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Translator, child of the EU, liberal elite traitor, one of 48%, proud citizen of nowhere and everywhere & apparent saboteur. RT's not always endorsements.

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@IanDunt Ian Dunt @IanDunt

This is thorough, well-informed and really worth a read. https://t.co/jEV55mvayC

@WilliamDLees William Lees #FBPE @WilliamDLees

Justine Greening warns that young people could undo Brexit https://t.co/QdHCgplPI6

@nickwallis Nick Wallis @nickwallis

It is very, very funny. "To throw up a perfectly solid four-week relationship with a woman half his age for somethi… https://t.co/VnVyKR70OZ

@johndante John Dante @johndante

The nasty party in full baying mode https://t.co/d4eO8BHfTe

@ftwestminster FT Westminster @ftwestminster

Macron and May weave joint initiatives to conceal Brexit fallout https://t.co/AEE8sCMK4v

@mwarhurst Michael Warhurst @mwarhurst

Strange that Germany has no problem exporting around the world as an EU member, while the #Brexit advocates claim t… https://t.co/oZHnjZi7fx

@Rachael_Swindon Rachael #DVD #MP3 #CDRW #VHS @Rachael_Swindon

Theresa May took a £50k donation from hedge fund firm Naya Capital UK, who are making big money on the collapse of… https://t.co/LXQaCY1BJK

@albawhitewolf Madeleina Kay 🇪🇺🇬🇧 #FBPE @albawhitewolf

For all the immigrants who taught me throughout my education. Who inspired us, who guided us, who cared. You are tr… https://t.co/6wVZGP9Tqm

@DavidLammy David Lammy @DavidLammy

When will the book burning take place Mr President? https://t.co/axcU70nVdG

@VeroVero777 Veronica #WeAreTheOppositionNow #FBPE #ABTV @VeroVero777

Bit by bit, the country is edging towards “Rejexit”. EU leaders sense our change of heart on Brexit - and now they… https://t.co/P9rjeJFrlp

@SeepyTea Chris Temple #FBPE @SeepyTea

What astounds me about the £350m a week claim (and the #BoJo revision) is that the Gvmt has no idea at all what any… https://t.co/U1eqbAluvK

@stellacreasy stellacreasy @stellacreasy

Feel sick hearing PM claiming Britain should be proud of our record on refugees knowing how many children still sle… https://t.co/z5YLV2nKOQ

@CarolineLucas Caroline Lucas @CarolineLucas

Theresa May failing woefully to provide answers on #Carillion. Rewarding greed, rather than success, is built into… https://t.co/MvMBxL3tx6

@faisalislam Faisal Islam @faisalislam

Shadow Brexit Minister Pennycook says Govt going to be in “ludicrous position” of having to amend Withdrawal Bill w… https://t.co/6PSVSOyHMu

@disasterhistory John Withington @disasterhistory

utterly astonishing that 320 MPs want NOT to know the consequences of their actions in supporting #Brexit. note the… https://t.co/dPwIwyb4VW

@greycells Grey Cells #FBPE @greycells

@HouseofCommons In any other environment, this would be criminal negligence. Why don't the rules of civilised socie… https://t.co/pa8PdSlYcd

@SteveDeacon63 Hate brexit #FBPE #WATON @SteveDeacon63

Brexit: Irish prime minister Leo Varadkar warns UK 'all European countries will be small on the world stage' - The… https://t.co/rsNjCJeitT

@JolyonMaugham Jo Maugham QC @JolyonMaugham

Judge in Amsterdam says he will give judgment in three weeks time, on 7 February 2018. https://t.co/0ecsMDezRg

@SimonFRCox Simon Cox @SimonFRCox

UK is one of the most unequal, dysfunctional rich states in the world. So these real world local ideas are exciting… https://t.co/X8lh9UTVG9

@SimonFRCox Simon Cox @SimonFRCox

4th. Suella Fernandez appointed Minister even after she & fellow Tory John Penrose condemned EU Charter of Rights f… https://t.co/iFY2IrO540

@juleswordsmith Julia Griebling ❄️#FBPE @juleswordsmith

Spine chilling. Do take the time to read and retweet the thread. https://t.co/0TKbByI9rD

@JeanneBartram Jeanne Bartram "#FBPE" #ABTV #WATON @JeanneBartram

Ah Priti Patel who colluded secretly with a foreign power. I hope no one ever votes for this creature ever again https://t.co/xyC5Qkc3xu

@C_Kenyon1 Caroline Kenyon @C_Kenyon1

If anyone knows of businesses in Lincoln affected by the collapse of Carillon, please could they let me know? Thank you

@Anna_Soubry Anna Soubry MP @Anna_Soubry

“Oh Brexit what crimes are being committed in your name” Dominic Grieve on how our own UK constitution is being ripped up as we leave the EU

@JeanneBartram Jeanne Bartram "#FBPE" #ABTV #WATON @JeanneBartram

Every major bank expects the UK to go into recession after Brexit https://t.co/DIdOw5mESS

@RJonesUX Russ @RJonesUX

#BrexitStamps https://t.co/ihmHf3n8LT

#BrexitStamps https://t.co/ihmHf3n8LT

@ShadowBrexit Shadow Brexit Team @ShadowBrexit

NEW: @Keir_Starmer reports Boris Johnson to statistics watchdog over misleading comments https://t.co/q1al23ka2S

NEW: @Keir_Starmer reports Boris Johnson...

@DavidLammy David Lammy @DavidLammy

I was one of 299 MPs who voted for Amendment 4 to retain EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in UK law. Shame on the G… https://t.co/wkSNGnCC7Z

@37paday Alexander @37paday

1/ Welcome to Wednesday in the independent republic of Brexitlandia (your correspondent is starting early) 😴😴😴 https://t.co/2x2pV5cVdY

@Harryslaststand Harry Leslie Smith @Harryslaststand

Watched #thecoranation at my friend Roy's house in Halifax. He bought a 7 inch b&w TV for occasion In the room my… https://t.co/I7rNY0PSY3

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