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Peace and Love....Reason over Emotion

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@IOHK_Charles Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles

Banking. Red like this always leads to something related to banks. Expect some form of news by the end of the week

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@tomkelly_25 The webcast was a bit choppy but the dialogue was FANTASTIC!!!!! Thank you for engaging the community!

@TheFoodDIY Recipes GIFs @TheFoodDIY

Steak Dinner For Two https://t.co/rSWbny4FxZ

Steak Dinner For Two https://t.co/rSWbny...

@hayes_meister Hayes Meister @hayes_meister

@liv_croagh @JMurphy_007 @Cernovich Ok “mate”, I’m a deadbeat because you had a consensual sexual experience which… https://t.co/GGIRzIuO0A

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@liv_croagh @hayes_meister @Cernovich To quote POTUS-VSG “very stable genius” -“she has hate in her heart”

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@NavigatorOctav I don’t have to “feel” it’s an immutable characteristic.

@Cernovich Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich

He made his living attacking America and hating Trump. https://t.co/0eEJFMkc9R

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@BillyGibbens1 @Cernovich It’s a gray area of sexual tango.

@tweetsfourdaze America @tweetsfourdaze

@Cernovich She went back to his apartment, kissed him, accepted some oral, half way blew the guy and wondered why h… https://t.co/ukf21yAQtX

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@NavigatorOctav @Cernovich You are not a girl so quit using “us” as if you are apart of women.

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@liv_croagh @hayes_meister @Cernovich No literally it’s not.

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@sami_mercyfalls @Cernovich Was that before or after she gave him head?

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@Guts345Ajax @Cernovich Creepy? She gave him head.

@kathleentamu Kathleen #MAGA @kathleentamu

@thunderveins44 @Cernovich Hey I'm a grandmother 👵! Why is it so inconceivable that we have fewer followers?

@Cernovich Mike Cernovich 🇺🇸 @Cernovich

“It took a really long time for me to validate this as sexual assault,” she told us. “I was debating if this was an… https://t.co/NmJ61jbLgw

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@SuperNerdMedia or you could watch https://t.co/WtSTb3JKPd

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@SuperNerdMedia https://t.co/9HMy7acKXs Please watch & follow Charles Hoskin/Cardano former Ron Paul guy and come u… https://t.co/T20vLmspk8

@bengoertzel Ben Goertzel @bengoertzel

Hard to remember now how marginalized AGI was in 2006 when we held the first AGI Workshop in Bethesda MD ... now th… https://t.co/HRgIM2M94E

@StefanMolyneux Stefan Molyneux @StefanMolyneux

Despite the fact that many Haitians need to eat nutritionally vacuous "dirt cookies" prepared on dirty basketball c… https://t.co/oQA1yX6RZD

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@keithellison You are sooo dumb

@IOHK_Charles Charles Hoskinson @IOHK_Charles

Looking at Jasmin. Really incredible work merging formal methods and crypto together

@allidoisowen J Owen Shroyer @allidoisowen

This is official announcement of my #TwitterBoycott. @allidoisowen will no longer be providing content for a corpor… https://t.co/kNgpMoWgSs

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@KatTimpf Haiti is a shithole

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@RonnieMoas @binance_2017 Ronnie you could throw a fucking dart on the wall and make money on cryptos. You are not fucking special dude.

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@LauraLoomer @JasonEBurack Why is Laura getting hotter every other month?

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@the_man_that This is so true. We often don’t establish the real question and blindly accept premises.

@SJosephBurns Steve Burns @SJosephBurns

95% of Americans are not allowed by law to invest in start-ups. Only ‘accredited investors’ are entitled to do so,… https://t.co/ASTA5pnAn0

@BasedMonitored Based Monitored 🇺🇸 @BasedMonitored

Oprah wants older whites to die. She thought we’d forget about this. https://t.co/toYE7DcCCf

Oprah wants older whites to die. 

She t...

@jmurphy_007 John Murphy @jmurphy_007

@SatoshiLite @officialmcafee Pump pump pump it up

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