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Deputy Director, Citizen Action of New York, mom, farmer, deacon. #HealthCareforAll #DemandDemocracy #FREENewYork #Fightfor15 #WorkingFamilies #TaxtheRich

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@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

#DougJones is never gonna be re-elected. Nothin' to loose. #ballstothewall @MaryClark607 @citizenactionny #TaxScamBill #TaxScam #NotOnePenny

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

.@NYGovCuomo could fulfill his environmental promises in 2018 State of the State. How? Embrace the @NYRenews platfo… https://t.co/xeE7WNdo0g

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

"We live in the wealthiest country in the world, said @Jasgripper "NY state has money. It's how we make our priori… https://t.co/7QOwB5fpiI

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

In #solidarity today w/ our immigrant neighbors and comrades in DC demanding a clean #DreamActNow #SaveTPS… https://t.co/X0GiBfNeCA

@ZephyrTeachout Zephyr Teachout @ZephyrTeachout

"The concept of special elections is that people are not left without representation. I don't see ANY argument ...… https://t.co/k1QV6cKywh

@nathwice Nathaniel Wice @nathwice

LISTEN to @RepJohnFaso #NY19 tell @AlanChartock (11/30/2017) on @WAMC @WAMCNews that the #GOPTaxPlan does not favor… https://t.co/es1AeOqAf4

@WorkingFamilies Working Families Party @WorkingFamilies

This fight isn't over. Join our team of @WorkingFamilies activists to stop the #GOPTaxScam: https://t.co/hYn5bXxReB… https://t.co/4fC0JgtGo0

@StanFritz RespeckMyPolitics @StanFritz

Banks got bailed out, we got sold out @ Foley Square https://t.co/tpF3d2hZzW

@CANY_NYC Citizen Action NYC @CANY_NYC

We’re in the streets because this tax bill has got to go. Trickle down economics has never worked! #TaxtheRich https://t.co/nBvee9IIdQ

We’re in the streets because this tax bi...

@mkink Michael Kink @mkink

Heading Toward Tax “Victory,” Republicans Eye Next Step: Vicious, Inhumane Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid & Social Safe… https://t.co/EnEWvqiGYi

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Shame shame shame on the #Senate #GOP #GOPTaxScam #TaxScam @USSenate We will remember in November and we will stop… https://t.co/2TL2jAZlP0

@1199SEIU 1199SEIU Caregivers @1199SEIU

Happening now! Shutting down Trump's fat cat breakfast! https://t.co/Qn902DfTjH

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

Our statement on the Senate passing the GOP tax bill. https://t.co/nSg0f4uOex

Our statement on the Senate passing the...

@mkink Michael Kink @mkink

Activists redouble efforts to convince New York lawmakers to vote "no" on the tax reform https://t.co/Ga2BlGk3tg… https://t.co/eqhmSc02S8

@Jasgripper Jasmine Gripper @Jasgripper

.@citizenactionny @ScharffK & @AQE_NY @Jasgripper moderating tonight's candidates forum- Join Us! https://t.co/CnCkUsQNPr

@mkink Michael Kink @mkink

We are fighting the #GOPTaxScam in DC Monday & Tuesday — join us as we storm the Capitol! https://t.co/qf3TujkIff https://t.co/cIhi0L6ypT

We are fighting the #GOPTaxScam in DC Mo...

@citizenactionny Citizen Action of NY @citizenactionny

Join us Dec. 7 to honor @mjfarid49 of @RAPPCampaign for his work to end mass incarceration! https://t.co/u0WSeH86XD https://t.co/N6M1yDSD43

Join us Dec. 7 to honor @mjfarid49 of @R...

@mkink Michael Kink @mkink

Protests against #GOPTaxScam across New York targeting @RepJohnKatko @claudiatenney @RepTomReed with ferocious figh… https://t.co/DW8Ha6tqDw

@RaiseUpfor15 Raise Up For $15 @RaiseUpfor15

Since 1980, the wealthiest of the wealthy have robbed all of us blind, and now they want more.… https://t.co/izZvusnDzv

@MarleneRPeralta Marlene Peralta @MarleneRPeralta

STATEMENT: NY Progressives Respond to Klein Accepting Cuomo Deal: Bad Deal Yesterday, Bad Deal Today https://t.co/kMH3lV2KWq

STATEMENT: NY Progressives Respond to Kl...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

"Cuomo can plausibly say he would never break up with anyone by text message, so he obviously he didn’t really mean… https://t.co/PbAUd3EzZ5

@brianschatz Brian Schatz @brianschatz

Your state taxes will be taxed. Your graduate school will be taxed. Your medical expenses will be taxed. Your chari… https://t.co/HwcTcw180N

@mkink Michael Kink @mkink

#GOPTaxScam is a tax increase for @claudiatenney constituents: tell her to vote NO on any new bill!… https://t.co/hdiNtkikU6

@MarleneRPeralta Marlene Peralta @MarleneRPeralta

STATEMENT: NY Progressives Reject Cuomo’s Proposed IDC Deal https://t.co/1jiZfLY6fp

STATEMENT: NY Progressives Reject Cuomo’...

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Democrats Who Side With the G.O.P. Give Cuomo a 2018 Headache https://t.co/WAchUijuGa #NoIDC #Election2018

@ceemackjay CJ @ceemackjay

Tonight we've taken an important step where our Mayor and Police Chief have admitted thay need to make changes to h… https://t.co/NsQX0joMri

@JustLeadersUSA JustLeadershipUSA @JustLeadersUSA

Councilman @JimmyVanBramer shares that his brother spent weeks on #RikersIsland when his family couldn't afford bai… https://t.co/zNd2qrGeNL

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

Listening to @RepJohnFaso explain why #TrickleDown economics is the best thing since sliced bread. #neoliberal… https://t.co/WGyPY00tt1

@jesswisneski Jessica Wisneski @jesswisneski

"middle income people are benefitting primarily" says @RepJohnFaso which is absolutley not the case. #TaxScam #VoteNo #VoteNoFaso

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