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  • @OkoriWadsworth Damn, i thought for sure he begged her back. I’ll go off and hang my head in shame. A great reference is now ruined
  • @davidalangrier Get it how you live. It’s not my relationship, but this whole thing seems a little odd
  • Which is why this is starting to feel a little bit like when Macho Man used to beg for Elizabeth to take him back ... though it seems the one person who didn’t get the memo was the only one who mattered.
  • @oldmanebro It’s about his actions, for sure. But these public shenanigans seem like some WWE shit. You letting a whole lot of ppl unnecessarily in your business. But I’m the old woman yelling at the cloud, so don’t listen to me.
  • @kamaumos30 I do not recall jay z ever walking on stage and interrupting Beyoncé’s concert. They were never this public about anything DURING their strife. AFTER the dust settled, they spoke of it ... a little bit

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