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Deputy Director, Citizen Action of New York, mom, farmer, deacon. #HealthCareforAll #DemandDemocracy #FREENewYork #Fightfor15 #WorkingFamilies #TaxtheRich

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@domleondavis Dom Leon-Davis @domleondavis

I can’t wait until @CynthiaNixon is governor and it doesn’t cost $15k for a seat at the table. #WFP4Cynthia https://t.co/64uhjoEH5j

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

@BillLipton @NomikiKonst @ShaneGoldmacher @alyssaguilera @henceforthme @CynthiaNixon Is there some big Democracy ho… https://t.co/YeuoKg55c4

@bradlander Brad Lander @bradlander

If Governor Cuomo has actually gotten serious about reducing the billions of plastic bags that New Yorkers send to… https://t.co/L2SZ9iYzG9

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

People are being arrested right now in the NYS Capitol to demand #CuomoWalkTheTalk. There's no time left for politi… https://t.co/hKMjysc5FT

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Sooo priceless...and deeply watered down to boot. #TheCynthiaEffect #EarthDay2018 #WFP4Cynthia #BanTheBag… https://t.co/lMFUDqapuG

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

The future is coming for you corporate #Democrats https://t.co/YEjLYbGnkC

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

It's time to end the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers. New York needs #OneFairWage! https://t.co/6OdDtFj8Ct

@DeborahJGlick (((Deborah Glick))) @DeborahJGlick

The most pathetic aspect of the @killian4senate campaign are the spurious attacks on Shelley Mayer for the bad beha… https://t.co/zjSGWreyX2

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

#CounselorsNOTCops https://t.co/89r1KCNVL4

@BillLipton Bill Lipton @BillLipton

#thecynthiaeffect yet again — this time for climate justice! https://t.co/HPFZjyMaLT @TweetBenMax @hmcghee… https://t.co/WuJUdL6CSV

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

1. wonder who in #Albany gets big $ from bag manufacturers 2. Cynthia Nixon should go shopping w/ a reusable bag th… https://t.co/z8jehk7pO8

@nychange NY Communities @nychange

HAPPENING NOW— Hundreds of Tipped workers in LI testifying on why we need to end the two tiered system and have… https://t.co/CdKgrhDeBC

@OneFairWageNY OneFairWageNY @OneFairWageNY

Nail salon technician Sonia says “it’s unjust to be forced to depend on tips to make a living because, as everyone… https://t.co/gZEZ79bsNb

@ciphersankofa Maurice Moe Mitchell @ciphersankofa

I really don’t like bullies. That’s why while traveling I filmed this video message in response to Governor Cuomo’… https://t.co/cvPKkddKf6

@enckj Judith Enck @enckj

Tremendous environmental leadership by Cynthia Nixon on climate change. Other gubernatorial candidates around the… https://t.co/npEsB6jull

@IndivisWstchr IndivisibleWestchester @IndivisWstchr

New York is not a Blue State as long as Republicans control the Senate. Electing @shelley4Senate on Tuesday is the… https://t.co/bVJQA7ECIy

@CynthiaNixon Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon

Investing in more fracked gas infrastructure will lock New York into decades of more emissions, posing serious heal… https://t.co/qMYqN38LmV

@CynthiaNixon Cynthia Nixon @CynthiaNixon

New York City officials have pledged to divest its pension funds from oil and gas stocks. Fossil fuel stocks were a… https://t.co/oLZFYyXfcm

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Welcome to the twitter @KatieH_Schaffer #FF #FollowFriday #FREEnewyork @StanFritz @Rockierivera @ScharffK… https://t.co/k6QVCs4AjK

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@NYGovCuomo and his #GOP donors have got to go. #WFP4Cynthia #CynthiaforNewYork https://t.co/9FcsJXz5tQ via @GothamGazette

@makeNYTrueBlue TrueBlueNY @makeNYTrueBlue

“Westin, NYCC’s exec. director, argued the portrayal of Nixon as a “stand-in” for de Blasio “has been really sexist””https://t.co/hhPMWlyLkq

@NYWFP NY Working Families @NYWFP

"A number of @NYGovCuomo's most prominent financial backers, including business and real estate entities, are also… https://t.co/1PxFx4GjGv

@ScharffK Karen Scharff @ScharffK

Timely report from @twittlesis - The Percoco Connection: The Money Trail Linking Competitive Power Ventures, Cuomo,… https://t.co/p37wX0p5yg

@ScharffK Karen Scharff @ScharffK

Why I support @cynthianixon from my speech @NYWFP meeting https://t.co/bAflMURuM7 @citizenactionny.org

@Nate_McMurray Nate McMurray for Congress @Nate_McMurray

Today, @NYGovCuomo said that he and @NancyPelosi think I'm not the best choice to challenge my opponent. Clearly I'… https://t.co/LubH70WkKG

@altochulo Daniel Altschuler @altochulo

When @NYWFP wins, everyday NYers win! -@JimmyVanBramer. We appreciate your solidarity so much, @NYCProgressives! https://t.co/FmNtqi20Ug

When @NYWFP wins, everyday NYers win! -@...

@NYSenatorRivera Gustavo Rivera @NYSenatorRivera

These organizations are composed of civically engaged NYers who work to make NY a more equitable state. I am proud… https://t.co/A5THFF6mco

@altochulo Daniel Altschuler @altochulo

Stanley @citizenactionny: your threats don’t scare us, @NYGovCuomo. You and your crony capitalists had better get r… https://t.co/d9mN57B8Q9

@NYCProgressives Progressive Caucus @NYCProgressives

Members of @NYCProgressives stand in solidarity with @MaketheRoadNY, @citizenactionny, @CVHaction & @nychange rally… https://t.co/SGw5s0A4Jt

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