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My name is Jamelle Bouie. I’m @Slate’s Chief Political Correspondent and a @CBSNews Analyst. jamelle.bouie@slate.com. 📷: https://t.co/MocGu3nfoI

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This summary of the shithole/house comments is incredibly dishonest, even for @MZHemingway. The only reason not to… https://t.co/OUUIOKtcks

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@shani_o right?

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okay, seriously, that was a great debut. well-paced, tense, exciting. decision to keep it separate from thr arrowve… https://t.co/DPKOywYn2D

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my wife is very here for the lead in this show. also james remar.

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yo this black lightning show is dope

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surprised this didn’t devolve into “blm is the black kkk” https://t.co/zpDZzwbm2L

surprised this didn’t devolve into “blm...

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definitely needed these fox news talking points on the nyt op ed page https://t.co/uS7kwYSD2z

definitely needed these fox news talking...

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in the interest of fairness the new york times gave its editorial page over to republican partisans, a few racists,… https://t.co/sTZSGXkTaw

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@madayo @ForeignPolicy this is great

@madayo Dayo Olopade @madayo

If African countries are in #shithole shape, it’s because they’re run by men like Trump. I’ve been deep in my feeli… https://t.co/WWOpazRnUW

@JesseFFerguson Jesse Ferguson @JesseFFerguson

New poll in Virginia 83% SUPPORT MEDICAID EXPANSION Poll was done by a GOP pollster Reported by the Virginian Pi… https://t.co/YRAuTvZwzh

@mattyglesias Matthew Yglesias @mattyglesias

Probably Trump had an affair with Stormy Daniels and then secretly paid her hush money, but also that’s the only wo… https://t.co/ZYK65VK5U1

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@mattdpearce Listen, you can’t expect the rich to actually sacrifice an opportunity at profit

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@KrisPigna Heh, mine too, or specifically the “Stop That Train” segment

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It will always be Infrastructure Week https://t.co/Sv6lpdnmAu

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@physicalgrain i do editing on the desktop but i’m also trying to spend less time editing photos

@ClintSmithIII Clint Smith @ClintSmithIII

A reminder that many of the undocumented people in this country are also black.

@perrybaconjr Perry Bacon Jr. @perrybaconjr

If you're wondering why Kentucky (where the ACA largely worked) is the first state to add work requirements to Medi… https://t.co/tWhwON4vpt

@joshtpm Josh Marshall @joshtpm

Disingenuous ideas don’t always catch on. https://t.co/PVkOuwsb3d

@brianbeutler Brian Beutler @brianbeutler

Suicide-by-Trump. A cautionary tale starring @LindseyGrahamSC, @SpeakerRyan, @SenateMajLdr, @TomCottonAR,… https://t.co/cOSlmioYBI

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break ‘em up https://t.co/3n5ogVFQdS

@Rewire_News Rewire @Rewire_News

Black infants in the NICU receive less steroid therapy for lung development, aren’t given human breast milk as ofte… https://t.co/yHVIdEcxPi

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@surlyurbanist yes. this isn’t “ooh isn’t diversity nice?” it’s “segregation steals wealth and opportunity from com… https://t.co/5bZj58M3AR

@surlyurbanist Keep It Surly @surlyurbanist

This is what I mean by the language. I applaud MA here but the problem with segregation isn’t that communities are… https://t.co/W03xanqT38

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Terry Crews making a bid for Best Celebrity right now https://t.co/2l50g13SVb

@hshierholz Heidi Shierholz @hshierholz

Women workers would lose $4.6 BILLION every year as a result of Trump's "tip stealing" rule (that's nearly 80% of t… https://t.co/QZlN7trih6

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@mtgillikin great thread here

@kylegriffin1 Kyle Griffin @kylegriffin1

Three-quarters of the members of the National Park System Advisory Board abruptly quit Monday night out of frustrat… https://t.co/63JZ8SApvx

@jbouie b-boy bouiebaisse @jbouie

my wife has the day off and is home with the dog, who looks very annoyed that she’s being disturbed https://t.co/AYF3GTToIf

my wife has the day off and is home with...

@ezraklein Ezra Klein @ezraklein

I’ve heard a lot of calls for #MeToo to deal with different kinds of stories differently. As far as I can tell, tha… https://t.co/eED54EqFqd

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