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Environment & equality. Run https://t.co/msprqf5tai @wildlife_gifts Tweeting @ARGroupsUK Studied BSc (Hons) Env Sci & MSc Nat Res at @NRInstitute.


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@IAmMardikins Chairman Mardikins #FBPE #NHSLove @IAmMardikins

@clacksee @JASEMARKRUTTER @SheRa_Marley LOL I don't think we're being alarmist ENOUGH. Just stating facts. We vote… https://t.co/OSQZPOeI6X

@clacksee Shouty Person ❄️️ @clacksee

@IAmMardikins @JASEMARKRUTTER @SheRa_Marley Apparently we’re being alarmist.

@IAmMardikins Chairman Mardikins #FBPE #NHSLove @IAmMardikins

@clacksee @JASEMARKRUTTER @SheRa_Marley Yeah see also: cancer patients who need radiotherapy. Is the suggestion we… https://t.co/CTt4tMTcml

@clacksee Shouty Person ❄️️ @clacksee

@JASEMARKRUTTER @SheRa_Marley It’s not like we can’t easily replicate the various European agencies or sort out new… https://t.co/xNbp1J1jvq

@clacksee Shouty Person ❄️️ @clacksee

@JASEMARKRUTTER @SheRa_Marley Sure. Let’s leave with no deal, no forethought to the fact all flights to & from the… https://t.co/gq25jsvM9j

@no2tories ❄ For Fox Sake #fbpe @no2tories

@JASEMARKRUTTER @stroppypanda Darling, the government can't even run the country, how on earth do you think they'll… https://t.co/yqLPePAXac

@stroppypanda caroline cherry#FBPE @stroppypanda

@JASEMARKRUTTER Why would anyone vote to leave the EU immediately given the consequences it will have for British j… https://t.co/gm2LlLehyK


UK Parliament will now debate leaving the EU immediately, on Monday 22nd January 2018- Are you more in favour of a… https://t.co/k59n5fZHFG

@PaulbernalUK Paul Bernal @PaulbernalUK

Making Spain Great Again..... #Trump https://t.co/hIg5OgwPSl

@InFactsOrg InFacts @InFactsOrg

Two years for #Brexit transition is "not even slightly" long enough to strike deal with EU, says boss of UK manufac… https://t.co/E17H30IaXV

@MartinShovel Martin Shovel @MartinShovel

@petercs23 @JoRichardsKent Clever answer that avoids responding to my point… have you ever considered a career in politics? 😉

@Rachel5742 Rachel Heyburn #FBPE #WeAreTheOppositionNow @Rachel5742

6 facts about the UK's EU influence https://t.co/IMbFqXnqQG Have been asked where the graphic I use indicating the… https://t.co/jTc5kxtqWO

@snortifartblast Kevin Murphy @snortifartblast

@JoRichardsKent @NadineDorries @FT Great effort, however, inconvenient FACTS won’t persuade her, she peddles fiction.

@jorichardskent Jo Richards 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE @jorichardskent

@domdyer70 Hi Dom, do you know anyone who can phone in on this please? 🙂 Thanks. https://t.co/kWBpKKhBki

@domdyer70 dominic dyer @domdyer70

BBC News - Badger setts cause road in Lake District to be closed https://t.co/irl9Foljcy

@CanburyPress Canbury Press @CanburyPress

Government about to halt the badger cull? Find out why we have this unscientific policy in @domdyer70's excellent B… https://t.co/36Hd0fsGiS

@cirian75 cirian75 #FBPE #NHSlove #SaveOurNHS 🇬🇧🇪🇺🇳🇱 @cirian75

@Anna_Soubry @Conservatives he's miffed Anna, his black shirt was the wrong size when it arrived.

@lunaperla KT #OdeToJoy Parker @lunaperla

@Anna_Soubry @Conservatives Don't give Monty oxygen. He's just an editor of a third-rate publication who is controv… https://t.co/WHGOD4uPya

@JCHannah77 Jon Hannah #FBPE @JCHannah77

@Anna_Soubry @Conservatives You are one of us Anna, as are your many of your contemporaries irrespective of party.… https://t.co/dkdC4Rg283

@greycells Grey Cells #FBPE @greycells

@Anna_Soubry @Conservatives Unfortunately, there is nothing 'moderate' about #Brexit. Hard Brexit, soft brexit, gr… https://t.co/PYghUrFzLI

@Anna_Soubry Anna Soubry MP @Anna_Soubry

This is what’s wrong in UK politics.Hard line ideologists will destroy #Labour & @Conservatives unless moderates s… https://t.co/Cq8hm4z9JH

@markpalexander Mark Alexander #FBPE @markpalexander

Tim joining Farage in the gutter with the same sort of careless hate speech that got Jo Cox murdered. Vote against… https://t.co/8g2iMutzHq

@elinjjones Elin James Jones @elinjjones

Happy Tuesday! The #EUWithdrawalBill returns for its report stages in @HouseofCommons today... and 39 pages of amen… https://t.co/IYWja6jxJv

@jorichardskent Jo Richards 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE @jorichardskent

@domdyer70 https://t.co/rurVKYdJN2

@jorichardskent Jo Richards 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE @jorichardskent

@BBCRADIOKENT I heard a really sad story about an elderly family dog who bit a visiting child “out of the blue”. Th… https://t.co/T32SYKlNLO

@jorichardskent Jo Richards 🇬🇧🇪🇺#FBPE @jorichardskent

@BBCRADIOKENT I heard a really sad story about an elderly family dog who bit a visiting child “out of the blue”. Th… https://t.co/Puucw5ZlOE

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