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@saytruuuth shawn @saytruuuth

Biggie literally rapped about a bitch looking so good he wanted to suck her "daddy's dick"....get off your high hor… https://t.co/LUk8G1XHOe

@can4drian onanon @can4drian

look at Rihanna's friends. and now look at yourself sir. it's not realistic https://t.co/sx4RGlfl41

@samagsby vanna white @samagsby

1st of all, You thought. https://t.co/PHczzZYxGJ

@judeinlondon2 Congolesa Banned @judeinlondon2

“What made us the world’s richest nation?” Theft. https://t.co/gUEOji5ZAS

@ilooklikelilbil i need a girlfriend @ilooklikelilbil

first of all why am i alive

@princesslysi *.・゚✧ @princesslysi

rt in 20 seconds for good fortune and all of your career dreams to come true https://t.co/GcXkem9sVG

rt in 20 seconds for good fortune and al...

@zionmani #1 OA stan chelsea🔪 @zionmani

🗿🗿 https://t.co/cwl8dOilD4

🗿🗿 https://t.co/cwl8dOilD4

@LaurenJauregui Lauren Jauregui @LaurenJauregui

A glass of cold water

@jmcguire1997 Jan'na McGuire @jmcguire1997

“You’re 3 hours late.” First of all I don’t like this job.

@iamsashakae ♡❄️ @iamsashakae

"damn ma why you looking so mean?" first of all, I thought me looking unapproachable would keep me from being approached yet here you are.

@Ramankaur925 r a m a n 🕷 🎃 @Ramankaur925

“You’re 18, your parents can’t tell you what to do anymore” first of all, I’m not white

@L__700 L @L__700

"go deeper 😍" First of all... I'm out of conspiracies

@Benoo_Brown b.b 🎃 @Benoo_Brown

“You read my message but didn’t reply” First of all I didn’t mean to read it

@iambrillyant billy chapata. @iambrillyant

she's full of love, you can't half love her. she inhales love, she exhales love, she knows love, she is love.

@bjatlaw spooky 🎃 thicc @bjatlaw

What're you really saying when you say TransLivesMatter & BlackLivesMatter if you are only attracted to/romantic with cis white girls?

@bjatlaw spooky 🎃 thicc @bjatlaw

Have you decolonized your attractions? Have you dated trans girls, girls of color, girls with disabilities, fat girls, etc? All in 1 even?

@Lexual__ elexus jionde @Lexual__

This is still crazy https://t.co/98iOvk7irO

@BlvckGrip Big Spooky Vert @BlvckGrip

me: has 3 essays to write buzzfeed: we can tell how lonely you are by your choice in bread me: https://t.co/g3ZZr0G1i8

me: has 3 essays to write

buzzfeed: we...

@boring_as_heck Stefan Heck @boring_as_heck

dont you guys shit your pants when somebody sits down during a song https://t.co/VzCk9yF7YL

@KarenKilgariff Karen Kilgariff @KarenKilgariff

WOMEN: there’s a real problem with sexual power dynamics in the Hollywood system REPORTER: hold on, let’s hear what Woody Allen has to say

@olstaylor ollie @olstaylor

idk about y’all but I see Beyoncé https://t.co/1jiYxPhv7B

@Jdxthompson J o e y @Jdxthompson

Going out for the night and coming back to see ur parents had chinese for dinner. Snakes don’t hiss they order chinese when you’re not home

@dreadheadkali @dreadheadkali

First of all, we are. https://t.co/RLT9Vqjygl

@Zendaya Zendaya @Zendaya

You ever just feel like.... "that's all I got, that's all I got" https://t.co/r7ilWTDP2V

You ever just feel like.... 'that's all...

@S14Hx 🤑 @S14Hx

"Has it got gelatine in it?" First of all you smoke and drink

@TheRealPOBox Babyface Papí @TheRealPOBox

“Man you’re so lucky!” First of all, I prayed for this.

@bossmanrae_ mochahontas☥ @bossmanrae_

actually...where are the fucking twins https://t.co/RB8gUmjcv0

@n_jessicalopez Jess🌹 @n_jessicalopez

If you don't hype me up like this... I don't want u https://t.co/HRu8rc5KmA

@jiljilec faTEAma @jiljilec

*puts on hijab and abaya to pray* family: where are u going? me: jannatul firdaus https://t.co/x836QlBkQs

*puts on hijab and abaya to pray*


@NatiAsfaw25 Nati Asfaw @NatiAsfaw25

Wii sports bowling be like 😂😂 https://t.co/qiMGiqXbwJ

Wii sports bowling be like 😂😂 https://t....

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