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  • .@GovInslee - no one knows how important this is more than you - and you’ve done an extraordinary job! Thanks for hosting me in Olympia earlier this year and for being a a pro moderator on my book tour!
  • Despicable. After so many - from George H.W. Bush to John McCain and Bill Clinton - worked for years to heal this open wound and put a war behind us - they’re turning their backs on people who fled and many who fought by our side. For what possible gain?
  • Way past the time for all of us to step up on climate - whether over, around, or in spite of @realDonaldTrump:
  • Embarrassing tweet from a President: not only is @realDonaldTrump in denial about climate change, he's delusional about France. Their citizens adamantly support the Paris Agreement and expect their leaders to do something about climate change. No one is chanting “We want Trump."
  • Congrats @AnneFinucane - a leader on climate change, she's savvy and creative - and an incredible friend. She's earned this and more.

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