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@nick3lopez Nicky Lopez @nick3lopez

Can’t do much more of this cold. Where you at ST?? @ Surprise, Arizona https://t.co/FrhZ8vb5Ge

@KwanBrooks2 K. Brooks @KwanBrooks2

RETWEET RETWEET‼️‼️‼️ https://t.co/Gq5tWpFviE

RETWEET RETWEET‼️‼️‼️ https://t.co/Gq5tW...

@FemalePains Female Pains @FemalePains

I’m not crying you are 😰 https://t.co/vfeZh26XGN

I’m not crying you are 😰 https://t.co/vf...

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Watching this episode of @kaitlynbristowe on #HayleyEverAfter makes me want to get married again and have a @misshayleypaige gown! 💙💍👰🏻

@joshwolfcomedy Josh Wolf @joshwolfcomedy

If you are dumb enough to eat a Tide Pod please eat two.

@JeremyJRoloff Jeremy James Roloff @JeremyJRoloff

I find it concerning that “incoming ballistic missile” was even queued up in draft form. Ready to send.

@nick3lopez Nicky Lopez @nick3lopez

Raise your hand(s) if you’re ready for baseball season 👀 https://t.co/pMfcxvGBqs

Raise your hand(s) if you’re ready for b...

@LawrenceKS_PD Lawrence Police @LawrenceKS_PD

Look, let's be real for a minute. If you have to be reminded not to drive fast or tailgate when there is literal ic… https://t.co/aDh3GlYl8J

@MilasVideos Mila @MilasVideos

Mila making fun of my coffee addiction https://t.co/0LOJdCgfrJ

Mila making fun of my coffee addiction h...

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Dear @TheRealHos35 wanting to buy my daughter a new #royals jersey. Would really like to buy her a Hosmer one if yo… https://t.co/skk2d8UYLj

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

@breezyboyd86 https://t.co/27AShdgwbL

@royalsreview Royals Review @royalsreview

37 days until pitchers and catchers report. https://t.co/ZIm1rrrBaP

37 days until pitchers and catchers repo...

@Partyprobs Party Problems @Partyprobs

Sad? Go to target. Happy? Go to target. Mad? Go to target? Bored? Go to target? Just got dumped? Go to target. Dying? Go to target.


We are kicking off our winter strength and conditioning by recognizing @payton_catron for a great week of work and… https://t.co/yQyxDkbH3R

@duffkc41 Danny Duffy @duffkc41

Finding a classic in your tunes is better than finding a 20 in your pocket, you guys. https://t.co/BOrQskuQpv

Finding a classic in your tunes is bette...

@PapaRandlicious Randy Houska @PapaRandlicious

I may be sheltered, but I never knew there were entire states where you cannot pump your own gas. This astounds me.

@DRscrilla8 DRMiller @DRscrilla8

Any Royals fan who is opposed to paying Hoz his market value is flat out wrong. Don’t listen to the fuckery today.… https://t.co/OYFQrwgAqg

@vibeoverniggas k... @vibeoverniggas

USPS Tracking: 1) Package has left facility 2) We have no fucking idea 3) Package delivered

@mrBobbyBones Bobby Bones @mrBobbyBones

😂 https://t.co/qSMAHvsDrl

@GirIsWant What Girls Want @GirIsWant

What a beautiful human being https://t.co/3RUAxUqIKZ

What a beautiful human being https://t.c...

@ericstonestreet Eric Stonestreet @ericstonestreet

Hey #kstate fans. Why don’t we just assume the guy who has dedicated most of his adult life to a university, a foot… https://t.co/FpIxmpNTRJ

@ConradMcGorkin Conrad McGorkin @ConradMcGorkin

Thank you @Royals for the no charge pics 👍 https://t.co/AzRLpUcIXe

@KStatePride The Pride of Wildcat Land @KStatePride

Our @KStateClassyCat and Willie from @KStateCheer were on fire yesterday!! https://t.co/7NgQmsHRDT

Our @KStateClassyCat and Willie from @KS...

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

Xmas goals https://t.co/rQWN9nYcrx

@cmtcody Cody Alan @cmtcody

No words. Bravo, @CarrieUnderwood. #CMAawards

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

@KevanGuinn Found it! https://t.co/R4aqpbB86y

@KevanGuinn Found it! https://t.co/R4aqp...

@Royals Kansas City Royals @Royals

This squad 👇 #RaisedRoyal https://t.co/adtE6PZgyk

This squad 👇 #RaisedRoyal https://t.co/a...

@k_brown8 Kristin Boyd @k_brown8

@KelcyHorak @scowan09 @DerekHammer12 @tbowers6 @Adam 🙋🏻🙋🏻me too!

@jsleezer John Sleezer @jsleezer

I'll just leave this one here. @Royals @KCStar @TheRealHos35 https://t.co/oZO8zSc1P5

I'll just leave this one here. @Royals @...

@MattWalshBlog Matt Walsh @MattWalshBlog

This is way, way worse than kneeling. He may as well be taking a piss on the flag. Utterly despicable. https://t.co/Iv6bIxq56C

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