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@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

@kaitlynbristowe the confessions on this weeks #grapetherapy have me laughing my ass off!! 😂🤣😂 thank you for making my Friday morning!

@duffkc41 Danny Duffy @duffkc41

Yo the 20teens took kobe, how i met your mother, my elbow ligament, A 2014 World Series ring, hos, erik kratz, my t… https://t.co/LMJZEzA4Gw

@kristendoute kristen doute 🦒 @kristendoute

fuck you @united and this flight attendant. you deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 💔 I’m be… https://t.co/ja1hIIsXhD

@RoyalsNation Royals Nation @RoyalsNation

Some of the core free agent guys have left, some have stayed but none of them are going to be Yankees and I think t… https://t.co/xs6SRqtc9J

@duffkc41 Danny Duffy @duffkc41



@usweekly Us Weekly @usweekly

Who is this hickey from ARIE?!? We need answers!!!! #thebachelor #AfterTheFinalRose https://t.co/YcGVQ6N9lC

Who is this hickey from ARIE?!? We need...

@MoynihanCharles Charlie Moynihan @MoynihanCharles

Best thing I saw today at #Cubs camp? Wasn’t Rizzo or Bryant or Baez or Darvish. This sign. All about the kids as i… https://t.co/8fRAJxiOW1

@benhiggi Benjamin Higgins @benhiggi

How did this breakup end up on camera? Seems like a private conversation. We don’t belong in this conversation....b… https://t.co/k255puly7f

@SeanLowe09 Sean Lowe @SeanLowe09

I don’t like this one bit. Shouldn’t have filmed. #thebachelor

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Met @duffkc41 dog Sadie at our hotel yesterday. She might be one of the prettiest huskies I have seen 😍

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Well said, Eric, well said. https://t.co/ir9cEdctPY

@ingallspringles Abby Ingalls Roeller @ingallspringles

Me: “No amount of alcohol can get me to do karaoke with you guys tonight.” *Me after two drinks*: #fergie https://t.co/YOcUVMmJXt

Me: “No amount of alcohol can get me to...

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

@hlbrown35 https://t.co/K4wy3UNGV2

@hlbrown35  https://t.co/K4wy3UNGV2

@hlbrown35 Haley Brown @hlbrown35

Feel like I’m mourning after the news about Hoz going to the Padres #35willbeforeverroyal 💔

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

does this mean we get to keep Moose? #Royals

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Well so long @TheRealHos35. @duffkc41 is my new favorite Royals player. Off to get a Duffy jersey before Spring Training next week!

@msween29 Mike Sweeney KCRoyal @msween29

@TheRealHos35 will go down as one of the greatest @Royals to ever wear Royal Blue. You will always be a ROYAL! Cong… https://t.co/XEtTFrgCr2

@sophshepherd Sophie Shepherd @sophshepherd

This would be my whole routine https://t.co/xht1bv1Np4

This would be my whole routine https://t...

@MikeyY626 Michael Young @MikeyY626

Doesn’t matter what side of aisle you’re on, we should be able to agree that we’re not doing enough to prevent this… https://t.co/vGfFjpHs4I

@ColbyLedbetter Colby Ledbetter @ColbyLedbetter

I guess email me since that’s easier than Snapchat now

@royalsreview Royals Review @royalsreview

Happy for you Lorenzo, but I'm not ready for this yet. https://t.co/D4dKOpAIvF

@KCMagicNumber #KCMagicNumber @KCMagicNumber

Mark your calendars and get your tickets. Lorenzo comes home on April 24th. Let’s pack the K and say… https://t.co/273Eqtb1PR

@BradleyDowell Dadley @BradleyDowell

Me since the Royals season ended: "Great group. End of an era. Just happy it happened. Whatever happens from here I… https://t.co/QjCXjbLT3B

@royalsclubhouse Clubhouse Convo @royalsclubhouse

Very happy for Lorenzo Cain. This was his one big chance to cash I and he did just that. Plus KC secures a great dr… https://t.co/NWIgGB0bTt

@FemalePains Female Pains @FemalePains

"use a dime sized amount of conditioner." Me: https://t.co/iubHWgFXg6

'use a dime sized amount of conditioner....


so how's your day going? https://t.co/LSaqHujtxA

so how's your day going? https://t.co/LS...

@nick3lopez Nicky Lopez @nick3lopez

Can’t do much more of this cold. Where you at ST?? @ Surprise, Arizona https://t.co/FrhZ8vb5Ge

@KwanBrooks2 K. Brooks @KwanBrooks2

RETWEET RETWEET‼️‼️‼️ https://t.co/Gq5tWpFviE

RETWEET RETWEET‼️‼️‼️ https://t.co/Gq5tW...

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