM0EI

@SoReIatable Common Girl @SoReIatable

When a girl gets too friendly with ya mans 😂 https://t.co/V3mzg2CdRq

When a girl gets too friendly with ya ma...

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

I can’t wait to go to RTS with @allisonn__paige since this is both our first times ever going! ♥️

@kaitlynvc_21 Kaitlyn✝ @kaitlynvc_21

I will always be here no matter what too! 💜 https://t.co/mBRD8wWRVD

@ItsGreysHumor Greys Anatomy @ItsGreysHumor

me lol https://t.co/eF4KmXYCdA

me lol https://t.co/eF4KmXYCdA

@baileetrotter_ Bay @baileetrotter_

every girl wants to be the one girl that can change that guy..

@ItsGreysHumor Greys Anatomy @ItsGreysHumor

Grey's Anatomy has me thinking I could be chief of surgery and college is just lookin at me like lol honey no

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