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We're excited to see the Nexstar #localnews team at tonight's #RTDNFirst Awards! Thank you for making this… https://t.co/9dvemN30Ob

@jackdoles Jack Doles @jackdoles

2018 Winter Olympics: The adventures of Bobblehead Matthew Stafford https://t.co/xRgsixdHp8 via @freep

@jackdoles Jack Doles @jackdoles

When you're Bobblehead doll gets more attention than you do.... Can't wait to see who's next. https://t.co/mUVe5q4fYQ

@cnyhomepage WUTR Eyewitness News @cnyhomepage


@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Great job by our Nexstar team covering #SuperBowl52 for the group. Over 1,000 live shots, great inside access to t… https://t.co/0pJcsGmIbz

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Rough game today for Syracuse but always a great time in the Dome. Best place to watch and experience college baske… https://t.co/T4NfDJIi5d

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Let's go CUSE!! #OrangeNation https://t.co/58YZEOM9LY

Let's go CUSE!! #OrangeNation https://t....

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

@jackdoles @AaronNolanNews I just checked. Not sure why it didn't go through. No notification on this end and I did… https://t.co/SwEP0J1aSE

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

The Nexstar team has arrived in South Korea. #NexstarOlympics https://t.co/WXWsqZuMhj

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

The Nexstar team is well into their trip to South Korea. Great group who prepared well to provide local coverage t… https://t.co/IQRKumoMGg

@AaronNolanNews Aaron Nolan @AaronNolanNews

High Above✈️ heading to #PyeongChang18! Live coverage starts on @kark4news next week! #TuneIn https://t.co/vCgelpi2J3

High Above✈️ heading to #PyeongChang18!...

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Big week for @WISH_TV. Great LOCAL coverage. #NexstarNation https://t.co/diebMEllsu

@ACwishtv Anthony Calhoun @ACwishtv

It’s been an AWESOME week with #NexstarNationSB52 at the #SuperBowl52! We will do over 1000 LIVE hits this week!!!… https://t.co/jyGWfnxD7h

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Great job @BrookeMartinTV @markpmeredith @JessicaASmith8 Terrific local content which is what the team does everyda… https://t.co/yyPuW9vnf0

@BrookeMartinTV Brooke Martin @BrookeMartinTV

This is happening @WISH_TV https://t.co/8JJ8HBhFMK

@ACwishtv Anthony Calhoun @ACwishtv

Live report from Minneapolis coming up at 6pm on @WISH_TV. #SuperBowl52 #NexstarNationSB52 https://t.co/X9Ucvtl5ky

Live report from Minneapolis coming up a...

@JerodNBC4 Jerod Smalley @JerodNBC4

AL ON THE CALL: I talked to Al Michaels, who will call his 10th Super Bowl this Sunday... here's how he prepares to… https://t.co/WMVIBToyCr

@markpmeredith Mark Meredith @markpmeredith

It’s only Wednesday but all this news has forced the newsroom to eat an entire week’s worth of snacks… https://t.co/1sTLZr5KOC

@RBakerNY Rebecca Baker @RBakerNY

THIS HERE: "The only response to attacks on journalism is more and better journalism" says @RTDNA ex dir @FordhamCMS conference.

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

Informative event today @PressClubDC on knowing your rights as a reporter. Great panel. @RTDNA Watch the replay:… https://t.co/8XJjjmPDHt

@hansenkarenm Karen Hansen @hansenkarenm

We're live from @PressClubDC for #FreeSpeechWeek! https://t.co/jnYeVutJTq @AEJMC @NPCInstitute @ReelReporting https://t.co/skmjYx2vwc

We're live from @PressClubDC for #FreeSp...

@jackdoles Jack Doles @jackdoles

Team NEXSTAR for the PyeongChang Games. We've got a good group heading to South Korea 🇰🇷. https://t.co/wJEGm2HIFh

Team NEXSTAR for the PyeongChang Games....

@AaronNolanNews Aaron Nolan @AaronNolanNews

We found a mascot for our #NexstarOlympic project. Say hello to #JRex in honor of @Jerry_Walsh. @andrewmarden… https://t.co/CDkhypXqr2

@AustinKellerman Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman

Last day to get in those #NexstarStorytelling entries. Midnight deadline! 🌙 https://t.co/OZiKiIXsZQ

Last day to get in those #NexstarStoryte...

@PBRNewYork PBR New York @PBRNewYork

Pitching action during #Underclassmen slots... #BeSeen https://t.co/I3CErj6Tum

Pitching action during #Underclassmen sl...


How much do you know about the the #FirstAmendment? Take some time on #ConstitutionDay to learn its history.… https://t.co/N6PXvOBSZd

@AaronNolanNews Aaron Nolan @AaronNolanNews

I'm proud to be a part of a company that is focused on being a solution. 2.5 million donated for Harvey relief.… https://t.co/ihidDJNbZS

@AustinKellerman Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman

Congrats to 25 members of #Team20 nominated in 15 #EmmyMidAM categories! That's making an IMPACT! https://t.co/o5NcmKuC8Q

Congrats to 25 members of #Team20 nomina...

@AustinKellerman Austin Kellerman @AustinKellerman

Great work by our crew from D.C. to Little Rock! #YourVoiceAR @KARKMark @DrewPetrimoulx @JessiTurnure #Nexstar https://t.co/OmvD8xvLCT

Great work by our crew from D.C. to Litt...

@jerry_walsh Jerry Walsh @jerry_walsh

#YourVoiceAR airs at 6:30pm Central on @KARK4News @NBC6News @LocalMemphis @MyArkLaMiss @KNWAnews @kolr10kozl… https://t.co/e6tKIuDzaH

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