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Translator, child of the EU, liberal elite traitor, one of 48%, proud citizen of nowhere and everywhere & apparent saboteur. RT's not always endorsements.

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@CorbynistaEdith Edith Llwellyn-Holmes 🇻🇳✊🌈 @CorbynistaEdith

I see my poll has been hijacked by far right trolls. I'm leaving it up so enough people get to vote and we get a true result.

@CorbynistaEdith Edith Llwellyn-Holmes 🇻🇳✊🌈 @CorbynistaEdith

New poll: What is the biggest danger to the UK and its future? I have faith that people will vote wisely and the good will out.

@juleswordsmith Julia Griebling ❄️#FBPE @juleswordsmith

Hear, hear! https://t.co/Nw1xLwI0P2

@Femi_Sorry Femi @Femi_Sorry

1⃣Call referendum due to weakness 2⃣Lie/exaggerate to voters on both sides 3⃣No plan after referendum 4⃣Lie about i… https://t.co/qq6ongVbUy

@juleswordsmith Julia Griebling ❄️#FBPE @juleswordsmith

@CharlieBinbags Congratulations Charlie, wishing you all the luck in the world on your new adventure!

@RichardMcQuist Rich #FBPE #Remain @RichardMcQuist

This did the rounds on Twitter a while ago. So some conspiracy theories can come true https://t.co/lIksrsloW5

This did the rounds on Twitter a while a...

@CharlieBinbags Charlie Hennessy @CharlieBinbags

Still getting more messages than I can cope with, totally overwhelmed. Lots of media interest, BBC, Channel 4, Sky,… https://t.co/FFcgCcQPeI

@ProfBrianCox Brian Cox @ProfBrianCox

In one sentence, the transient joy and yet ultimate futility of life summed up by the ever cheerful @davidallengreen https://t.co/6WWpraCd8t

@HelpfulOlive Aunt Olive @HelpfulOlive

Mr Putin, since you first became president you have acquired a personal wealth of $200 bn, three times that of Bill… https://t.co/p3jXS4QE5W

@carolecadwalla Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla

Listen to @podehaye. He kickstarted investigations into both Facebook & CA & its his brainpower that has got us thi… https://t.co/TlwhQlajWS

@jamesdoleman James Doleman @jamesdoleman

Quite right too, bloody foreigners coming over here and taking the jobs of decent British racist demagogues. https://t.co/MgEP8F7mdr

@Channel4News Channel 4 News @Channel4News

See the full investigation and how Cambridge Analytica and Facebook have responded here: https://t.co/4JdDUwOxXd

@timolarch Timo#FBPE#FBR @timolarch

Remember, what Mercer/Bannon/Cambridge Analytica did, was (probably) illegal data theft...not in ordet to sell you… https://t.co/kHKTjos25y

@JMPSimor Jessica Simor QC #FBPE @JMPSimor

Excellent news. No doubt you will now agree that Brexit serves no sane purpose, free movement apparently having bee… https://t.co/BPuN8lj9zT

@JMPSimor Jessica Simor QC #FBPE @JMPSimor

If only @Jacob_Rees_Mogg had been saying something true for a change. It would have meant UK citizens and British b… https://t.co/qV7hP4CdSf

@MollyMEP Molly Scott Cato MEP @MollyMEP

What a relief to see the TV news catching up with this story. Our democracy is at stake and we urgently need action… https://t.co/piOCzj2Mph

@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

Hope for university researchers as temporary stop put on deportation proceedings https://t.co/VevvqqNRkj

@campbellclaret Alastair Campbell @campbellclaret

Still watching ... you're not saying much ... tick, tock ... https://t.co/BIoKZnDDcs

@Doozy_45 Matty 🇬🇧🇪🇺 @Doozy_45

BREXIT: The whiff around Cambridge Analytica is getting stronger, and getting closer to Leave campaign. /#EU #Brexit https://t.co/pQ2EaMXT3D

@HughNorris7 Hugh Norris #FBPE #Finalsay @HughNorris7

@Jacob_Rees_Mogg I voted leave based on what I was told by our politicians & using @BBC as a key source of informat… https://t.co/6rCrJNlD6M

@petertimmins3 Peter Timmins #FBPE @petertimmins3

Select committee report on progress to March 2018 Some good recommendations in here on protecting rights for EU an… https://t.co/FEFhVkRSGu

@jenoconnell Jennifer O'Connell @jenoconnell

If you still see @Facebook as a useful way to keep in touch, remember that others see it as a useful way to manipul… https://t.co/MSjPIf4hVF

@profcarroll David Carroll 🦅 @profcarroll

Thank you to all my @CrowdJustice backers. On Friday, we filed with the court, Cambridge Analytica/SCL was served.… https://t.co/2qWEL8gsC2

@VABVOX Victoria Brownworth @VABVOX

Scathing editorial directed at #MarkZuckerberg and Facebook regarding their responsibility for the… https://t.co/CTv5RqITt9

@RitaKonaev Rita Konaev @RitaKonaev

US democracy & the liberal world order are on the verge of collapse because Mark Zuckerberg, who was too much of a… https://t.co/8KgnkK9QHo

@ALDEgroup ALDE Group @ALDEgroup

Following reports #CambridgeAnalyticaFiles in The Observer, @SophieintVeld has demanded @facebook come to… https://t.co/25d8HtvQZp

@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Yet another mastodontic #privatedata breach should come as a significant warning for our democracy. Interference in… https://t.co/rfD9bRGxI8

@Wonkylefty Wonkylefteye #FBPE #FBR @Wonkylefty

@WillBlackWriter @Socialistdawn I saw the EDL kettled in Newcastle, they started to fight each other, they're like fucking Orcs.

@thetommoriarty Tom Moriarty @thetommoriarty

Reading this, the whistleblower Wylie holds a "British Tier 1 Exceptional Talent visa". Who knew that existed?? And… https://t.co/yPyiWdzclN

@RJonesUX Russ @RJonesUX

Believing England is so exceptional that other nations should sacrifice their futures to make our bad decisions wor… https://t.co/J9PHdc3NzP

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