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Author of "brilliant fast-paced comedy" Ordinary Joe (@BoroughPress). All opinions my own unless they're really insightful in which case I probably stole them.

Aylesbury, England

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@vincecable Vince Cable @vincecable

Now we need to find out if #CambridgeAnalytics and leak from #Facebook played a key role in #Brexit #Referendum. https://t.co/kmAmC0KV6q

@RosChappell Ros Chappell #FBPE #WATON #ABTV @RosChappell

For Britain's sake Brexit must be stopped: Vote tactically at 3 May local elections. Vote for the Remain Party with… https://t.co/gY64Tas75u

@carolecadwalla Carole Cadwalladr @carolecadwalla

If you are watching the Cambridge Analytica story unfold, please please support our journalism. We’ve fought off 3… https://t.co/vicl9ufuZa

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@carolecadwalla @DickleDockle When these anti-democratic pirates are finally brought to justice, big hopes you get… https://t.co/PAIhuxcMYr

@Annecfletcher Anne Fletcher @Annecfletcher

Look at this lovely collection of just some of their published works in the @amberleybooks office! Looking forward… https://t.co/GIfV4eVoSK

@EdwardJDavey Edward Davey @EdwardJDavey

On Cambridge Analytica: Just asked Minister Matt Hancock to guarantee a public enquiry - if evidence emerges that a… https://t.co/LIumJpez8g

@arvonfoundation Arvon @arvonfoundation

Enter the £1000 @RSLiterature V.S. Pritchett Prize for unpublished short stories. 2000-4000 words. Deadline: Friday… https://t.co/36W51ElE4J

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@sarahkendzior That's disgusting. You could accidentally breathe on someone with a nut allergy after eating that Sn… https://t.co/5q0wjkBIy9

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@labisiffre Every so often - and it isn't very often - someone uses Twitter in a way that broadens rather than narr… https://t.co/5nfnlK7h6v

@labisiffre Labi Siffre @labisiffre

When we die As far as Anyone Knows no one Rests In peace Or otherwise when We die As far as Anyone knows we Cease T… https://t.co/2kFJXH0cHY

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@jessphillips @stellacreasy I always thought she was a strong Belgian lager. Which would explain why she is so pro-EU.

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@jonathancoe @johnmitchinson @unbounders The hardback of my novel Ordinary Joe is currently available for just £460… https://t.co/zPrAXzw7VB

@UniOfSurrey University of Surrey @UniOfSurrey

The @SurreyOutreach Residential Summer Schools offer A Level students a chance to experience studying a subject at… https://t.co/SBjMxFqLtR

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@DAaronovitch 74% share of a 60% turnout is actually significantly below 50% support from the total electorate whic… https://t.co/lzEnMnUlW6

@Robert___Harris Robert Harris @Robert___Harris

Puzzled why UK govt, Nato etc keep saying this is "the first use of nerve agent in Europe since WW2". They were nev… https://t.co/wxQfK5o6Wt

@EdwardJDavey Edward Davey @EdwardJDavey

Given how tough the Tories now want to sound over Putin, I thought it worth revealing the reality - some Tories are… https://t.co/hGGM6xVijg

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@Redpeter99 Looks like a Specials AKA tribute band!

@Redpeter99 Peter Smith @Redpeter99

I got Foinhaven in the Grand National, Leicester winning the Premier League but missed this one. https://t.co/ozCIOFGKpE

@HMittelmark Howard Mittelmark @HMittelmark

Social media is to liberal democracy what automatic weapons are to the Second Amendment.

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

Just home from a brilliant weekend stay at @Qudos_MusicBar #Salisbury. Great hotel and lovely people - just a shame… https://t.co/oEhcGcZRmf

@michellechivung michelle chivunga N @michellechivung

exciting have somebrightest minds explore #Blockchain #IOT #Innovation #Data #Womentech #digitalinclusion… https://t.co/bE7RKc1LE9

@SBSscaleup Digital Scale Up @SBSscaleup

So exciting! #DigitalS18 https://t.co/v9U3QcgWMG

@TheHopPoleAyles The Hop Pole @TheHopPoleAyles

• A L E • We had to change a few barrels last night, because you lovely people literally drank… https://t.co/sp6mak9orE

@Jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @Jontwothreefour

@MoHappy2017 @ProfBrianCox As opposed to God, presumably, who we know to be there because we can't see him or her?

@LibDems Liberal Democrats @LibDems

.@EdwardJDavey - "My fear is these allegations could be the tip of the iceberg and all campaign work linked to Camb… https://t.co/eEi1VfUhGa

@rocciabella Mostly Harmless #FBPE @rocciabella

The only way to change Labours position on Brexit is to remove your support for them. The thing that an MP fears th… https://t.co/EeF8baIrWK

@theprimewriters The Prime Writers @theprimewriters

From @Jontwothreefour a second poem by Yeats, An Irish Airman foresees his death. #StPatricksDay2018 #IrishWriters… https://t.co/1QBOHOYMu0

@arvonfoundation Arvon @arvonfoundation

Fan of the Brontës? Interested in writing, or want to try a new creative hobby? Join the Starting to Write with the… https://t.co/cJrSuVJbmZ

@OFOCBrexit Our Future; Our Choice! @OFOCBrexit

Everyone born after 1974 has been a British AND EU citizen their entire adult life... Guess which generation voted… https://t.co/EDTOgKvxwg

@jontwothreefour Jon Teckman #FBPE @jontwothreefour

@Annecfletcher @amberleybooks Yayyyyyy!!!!

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