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Dancer. Ballet, Tap and Modern. I dont read DM's!

Los Angeles, CA

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@DropTheMicTBS Drop The Mic on TBS @DropTheMicTBS

It's battle of the new school vs old school! Catch @CharliePuth and @BackstreetBoys on #DropTheMic TOMORROW https://t.co/TsAznA8y9S

It's battle of the new school vs old sch...

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

This film is going to be epic! https://t.co/FB7JzNt5mf

@GabeTurner73 Gabe Turner @GabeTurner73

Huge congrats to @NiallOfficial on his big win last night! So happy for him. And blown away he’s finally been liste… https://t.co/ur1ybShR6i

@ChukaUmunna Chuka Umunna @ChukaUmunna

WATCH: the Government are trying to pull the wool over the British public's eyes on Article 50 - the truth is that… https://t.co/EQMXDjRXt7

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Go on @NiallOfficial !!!! SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Some may say... Legend x

@icecube Ice Cube @icecube

Kicked it with @KingJames and @JKCorden on @CarpoolKaraoke ... It Was A Good Day https://t.co/PWeZVqBveS

@IanKarmel Karmando Iannucci @IanKarmel

“Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles is my favorite song of the year, and I’m a hot young taste maker with his finger on the pulse.

@westhamtransfer West Ham Transfers @westhamtransfer

Don't worry!!! We've got a full week of more intense training videos and the slow motion goals posted on twitter!!!!!! IRONS!!!


I want to tell you everything about voting for @NiallOfficial for New Artist of the Year presented by @TMobile at t… https://t.co/yjG5Ii9amH

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

West Hams disciplinary record this season is the only thing worse than our performances.

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Brilliant piece by @OwenJones84 from 2014. As important today as it was then. https://t.co/YxqAukBFEF

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Can you handle playing tambourine on stage with me? Let’s find out. Join me and ENTER: https://t.co/5mpF8Y2O9q

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Sending ALL the good vibes to @BenSPLATT this weekend. What you’ve done on that stage will be remembered forever. E… https://t.co/Op1pZ4g8NW

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

This has made my Saturday. 💕 https://t.co/1llFKSVeVO

@MillenPolitics Millennial Politics @MillenPolitics

Vote Doug Jones. He’s allowed to enter every mall in Alabama. https://t.co/yzEDfumm7m

Vote Doug Jones. He’s allowed to enter e...

@yashar Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar

Not sure what her sexual orientation has to do with it Ed..... https://t.co/A1bJa6b2JW

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

This looks brilliant! @johnkrasinski is a truly brilliant director and he and Emily are just epic. ! https://t.co/tYxVw5NJvx

@patrickwintour Patrick Wintour @patrickwintour

David Miliband on Radio 5 "I see Brexit as an act of unilateral political disarmament. It’s the greatest giveaway o… https://t.co/tnwhd6srGE

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

This is shocking and disgusting. https://t.co/pcw1oIgIhV

This is shocking and disgusting.  https:...

@TheEllenShow Ellen DeGeneres @TheEllenShow

Compassion, social intelligence, decisiveness, patience, wisdom. These are all qualities found in elephants and not… https://t.co/GefG6RDUSr

@yashar Yashar Ali 🐘 @yashar

That tusk belongs to her mama and no one else...and it's not a partisan statement to say that. https://t.co/mewmOE5zUh

That tusk belongs to her mama and no one...

@realjoeyfatone Joey Fatone @realjoeyfatone

Ahh the memories .. This is where the “friend zone” took place lol @Pink @JKCorden @CarpoolKaraoke https://t.co/rbDIfcAnze

Ahh the memories .. This is where the “f...

@DropTheMicTBS Drop The Mic on TBS @DropTheMicTBS

"This dude looks like Darth Vader when he took his f*cking mask off." @TimothyCSimons has no chill...@MrTonyHale, y… https://t.co/NHzJ4nXnnn

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Helluva play that! https://t.co/v37Bzhzbbc

@pasekandpaul Pasek and Paul @pasekandpaul

We can’t believe it’s been one year since @DearEvanHansen had its first preview on Broadway! Thank you to the DEH f… https://t.co/LO4OHVugzQ

@jkcorden James Corden @jkcorden

Thanks so much Heat magazine! X https://t.co/VtdeqboI1v

@billboard billboard @billboard

Pink took a ride with James Corden for "Carpool Karaoke" https://t.co/aNd3dNIKUc

@mashable Mashable @mashable

Pink's 'Carpool Karaoke' is here and it's 12 minutes of gleeful perfection https://t.co/IicsQUZZYk https://t.co/9lxEVz97kF

Pink's 'Carpool Karaoke' is here and it'...

@THR Hollywood Reporter @THR

Watch Pink teach James Corden how to dance, sing upside down in #CarpoolKaraoke https://t.co/WRY8d1l720 https://t.co/CJQphE4oD2

Watch Pink teach James Corden how to dan...

@etnow EntertainmentTonight @etnow

Pink dishes on dating a boy bander and which rock star made husband Carey Hart jealous in new #CarpoolKaraoke -- wa… https://t.co/gAobJXXUAQ

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