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@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KatTimpf That's clear.

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KatTimpf Kat is losing major street cred - Trump is calling out the other side. Forget this uppity nice shit anymo… https://t.co/EsqswxlnuY

@TheUknownRamble The Unknown Rambler @TheUknownRamble

@KatTimpf Kat, you are losing street cred...sound wound up like a rubber band...we live in a Social Media world, I… https://t.co/baXacPIyDQ

@Ezdee_ Donnie Owens @Ezdee_

@JerahHutchins @KatTimpf Exactly! And what kind of person has their son freed from China for shoplifting, only to… https://t.co/5GDJambDeL

@InvResDynamics Dave Kranzler @InvResDynamics

RE: the Clinton sex accusations - be interesting to see if witnesses mysteriously are found dead from "suicide" or "slipping in the shower"

@PrisonPlanet Paul Joseph Watson @PrisonPlanet

Apple diversity chief who said whites shouldn't be discriminated against is leaving the company. Imagine my shock. https://t.co/DqK20Nnzby

@antonia_okafor Antonia Okafor @antonia_okafor

It doesn’t matter what u think of yourself. What matters is what Jesus Christ, God, Creator of this Universe, think… https://t.co/7i1myAYCF5

@Ollie_Bennett_ Ollie Bennett @Ollie_Bennett_

We need... leadership today, reality in a surreal world, clarity and direction, a word from the spirit. Jesus is..… https://t.co/fidPx9cQ5O

@CharlieKae17 Charlie Kae @CharlieKae17

The Devil is a lie and Jesus is the truth. #SundayVibes #ChurchVibes #GodisGoodAllTheTime

@larryelder Larry Elder @larryelder

“The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake o… https://t.co/u7vzEuvDlw

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KHerriage This is crazy

@va_shiva Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai @va_shiva

So you like @SenWarren who supported Monsanto, manufacturers of Agent Orange,that killed OUR Veterans? Let's divide… https://t.co/Juiq3iKpXi

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@RelevantQuest @MattWalshBlog Difference is that "you" didn't kill the leopard. Everyday with your taxes you are pa… https://t.co/7cuuILr390

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@MattWalshBlog Human sacrifice is okay in the Former republic

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@JamesGRickards Mario coins are all the rage

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@mangomaxima It's gangs with dad bods !

@benshapiro Ben Shapiro @benshapiro

Ok, Democrats, let's see how totally full of crap you are https://t.co/qyPyThqWdT

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KatTimpf You look like a anime character

@MiIlionaireMind Millionaire Mindset @MiIlionaireMind

Not every mountain is worth the climb. Choose your goals very carefully.

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@RamsdenMichael Why do we humans always have to hit rock bottom before we change?

@RamsdenMichael Michael Ramsden @RamsdenMichael

It seems contradictory, that having pressurised politicians to legalise porn and prostitution, society then demands… https://t.co/jCyfCOEUiI

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville Okay pedophile

@StefanMolyneux Stefan Molyneux @StefanMolyneux

Never go full libertarian. https://t.co/PEB4nUz3de

Never go full libertarian. https://t.co/...

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville Okay pro-rape + pro-pedophilia + clown vagina

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Cernovich Vitalik = pedosympathizer - just because his wanker is out while he's watching your kids on the park doe… https://t.co/8kL9jiibOL

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville Okay pedophile sympathizer

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville Jail time for you dude - pedophilia/rapist sympathizer

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KatTimpf I agree you are pretentious but you are also right

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville Uh huh - dude you are sicko

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Draclonis @TheOrville All your ilk are going down - you support the raping of women and kids you sicko.

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