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Legislative/Campaigns Director, Citizen Action of New York, mom, farmer, deacon. #Fightfor15 #RaisetheAge #HealthCareforAll #DemandDemocracy #ResistTrump

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@NYWFP NY Working Families @NYWFP

On last day of legislative session, "funeral" for progressive bills blocked by @IDC4NY - GOP Senate being held in A… https://t.co/emcqyNXpRt

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

Jil Furillo @nynurses says all the orgs involved in health care in NYS are here to say no to the AHCA. https://t.co/WN7CClV9U7

Jil Furillo @nynurses says all the orgs...

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

"The Essential Benefits Plan is necessary for the lives of people like me," says Jeff Garrison, member of… https://t.co/Ejf2pB1iPt

@BobCohen1 Bob Cohen @BobCohen1

Know all we need to know to oppose it! #ACARepealDebate #resist #ResistTrump @citizenactionny https://t.co/rS5pYntMyn

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

"This bill has been negotiated in secret by Senators who don't look very much like their constituents," Margarida J… https://t.co/1YnKgRVzvs


#WeChoose #Education4Liberation on #Juneteenth using our #ParentPower and #StudentPower https://t.co/BGDQb0z9Fz

#WeChoose #Education4Liberation on #June...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

After #ParisAgreement exit, @NYSA_Majority leads, where is @NYSenate @IDC4NY vote? #climatejustice @NYRenews https://t.co/MoMbPQiCLX

@mikemurphy33 mike murphy @mikemurphy33

last cycle charters schools spent over $4 mil supporting Flanagan and the GOP. Now he is holding up mayoral control for a handout to them

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Call @NYGovCuomo TODAY and tell him: Make #VotingRights a priority THIS WEEK! #EasyElectionsNY #DemandDemocracy https://t.co/s5XNv2M08r

@BrianKavanaghNY NYS A/M Kavanagh @BrianKavanaghNY

More unfinished business: It's long past time for @NYSenate to pass Sen Squadron's & my bill to close #LLCloophole! https://t.co/vKlTL1ypGf

More unfinished business: It's long past...

@ScharffK Karen Scharff @ScharffK

#Resistance has to include fighting for fundamental changes in policing to protect Black lives. https://t.co/8t8qElDJNr

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

The acquittal of #PhilandoCastile's killer makes it clear yet again: There is no justice in a system that doesn’t value Black lives

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Really appreciating the @USHouse Rep. @Clyburn Saturday address to the nation. #saveourcare #youcanthide @ussenate #HealthCareForAll

@Blklivesmatter Black Lives Matter @Blklivesmatter

We are deeply saddened. Philando, we honor your life today, despite the fact that our "justice" system has not. #BlackLivesMatter

@UnitedBlackout BLACKOUT @UnitedBlackout

"A System Cannot Fail Those It Was Never Meant to Protect" W.E.B. Du Bois. Rest In Peace #PhilandoCastile… https://t.co/UnAwNIclY7

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Love to see @NYSA_Majority @NYSenate get biz done w/ Cuomo absent. As long as @NYSA_Majority protects kids from Senate charter donor payoff!

@Ali_Gharib Ali Gharib @Ali_Gharib

.@collier on how nothing can "bring worth to a black man’s life in the eyes of a cruelly racist justice system." https://t.co/sn8h1XCi7x

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Halfhearted Opposition to the G.O.P.’s Health Care Misery https://t.co/i8UuNk0ZcN united & fighting we can save America in the next 6 weeks

@anitathayer Anita Thayer @anitathayer

#NoIDCNY IDC you can't hide. Lobbyists, rhinos, and their friends attend IDC fundraiser in Albany NY. https://t.co/ogu0gZ0Qrx

#NoIDCNY IDC you can't hide. Lobbyists,...

@anitathayer Anita Thayer @anitathayer

Inspiring send off by @Vote_Richardson at Albany #votingrights Day of Action and photo op with local fans. @NYWFP https://t.co/qxxGIABArn

Inspiring send off by @Vote_Richardson a...

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

"The number of ppl age 50+ incarcerated in NY since 2000 went up 98%. We hold the Parole board responsible."… https://t.co/4miMcooYGb

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

Commissioners put on Parole Board 20 years ago by Gov Pataki are STILL there! "They've put a stranglehold on parole… https://t.co/grfzR2dTOl

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@citizenactionny headed in to demand #VotingRights #EasyElectionsNY Time to get it done! #EarlyVoting #ParoleVoting https://t.co/peYnaY6FOR

.@citizenactionny headed in to demand #V...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

We want real #democracy where EVERY VOICE US HEARD! #EasyElectionsNY @citizenactionny Jamaica Miles! https://t.co/YmV60MwhL5

We want real #democracy where EVERY VOIC...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@Vote_Richardson 60,000 in Brooklyn off the polls last spring! I don't care what party, we've got to fix it!… https://t.co/DFaGZJdwyN

@RachelSilby Rachel Silberstein @RachelSilby

.@ZephyrTeachout blames @NYGovCuomo and @IDC4NY for lack of voting reform at rally on Capitol lawn https://t.co/yLaT6GXkn3

.@ZephyrTeachout blames @NYGovCuomo and...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

We need to enfranchise our community members on parole! #ParoleJustice #EasyElectionsNY @AssemblyLWalker https://t.co/RZz5bvWeX5

We need to enfranchise our community mem...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

A week is a lifetime in #Albany @NYSA_Majority needs partners in fight @NYSenate @NYGovCuomo #EasyElectionsNY… https://t.co/3lPziLEHO8

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

We've got @NYSenate who won't move. and a silent @NYGovCuomo on #VotingRights We need #EasyElectionsNY -… https://t.co/GchB2kKENt

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

We've got show what democracy looks like in NY! Says @ZephyrTeachout to the #EasyElectionsNY https://t.co/tISTcwRaWy

We've got show what democracy looks like...

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