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Legislative/Campaigns Director, Citizen Action of New York, mom, farmer, deacon. #Fightfor15 #RaisetheAge #HealthCareforAll #DemandDemocracy #ResistTrump

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@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Hey @ATT we want a fair contract! @CWADistrict1 @CWAUnion #Kingson #workersunite #attstrike https://t.co/P4Ws8nOsGi

Hey @ATT we want a fair contract! @CWADi...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@citizenactionny standing united with @CWADistrict1 Local1120 on thier first walk out. #attstrike #Union #Kingson… https://t.co/MJb7XmF1Jk

@ScharffK Karen Scharff @ScharffK

.@citizenactionny stands with @CWAUnion @CWADistrict1. Sign here to tell @ATT CEO not to cut worker pay & benefits https://t.co/ZMIFADACqE

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Shout out to @nynurses for their great leadership in fighting for #HealthCareForAll https://t.co/g4NAFdbF5C

Shout out to @nynurses for their great l...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

All of our HC problems are due to dependence on private insurance. This #NYHealthAct is the way we protect NY's peo… https://t.co/YuuqAQLTfd

@NYHCampaign NY Health Campaign @NYHCampaign

"We in NY must care for the people and put families first...we must ensure coverage for all New Yorkers."… https://t.co/J0Vof0JQNj

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@CarlHeastie @NYSA_Majority blasts Washington's #GOP #AHCA and sets NY on a path to #HealthCareForAll https://t.co/7bt6S04Svc

.@CarlHeastie @NYSA_Majority blasts Wash...

@HV_CANY Hudson Valley CANY @HV_CANY

Kingston farmer Wes Hannah: "Access to healthcare is a major factor holding back thousands of possible new small farms and other businesses"

@StevePampinella Stephen Pampinella @StevePampinella

#NoShowFaso https://t.co/a5jZqFqK29

@ceemackjay CJ @ceemackjay

#noshowfaso https://t.co/yfcIJOD8v5

@ShelleyFriedma1 Shelley Friedmann @ShelleyFriedma1

Right now! Our community talks about the devastating impact of Trumpcare, but #NoShowFaso. https://t.co/F67lNh5aJ4

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@RepJohnFaso strikes again. Small biz, farmers, nurses, moms, talk effects of #AHCA @citizenactionny @PplsAction @HV_CANY #noshowfaso

@HV_CANY Hudson Valley CANY @HV_CANY

Have kitchen table conversations with five friends and family members about why this fight is important to you and… https://t.co/OMh0Dkbo4c

@ClaraJeffery Clara Jeffery @ClaraJeffery

So, about that 25th Amendment... https://t.co/XpyIT4Ygl9

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

https://t.co/lLoh1UR4rW They are counting on the media to report their lies. Don't let them get away with it NYS outlets! #lca #Albany

@lianamaeby Liana Maeby @lianamaeby

Sally Yates handles condescending men so well you'd almost think she'd been doing it her whole life.


Poll: Just 31% of Americans support the House GOP health care bill https://t.co/3L6LmPtmCU

@MicahInstitute Micah Institute @MicahInstitute

JOIN us at 11 am at City Hall to support MICAH Co-Chair of Police Reform @lsarsour who is under attack… https://t.co/FUPq4B9Xxc

@tariqnasheed Tariq Nasheed @tariqnasheed

White supremacists in New Orleans right now protecting Confederate monuments & calling Black people n**gers (while… https://t.co/g33nNBVKlB

@PatBradleyWAMC Pat Bradley @PatBradleyWAMC

Stefanik protesters bring coffin and death to show displeasure with ACHA vote https://t.co/9kB22AP6ej

Stefanik protesters bring coffin and dea...

@matt_hamilton10 Matthew Hamilton @matt_hamilton10

AHCA vote dogs House Republicans https://t.co/6yIm56Ag2c

@metronyu NYU Metro Center @metronyu

Longtime education advocate, mother and friend @zansari8 named one of Brooklyn's Most Influential by @CityAndStateNY https://t.co/33YAAbjeW2

Longtime education advocate, mother and...

@NYWFP NY Working Families @NYWFP

Uh oh @RepJohnFaso #noshowfaso #trumpcare #ny19votes #ny19 #thatsalotofpeople https://t.co/TuCdwD9wTj

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

.@RepJohnFaso still won't answer constituent questions – even after voting to leave thousands of them without insur… https://t.co/qOOdhS8mjS

@rebeccavallas Rebecca Vallas @rebeccavallas

"Medicaid is more than a healthcare program. It is a life-giving program." Absolute must-read by @SFdirewolf.… https://t.co/SI1RWe1blt

@KateLinker1 Kate Linker @KateLinker1

Few people talk of the economic consequences of the ACA--that it has dramatically reduced bankruptcies #SaveTheACA https://t.co/zQ98gyAZT6

@SchuylerCenter Schuyler Center @SchuylerCenter

.@RepJohnKatko 33% of children on Medicaid and CHP in your district sincerely thank you for voting NO on the AHCA. https://t.co/qXlzziF6l4

.@RepJohnKatko  33% of children on Medic...

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

VIDEO: @RepJohnFaso promised Andrea he wouldn't end protections for pre-existing conditions. He lied.… https://t.co/4xNbH6fFVN

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

When 600 constituents show up to talk #Saveourcare #AHCA & @RepJohnFaso doesn't #NoShowFaso #OneTermFaso #VoteNoFaso #ny19votes

@Abbeth Elizabeth Soto 🌻 @Abbeth

@PPact at #AdoptADistrict #NoShowFaso in Kingston with @RepSeanMaloney https://t.co/GJ1hJmTwi2

@PPact at #AdoptADistrict #NoShowFaso in...