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KLEPTOCRACY ,corrupt wealth ,MSM BBC/ SKY/FOX/CNN, tools of WAR,seeks independence from medieval Britain,does NOT seek your understanding /permission /approval


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@jbwhitesnake jb whitesnake @jbwhitesnake

@justonside @Grazer10 @AnnieWellsMSP @theSNP Remember SHE is the msp who said she did NOT recognise the sovereignty… https://t.co/oFVdNdvl1X

@justonside Jamus @justonside

@AnnieWellsMSP @theSNP That's such a sad, negative tweet. It could read - 'be as successful as you can, be proud th… https://t.co/mutdgetzQM

@jdmanjohn jdman @jdmanjohn

@Jeggit @magnusllewellin @thetimesscot Danger, DANGER.......... https://t.co/Ud3N875wth

@Jeggit @magnusllewellin @thetimesscot D...

@Jeggit Jason Michael @Jeggit

WARNING: Poorer Scottish families getting much needed help from the Scottish government. Will cost the rich a whole… https://t.co/UxBNOH2Rji

@jbwhitesnake jb whitesnake @jbwhitesnake

@SkyNews #skynews #skynews #skynews #FridayBriefing https://t.co/kP9Syf3HvV

@SkyNews #skynews #skynews #skynews #Fri...

@VeganJase Just Another Slave @VeganJase

@TomthunkitsMind @jbwhitesnake There’s evil in them eyes !! 😞

@newssnp SNP Politics News @newssnp

NicolaSturgeon: RT theSNP: 💷 DerekMackaySNP: "We are ensuring that Scotland is not just the fairest taxed part of t… https://t.co/fnR4V5C74S

@D_Robertson_ David Robertson @D_Robertson_

@jbwhitesnake @SkyNews @skystephen It is scary to think a pedlar of fantasy might have more reality than the previous owners,

@RogueCoder250 Lindsay Bruce @RogueCoder250

The Scottish budget is about public services, about quality of life, life chances, and building a better Scotland.… https://t.co/7scjiGdoLw

@jbwhitesnake jb whitesnake @jbwhitesnake

@X6ALV @SkyNews @skystephen Disney also own the “MUPPETS” franchise how appropriate they also buy sky 😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔😂🤔😂

@jbwhitesnake jb whitesnake @jbwhitesnake

#skynews #skypapers @SkyNews @skystephen that you in the middle Dixon ?woof!🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪🇬🇧🤪👍🤪👍🤪🇬🇧🤪 https://t.co/DP1B5hETft

#skynews #skypapers @SkyNews @skystephen...

@X6ALV AL De Melo @X6ALV

@jbwhitesnake @SkyNews @skystephen Disney wont need to employ clowns they are all there @SkyNews.

@jdmanjohn jdman @jdmanjohn

THA THA THATS ALL FOLKS! https://t.co/en4rT5F45o

@Selfvertroue91 Self Vertroue 🇪🇺🌍 #FBPE @Selfvertroue91

No shit Sherlock. https://t.co/7grvvajclF

No shit Sherlock. https://t.co/7grvvajcl...

@leftwingsright Do the decent thing - VOTE LABOUR #FBPE @leftwingsright

@jbwhitesnake @SkyNews @skystephen they've admitted it - Micky Mouse News !

@jbwhitesnake jb whitesnake @jbwhitesnake

@SkyNews #skynews @skystephen now sky is owned by Disney are you surprised they LIE about #ScotBudget… https://t.co/ucHRUOVAM2

@HumzaYousaf Humza Yousaf @HumzaYousaf

Businesses across the country have been asking ScotGovt to cap business rates at CPI as opposed to RPI - Derek Mack… https://t.co/nAkarunlV0

@BerthanPete Peter A Bell @BerthanPete

Not sure why people are so shocked that @SkyNews lied about #ScotBudget tax changes. The British media lie all the… https://t.co/Jx2zKVxW6G

@Hyvast Brendan Hynes @Hyvast

The majority of Scottish tax payers will become the lowest taxed citizens in the UK It should be noted… https://t.co/CTRmZFCbQi

@UpIander Southern Uplander @UpIander

To the Scottish tories whining about income tax rises: if your party bothered to tackle corporate tax avoidance, no… https://t.co/BIPgRB0F9z

@SandPatterson Sandra Patterson @SandPatterson

A message from ScotTories to all of Scotland. Don't be ambitious, get back in your box and take what Westminster gi… https://t.co/SI8ZDZD3q5

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