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The good thing about being at home for a few days is I've had a lot of time to reflect on my goals and what I want out of life. ❤️

@HumphreyBogart BogartEstate @HumphreyBogart

On this day in 1952, Humphrey Bogart won the Best Actor Oscar at the 24th Academy Awards for his role as Charlie Al… https://t.co/R7WQcNLnrc

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Sorry twitter peeps. I haven’t been tweeting allot lately! Been dealing with family stuff! Tweet ya later... Xoxo 😘

@IceAudience ICE on AUDIENCE @IceAudience

There’s no business like the diamond business. @WinstoneSafety, @CamGigandet, @JeremySisto, @JudiShekoni and more r… https://t.co/dkem50I3XO

@IceAudience ICE on AUDIENCE @IceAudience

Masters of the dangerous diamond trade. #IceTV https://t.co/mmFfSNMIaa

Masters of the dangerous diamond trade. ...

@Nick_Offerman Nick Offerman @Nick_Offerman

Here is a sincerely lovely film about which people are saying: “It was lovely. I am sincere.” IT MAKES YOU FEEL GOO… https://t.co/KfsJDkgwHH

@LisaSpitzNews Lisa Spitz @LisaSpitzNews

NEW THIS AM: Blondie will perform @NYSFair this summer!!! You can catch the group on the first day of the fair at 8… https://t.co/KuJ58qDOlT

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Rose McGowan thinks Harvey Weinstein wants her dead - NY Daily News https://t.co/iIeQyjRDbx

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Everyone in #Syracuse right now #SweetSixteen https://t.co/DAtTAXVOdJ

Everyone in #Syracuse right now #SweetSi...

@The_FrickUp Emporer Reid The 1st @The_FrickUp

OH HOW SWEET IT IS!!! #syracuse #SweetSixteen #MarchMadness2018 https://t.co/0SBlOHsEYl

OH HOW SWEET IT IS!!! #syracuse #SweetSi...

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Kenneth Battelle known better as (Mr. Kenneth) was a famous gay celebrity hair stylist born in #Syracuse New York a… https://t.co/V4sSqgYEfe

@ColinHanks Colin Hanks @ColinHanks

Another fascinating episode https://t.co/ZivXnRPvUS

@TheMarySue The Mary Sue @TheMarySue

The Inclusive Illusion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi #StarWarsTheLastJedi https://t.co/pyghQMDYP6 https://t.co/du3MWX88JQ

The Inclusive Illusion of Star Wars: The...

@robertpatrickT2 Robert Patrick 🇺🇸 @robertpatrickT2

Yes, and having a great time on the only action comedy in prime time! As far as I know. Check it out @ScorpionCBS… https://t.co/Hzo3JRzbAp

@Swaysco Goddess of the Night @Swaysco

Deploy the boy https://t.co/vu5VPcO4xi

Deploy the boy https://t.co/vu5VPcO4xi

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

@Louis_Herthum for this weeks #MCM #Westworld #WestworldSeason2 https://t.co/xw8xWBewxc

@Louis_Herthum for this weeks #MCM #West...

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

#Westworld Actor #LouisHerthum for this weeks #MCM https://t.co/w7TUIUxz0V

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

All right seriously going to bed now! Night peeps 😴

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

So proud to be born and raised in #Syracuse tonight! #GoOrange

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Okay peeps I’m gonna watch #Timeless and then go to bed 🛏 Night, night...😴

@RonanFarrow Ronan Farrow @RonanFarrow

.@AsiaArgento courageously shared how survivors often return to their attackers under complex forms of duress. This… https://t.co/Z7EoKYJcPC

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

@YulVazquez #HappyBirthday https://t.co/yhCZQuQ3GP

@YulVazquez #HappyBirthday https://t.co/...

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

@YulVazquez https://t.co/iWjWmiuiQg

@YulVazquez https://t.co/iWjWmiuiQg

@PattyArquette Patricia Arquette @PattyArquette

Gabriel Byrne Knows Where It's At With #MeToo. He was Lovely To Work With & Even More So Now. 🎩 Off! https://t.co/RlHEy3kSoU

@EW Entertainment Weekly @EW

‘Outlander’: Ron Moore says ‘we are certainly going to do” a fifth season https://t.co/SsSrlFFu5S

@rosemcgowan rose mcgowan @rosemcgowan

#TerryGilliam and types like you: No more do you and your cronies get to shame or gaslight us survivors, both in an… https://t.co/BxTfB932XM

@TwitterMoments Twitter Moments @TwitterMoments

Jim Boeheim and No. 11-ranked Syracuse are headed to the #Sweet16 after pulling off a huge upset over No. 3 Michiga… https://t.co/Qe7UiBqR5J

@johncusack John Cusack @johncusack

Terrible day https://t.co/bikibSJobW

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Hartman: "There are no words to describe how much it meant to him! Mary Horowitz: "Oh but there are! There are alw… https://t.co/HNq3Y0AxKd

@jeremywithaz Jeremy Z @jeremywithaz

Yo, what’s a funny gay got to do to get on #WillAndGrace ??? or more importantly, who do I got to do...?😉… https://t.co/27jSwcfvma

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