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@coollike Charlie McDonnell @coollike

We really need to stop calling ourselves YouTubers.

@jakeftmagic Jake Edwards 🌸 @jakeftmagic

🏳️‍🌈✨ Thread of amazing LGBTQ+ youtubers who deserve more attention ✨🏳️‍🌈

@jackiecarroll06 Jackie Carroll @jackiecarroll06

YouTube logic: A guy with MILLIONS of subscribers makes a video showing a suicide victim and joking about it right… https://t.co/94BGKm7fmE

@shessomickey Amanda 🌈 McLoughlin @shessomickey

My YouTube channel needs 3.3 more hours of watch time to remain a Partner channel, which I’ve been for, oh, eight y… https://t.co/fc0aUuQcQz

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@LibbyLumos https://t.co/RAJazpRKNk 💕

@head_moths emily @head_moths

People are gay, The Met https://t.co/IBdpXwWfTy

@disabilisaur wheelie skye ⚧ @disabilisaur

soooo you want to write a character who uses a wheelchair? Here's a little guide how to do it right and how to avo… https://t.co/rjj57y1VDb

@dracomallfoys f thot fitzgerald @dracomallfoys

level 1: venting by crying level 10: venting by faking a conversation in your head with someone level 113: venti… https://t.co/oDnkCIz17c

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@hankgreen You seem to have a lot of faith in youtube. I don't buy that their published reasons for making this cha… https://t.co/xSooPnYpgP

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@gregamiah @YTCreators Yeah I think the problem is the email says we will lose all "features associated with moneti… https://t.co/sftog8Ff7A

@joshua_fox Joshua Fox @joshua_fox

Selena Gomez’s mum just threw her under the bus in this whole Woody Allen mess https://t.co/KKvStwEBLg

Selena Gomez’s mum just threw her under...

@Elsorcha Sorcha @Elsorcha

I Tried to Fight Racism by Being a "Model Minority" — and Then It Backfired https://t.co/CKJ6Cj4WEq @yassmin_a Sud… https://t.co/iH3S36BZLW

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@bethblvd Plus it isn't about money so much as potential audience. All evidence suggests that monetised videos are… https://t.co/fEkOqjnuDi

@JaqAvery Jaq Avery @JaqAvery

if there's anyone out there's that's not sick of new years resolution/yearly goals videos, boy have I got a treat f… https://t.co/ksXwLC70ww

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

btw I'm not putting myself on this list. I always appreciate it if you watch my vids, but like, I barely have 4,000… https://t.co/qALB4luLXQ

@royaevereads Roya Eve @royaevereads

PSA: YouTube has decided to tighten the requirements for monetisation for small youtubers, as a “safeguard” for the… https://t.co/rC4atE5mWw

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

4 of 5 stars to Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli https://t.co/3yFsNOylis

@erikaheidewald Erika Heidewald 💫 @erikaheidewald

I do not care about your defense of Aziz Ansari and every time you write one to me, all you do is tell me that at a… https://t.co/2cpY2Y19cN

@rianjohnson Rian Johnson @rianjohnson

Priscilla hits all the major points here but I’ll just add hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… https://t.co/nPa8aim1Ws

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

if you're a small youtuber that's close to meeting the new threshold for monetisation, please reply to this tweet w… https://t.co/A1I4Tvp4Au

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@letterfifteen @YTCreators youtube bad at communicating!? Never!! 😉😒

@meghantonjes 💎 Lil Fatty 💎 @meghantonjes

Also, the worst stuff is always done by HUGE creators. https://t.co/pkrUddUKOO

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@letterfifteen @YTCreators Okay I hope so. People are saying mixed things. It's What is an isn't connected is confu… https://t.co/SFLn2uUZKQ

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

It's bullshit to pretend this has anything to do with protecting the community. It's not even like putting a banda… https://t.co/5sS2T8GCYV

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

okay so we get to keep end screens and cards but what about custom thumbnails? analytics? the ability to schedule v… https://t.co/rUr7ETtiCY

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@AkilahObviously @gunnarolla https://t.co/vHFLHMr9J4

@AkilahObviously @gunnarolla  https://t....

@moby_dickhead Adam Ellis @moby_dickhead

Sorry for the long delay. Honestly, I wasn't sure I was going to tweet again. (thread)

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

problem: unchecked power of the biggest creators and censorship of LGBT+ and disabled content creators @YouTube's… https://t.co/q4D6yY1BWW

@itzzkait Kait ❄️ @itzzkait

2012: *worries people will know I’m gay* 2018: *worries people won’t know I’m gay*

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