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actor, rookie producer, grad student @unimelb, digital media intern @mqff, occasional youtuber, social justice nerd, vegan, she/her

Melbourne, Australia

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@OnePerfectShot One Perfect Shot @OnePerfectShot

THE NEON DEMON (2016) DP: Natasha Braier Director: Nicolas Winding Refn More Shots: https://t.co/hGp7ksXGMB https://t.co/nE8en641Wk


DP: Natasha Brai...

@dizzykween Alex @dizzykween

In order of most deserving to win, to least on #allstars3 Dela Shangela Trixie Aja Bebe Kennedy Thorgy Milk Morgan Chi Chi

@sukebandeka Mahou Shoujo Naifu @sukebandeka

Reminder that when Stephen Hawking was asked abt teen girls being upset over Zayn Malik leaving One Direction he ga… https://t.co/SFl78sV12V

@newlinla Joe Newlin @newlinla

My gas utility wanted me to fill out an online survey. https://t.co/Ug0fC5XBPf

My gas utility wanted me to fill out an...

@GNCordova Gennette Cordova @GNCordova

Rihanna responding to Snapchat's ad. I can't believe they did this. https://t.co/TpHQIXTm4j

Rihanna responding to Snapchat's ad. I c...

@annieelainey Annie Segarra @annieelainey

If you can't even begin to comprehend why someone would love their disability, would love their disabled body, or h… https://t.co/40pYRE3ils

@annieelainey Annie Segarra @annieelainey

Non-disabled people keep coming into my mentions stating that the ultimate desire of all disabled people is to no l… https://t.co/IWWBb4uucu

@devinsimoneee idk what’s going on @devinsimoneee

The way this world works is beyond me. https://t.co/cC8ZHDcQgi

@plantblogger emi @plantblogger

sorry i had to gif this or else it would kill me https://t.co/ONNXjk8Gew

sorry i had to gif this or else it would...

@kidcudison c @kidcudison

the outfits alone… Charlie’s Angels did THAT https://t.co/OAaxzwUjOV

the outfits alone… Charlie’s Angels did...

@SylviaKAlston Sylvia K. Alston (Cousin Syl) @SylviaKAlston

17 year old honor student and musician- Draylen Mason. He was killed in Austin, TX by a package bomb on his front p… https://t.co/5pQWV7FnKA

@Machaizelli Father Mac @Machaizelli

“Life would be tragic if it weren’t funny” -Stephen Hawking

@AndrewHahner Hahner @AndrewHahner

@rianjohnson https://t.co/fXurIADCuZ

@rianjohnson  https://t.co/fXurIADCuZ

@svsiemcg Susie McGuinness @svsiemcg

So many conversations re: politics/ethics I have with my male peers are based on trying to catch me out for not hav… https://t.co/nKwKD4E0No

@LordoftheFries1 Lord of the Fries @LordoftheFries1

Confirming all our stores are now 100% vegan. We’ve been working towards this for many years!

@cameronesposito Cameron Esposito @cameronesposito

it’s come to my attn that some young queers don’t know this image Acquaint urselves, bbs. 1993!! https://t.co/4YSoAnA4M4

it’s come to my attn that some young que...

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@creatrixtiara SUCH A GOOD OPINION. I hate this so much because it just doesn't work. Esp for me because apparently… https://t.co/26BHLujasT

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@hannahyep breath duly bated

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@jasecordova @hannahyep *marks date in calendar*

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

@hannahyep you should make one !

@akilahgreen Akilah Green @akilahgreen

Excellence is a form of resistance. #blackpanther #Resist https://t.co/gPCihGnNW6

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

after this amazing, flattering, beautiful result I’ve decided buzzfeed quizzes are the one source of truth in this… https://t.co/QsAg7pIcAp

@eggsandbread paper bag @eggsandbread

the clickhole people take no prisoners yet again https://t.co/2eiOf1XVxG

the clickhole people take no prisoners y...

@jaqavery Jaq Avery @jaqavery

Faking It | October: https://t.co/jRCv7B7n9R via @YouTube

@dixiemattel 𝔡𝔦𝔵𝔦𝔢🎀🖤 @dixiemattel

Can we please have a film like love Simon but for lesbians instead because all those films are either student and t… https://t.co/a8GArR2FTF

@KarenLawler Karen Lawler @KarenLawler

The media (and the society they shape and are shaped by) are so obsessed with the idea that being overweight is obj… https://t.co/B0hw2R1CwE

@jpbrammer JuanPa @jpbrammer

that "do gay teens really need 'Love, Simon?'" article is funny to me because I'm imagining a world where heterosex… https://t.co/nzlJEKDrF2

@thetomska Thomas "TomSka" Ridgewell @thetomska

Perhaps “imposter syndrome” is merely the acknowledgement of your own good fortune and inherent privileges ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@natalietran natalie tran 🆈🅴🆂 @natalietran

maybe I'm hormonal or something but I just want to eat six thousand calories in the form of carbs and then be made… https://t.co/CzU80GacqS

@BeeBabs bolu babalola @BeeBabs

The Shape Of Water (2017) https://t.co/SfmxWogYpP

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