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Senior Teaching Fellow at @UniOfSurrey. Board member @BBFC and @SOHKCharity. Author of "brilliant fast-paced comedy" Ordinary Joe (@BoroughPress).

Aylesbury, England

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@guyverhofstadt Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Farage's confusion is contagious: Gove doesnt seem to remember that action on plastic bags stems from EU regulation… https://t.co/f7M5IbHTA6

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@samuel_pollen As Woody Allen says in Bananas: "Why can't I be the vice president? That's a real idiot's job."

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@jackpgreen @gallagherbren "Dear Parents, You might then like to consider moving your child to a school where their… https://t.co/d8lxFZcYXM

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@prodnose Monkey Tennis?

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@election_data Everything the Leave campaign did was low - apart from that lying bus figure!

@Carole_King Carole King @Carole_King

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King, Jr. #MLKDay https://t.co/n9cYInCbR3

We must accept finite disappointment, bu...

@BerniceKing Be A King @BerniceKing

As you honor my father today, please remember and honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legac… https://t.co/O9qyaJpMuR

@HuffPost HuffPost @HuffPost

Thank you, Dr. King. https://t.co/nAFkxX3hLt

Thank you, Dr. King. https://t.co/nAFkxX...

@BarbraStreisand Barbra Streisand @BarbraStreisand

On Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, past presidents @BillClinton, Bush, and @BarackObama all did community servic… https://t.co/uFxTycPQFD

@MitchBenn Mitch Benn @MitchBenn

Labour’s current position is that of a bunch of passengers on the Titanic nominating themselves as an alternative c… https://t.co/mcdVlOlghP

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@JimMFelton I can't imagine any self-respecting rat going into a Weatherspoon's.

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@Annecfletcher We'll both be reading about geniuses (genii?) at the same time only yours is more stable than mine!

@jayrosen_nyu Jay Rosen @jayrosen_nyu

Quite a cover. https://t.co/Jav5wyJ1AJ

Quite a cover. https://t.co/Jav5wyJ1AJ

@aliamjadrizvi Ali A. Rizvi @aliamjadrizvi

Racism isn't over because you got a black president. Racism will be over when a black candidate with 5 kids from 3… https://t.co/CIbeCpsjdd

@dadtoadaughter Nicholas West #FBPE @dadtoadaughter

Who would be more likely to lead Labour to a General Election victory if called in 2018. Retweet for varied viewpoints

@JonathanFoyle Dr Jonathan Foyle @JonathanFoyle

@NadineDorries * EU payments = 1% of government spending * 'Parliament has “remained sovereign throughout our mem… https://t.co/qeuvmCH1nR

@theprimewriters The Prime Writers @theprimewriters

Taxis, cake and celebration - the joys of a special publication day. We're so proud of @SVaughanAuthor and the succ… https://t.co/9iGIPdPO6P

@haveigotnews HaveIGotNewsForYou @haveigotnews

Donald Trump insists he isn’t racist, saying some of his best friends come from shithole countries.

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

So an Amazon package has arrived which I'm pretty sure contains our copy of #FireAndFury which in a moment of weakn… https://t.co/GkczARAGCF

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@Baddiel @DebbieMace So, is @Baddiel better than these cheap gags?

@arvonfoundation Arvon @arvonfoundation

Enter this competition and you'll be in with a chance of winning a place on an Arvon Clockhouse writing retreat!… https://t.co/7II0taSgWF

@cbcreative CB Creative @cbcreative

You've still got until Midnight tonight to enrol on our Starting to Write Your Novel course! https://t.co/KDu1gDfUJm https://t.co/xHZBA02GFN

You've still got until Midnight tonight...

@grahambsi Graham Simpson @grahambsi

‘The EU is a social democrat project along German/Scandinavian lines. Too right-wing for some, too left wing for ot… https://t.co/0zyh70ir4A

@Mark__Bright Brighty @Mark__Bright

Heavy heart this morning, just heard that Cyrille Regis has passed away age 59. He was more than just a footballer,… https://t.co/j4AyQAnCsU

@GaryLineker Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

Saddened to hear that Cyrille Regis has passed away. A tremendous striker and fine man whose legacy goes beyond the… https://t.co/3wgI4cBBqQ

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@RichCounty27 @GaryLineker I was already past my prime when you saw me play, Rich!

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@WbaFormer What terribly sad news. A great footballer and ambassador for the game. #RIPCyrille

@JayRobCar Jay 🇬🇧🇪🇺🌍 #FBPE @JayRobCar

I receive a reply from '@jeremycorbyn or rather his proxy Lee-Ann Moir, to cut a long story short, she has confirme… https://t.co/3LJuEKtzg1

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@GaryLineker You speak for yourself, Lineker. I could have been just as good as Messi if I'd practiced a bit harder at school.

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@mcbogwirtell Let's play Spot the Metaphor: Kipper leaves wife of many years for something new. Realises three week… https://t.co/mHoyRZvEMz

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