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Legislative/Campaigns Director, Citizen Action of New York, mom, farmer, deacon. #Fightfor15 #RaisetheAge #HealthCareforAll #DemandDemocracy #ResistTrump

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@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

In room w/ senior staff @citizenactionny heard news of Paladino ousting - group errupts in cheers! #endwhitesupremacy #racialjustice #edu

@MaketheRoadNY MaketheRoadNewYork @MaketheRoadNY

ANTI-WHITE SUPREMACY THREAD: whole country knows Trump showed his true white supremacist colors in #Charlottesville response. But...1/

@amNewYork amNewYork @amNewYork

At least 3 people arrested near Trump Tower during day of protests as president returns to the city, police say… https://t.co/7qdg1Q0LA7

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Jumaane Williams eyed as 2018 Democratic challenger to Cuomo https://t.co/svOD7BYLOD

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Dear NY Teachers: Cuomo donor: "Dan Loeb Sure Loves Comparing Public Servants To The KKK, Part 2" https://t.co/ud7nX74tpg #WhiteSupremacy

@AditiJuneja3 Aditi Juneja @AditiJuneja3

If you've wondered what you would've done during slavery, the Holocaust, or Civil Rights movement...you're doing it now. #Charlottesville

@Marmel Steve Marmel @Marmel

Dear Journalists. Twitter hint: You save 12 characters correctly spelling White Nationalists "Nazis"… https://t.co/D0UNJp5npp

@ny_indivisible NY Indivisible @ny_indivisible

Does @NYGovCuomo think this mild statement is enough? Loeb is a mega donor to him and @IDC4NY. That needs some expl… https://t.co/SblhxX7lyS

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Today we marched against the hateful policies of #Trump @RepJohnFaso The exact policies those hate-filled Nazis in… https://t.co/QLKMvRAWrg

@HV_CANY Hudson Valley CANY @HV_CANY

Great day at the #HVCM17! #IMarchBecause @HV_CANY @citizenactionny @CANY_NYC @StanFritz @ceemackjay https://t.co/oaN3CZiccT

Great day at the #HVCM17! #IMarchBecause...

@BEastonNY Billy Easton @BEastonNY

Kingston says no 2 DeVos Trump Attack on public schools & health care @jesswisneski @citizenactionny @AQE_NY… https://t.co/iWsLWWgZ3Y

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

We think of #ClimateChange something in the future but it's happening right now in our community. #stopthebombtrains @RepJohnFaso #HVCM17

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

A medical bills can keep you broke, homeless - we survive because of #obamacare @RepJohnFaso #HealthCareForAll

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Kingston resident talks about her need & her sons needs for critical disability, HC services @RepJohnFaso We need… https://t.co/ucbq5T2oWJ

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@citizenactionny #HVCM17 against the @RepJohnFaso listening to Rebecca talking about #workerjustice #FAMILYAct #SickDays #HCforAll

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Stand w/ @AndreaSCousins & against racist billionaire donors who destroy our schools. Return the $$$ @NYGovCuomo https://t.co/8YufVd8QTm

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

We're calling on Gov. Cuomo to cut ties with Dan Loeb after racist attack on Senate Dem Leader @AndreaSCousins https://t.co/5XDmohmbC8

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

This guy pocked $97.6M then gave sick patients the middle finger. Time to put people before profits:… https://t.co/HGJLYqmh62

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

It's hard to vote to leave millions without insurance when 60% of ppl believe the government is responsible for ens… https://t.co/kUW9yns22c

@petenychange Pete Nagy @petenychange

THEORY: If reporters felt the pain of the housing crisis the same way they feel the pain of MTA crisis we'd have stronger rent laws

@NY1 Spectrum News NY1 @NY1

Protesters gathered outside MTA headquarters Wednesday said Governor Cuomo has misdirected MTA spending policies. https://t.co/qaQyAxD7Zx

Protesters gathered outside MTA headquar...

@glennEmartin Glenn E. Martin @glennEmartin

Honors student jailed at Rikers makes bail with the help of Kennedy organization https://t.co/lpB3A2Q99r via @pix11news

@brianschatz Brian Schatz @brianschatz

When your moderate proposal is to take healthcare from 16 million people you might wanna start over.

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Heard at our @citizenactionny Bronx chapter meeting "I've taken the train my whole life, this is the worst year ever." #CuomosMTA

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Excited to be @citizenactionny NYC meeting of our new & growing Bronx leadership team! #organize #protest2power… https://t.co/RJDPpyhR2y

@TalkPoverty TalkPoverty.org @TalkPoverty

Alexis Scott is one of almost 500,000 veterans who would lose Medicaid under the Senate bill. Share your story:… https://t.co/BViajeJZI9


Great! Now give us: ✅ early voting ✅ electronic poll books ✅ universal electronic registration ✅ shorter deadlines https://t.co/iUxnkd7kpx

@brynnaquillin Brynna Quillin @brynnaquillin

Democratic Senators are rallying on the East Steps to #KillTheBill https://t.co/Dkg9J8jfPN

@ScharffK Karen Scharff @ScharffK

GOP again making clear they care more about tax cuts for wealthy than abt lives of their constituents… https://t.co/vVttvSnmD3

@SchuylerCenter Schuyler Center @SchuylerCenter

Schuyler Center & 33 Partners Urge NY’s Congressional Delegation to Reject the U.S. Senate’s ACA Repeal Bill,… https://t.co/MfH5Uo5NgU

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