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Donald J Trump is my President, Conservative, USAF Vet, (78 - 82) Married 33 yrs and proud father of two Conservative Sons. On GAB 👉 https://t.co/vpHaxZKi7B

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@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Speaking Of DACA and Dreamers ~How Do We Know What Their Dreams Are ? This Illegal Alien KILLED TWO COPS~But Wish… https://t.co/2obF4XkF1p

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Well well Nancy Pelosi👉Looks like more Crumbs for the American People APPLE 🍎 Announces A 350 Billion Investment… https://t.co/YQi9BR09lE

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

The Dirty Little Secret About DACA And The Democrats 👉They Want Future Voters👉The Ones That Will Be Dependent On Th… https://t.co/Ug5uc4gf7i

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Just How Corrupt is the FBI ? 💥Busted~ FBI Agent Shared Information With The ‘Fake’ Trump Dossier Author. Why… https://t.co/Tv7RbqauRn

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Sanctuary This California~ ICE Is Coming ICE to carry out Immigration Sweep In California #WednesdayWisdom… https://t.co/DeMUkCNeag

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Sorry Kids !!! Your Dreams Will JUST Have To Wait !! Democrats prefer The DACA Kids Over You!! 👉They ONLY CARE A… https://t.co/8F6PVagldJ

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

#TuesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation #MAGA Cory Booker (Democrat Senator) Verbally Attacks A Female~ With FAKE O… https://t.co/j21UUHPIRU

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

#TuesdayThoughts #WednesdayMotivation Sorry Libs 😂 Trump’s Doctor Gave him a PERFECT SCORE On His Cognitive Exam.… https://t.co/iResbi4qW1

@JrcheneyJohn John~And I Stand 🇺🇸 @JrcheneyJohn

Democrats Don’t Want Secure Borders ~They Want The Flow Of Illegal Immigrants To Continue~They Want Massive Amnesty… https://t.co/juFXFSUl5A

@GartrellLinda Deplorable Linda G. @GartrellLinda

CALIFORNIA DEMS PANIC Over Trump Adding 1 Very Important Question To Next U.S. Census Asking if a person is a citi… https://t.co/SRQJuvgGsj

@Hoosiers1986 Bradley Scott 🙏🇺🇸 @Hoosiers1986

Congrats 🎈🎊🎉 to my BFF @SierraWhiskee for reaching 50K followers! ❤️😘 @realDonaldTrump has no greater supporter th… https://t.co/qzlyvFTC2B

@AmbrishSaxena12 Ambrish Saxena @AmbrishSaxena12

Quick Poll: Who deserves the real winner of Fake News award? #FakeNewsAwards

@calidhd Doreen @calidhd

🇺🇸 SEN.BOB DOLE 🇺🇸  "A true American HERO" Former Kansas Sen. Bob Dole receives the Congressional Gold Medal –… https://t.co/YTU0khrWpN

@Debbie_Vesino ✴Debbie✴🇺🇸✌ @Debbie_Vesino

@EdKrassen @IRdotnet @realDonaldTrump Oh another Flake...Snowflake❄💧❄💧 A Play-Doh time might help you 😭😭😭 Also a v… https://t.co/rcAhRaN3Dx

@Debbie_Vesino ✴Debbie✴🇺🇸✌ @Debbie_Vesino

@ColumbiaBugle The #shithole #FakeNews #Media Ladies and Gentlemen We always Knew that there Liars☇💯☇ https://t.co/NKAhcrqqKq

@ColumbiaBugle The #shithole  #FakeNews...

@Debbie_Vesino ✴Debbie✴🇺🇸✌ @Debbie_Vesino

@realDonaldTrump #FakeNewsAwards Honoring the worst in #shithole media as there Very #FakeNews @CNN #shithole Net… https://t.co/ZVYdm5Bb6a

@solentgreenis Sol @solentgreenis

@CoryBooker is a drama queen! #solmemes https://t.co/ctTRbywXux

@CoryBooker is a drama queen! 


@JohnWUSMC Marine Warrior John @JohnWUSMC

Good Night 🌘 Twitter Friends 🕊 God Bless You @NWGreenApple @skb_sara @msbizz73 @lellygal @W_C_Patriot… https://t.co/zs6MQyIvsP

@LimoTelstar telstarlimousine @LimoTelstar

@JrcheneyJohn how is daca working out for ya liberals let more in sanctuary country then liberalism will be on fire… https://t.co/dnZDxzDk7t

@bbusa617 💥brooks brown💥🌐🏁 @bbusa617

BREAKING: Trump Announces the FAKE NEWS AWARDS WINNER! https://t.co/oYiq1OpxIa via @truthfeednews HERE'S YOUR WINNERS !!....

@IsraelUSAforevr Israel & USA forever @IsraelUSAforevr

Amazing! https://t.co/ElRlKVHnXY

Amazing! https://t.co/ElRlKVHnXY

@polishprincessh 👑💥 Hanna 💥👑 @polishprincessh

Correction....aiding & abetting illegals is pure malice. All Trump doing is ENFORCING THE LAW. Maybe if you would… https://t.co/k86iGO5hY0

@Mrsmmtbeauty MMTCHICK @Mrsmmtbeauty

Just tried to check out the #FakeNewsAwards results on the link the president tweeted out, and the site crashed! Ha… https://t.co/u1bYPgmyhZ

@jojoh888 🇺🇸Jojoh888🇺🇸 @jojoh888

Lies, lies, lies #FakeNewsAwards #FakeNews #FakeNewsCNN #FakeNewsMedia https://t.co/fJ264M1RXy

Lies, lies, lies 


@jcpenni7maga sт🛑ρ cεηs🚫яιηg c⭕️ηsεяvαтιvεs ᴛᴍ @jcpenni7maga

💥💥LIBERALS vs.SLINKIES💥💥 #Liberals are like slinkies; they’re good for nothing 😆 ...but still bring a smile to yo… https://t.co/EkLDsXVzHl

@Chicago1Ray Chicago1Ray 🇺🇸 @Chicago1Ray

@TuckerCarlson calls Chgo alderman ~ George Cardenas a Loathsome Demagogue 😂😂 Tucker got close to being bleeped d… https://t.co/wNw7Ca5x8t

@Chicago1Ray Chicago1Ray 🇺🇸 @Chicago1Ray

🏆🏆AND THE WINNER IS 🏆🏆 https://t.co/qT8DirpszN

🏆🏆AND THE WINNER IS 🏆🏆 https://t.co/qT8D...

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