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Adding the hat was a new low for the BBC, they're just trying to make Jeremy look bad. Look at how superimposed hat… https://t.co/nu0NjREPq8

@Boba_H_Fett Boba H Fett @Boba_H_Fett

Imagine being upset that a picture made a Lenin Hat look even more communist than a Lenin Hat already looks. Maybe… https://t.co/j378S9VPzN

@mocent0 Mo' @mocent0

‘Have you been fitted up with a hat you didn’t request? Call the National Hat Accident Helpline now. We’ve got foam… https://t.co/0fBCSBATVm

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

In Balham, where the festive tree decorations are still up. Eating in a restaurant whose background music includes… https://t.co/1kuWYJGLHk

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Momentum Mantra #cartoon #history #corbyn https://t.co/o5d7VoYUht

Momentum Mantra 
#cartoon #history #corb...

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I am an economist who believes that, given that socialism has failed in more than two dozen countries, it is not es… https://t.co/VoY2Xxth3J

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

At Fulham today. Don't know football too well but I know #RedDwarf's Duane Dibley when I see him. #SuckMyThermos https://t.co/mSBY0vNHWq

At Fulham today. Don't know football too...

@MichaelPDeacon Michael Deacon @MichaelPDeacon

This morning our postman was wearing shorts in a blizzard. Think on, Putin

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

From the archive: St Patrick, who drove the snakes out of Ireland #StPatricksDay https://t.co/4SCgZZidlb

From the archive: St Patrick, who drove...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Tough fashion choices for NBC personnel. The yellow definitely offers better protection but, when you *know* you'll… https://t.co/Yexgnjpk7J

@NickCohen4 Nick Cohen @NickCohen4

"Oceania had always been at war with Eastasia" https://t.co/kQl8Neg7IJ

@deadlyvices Clyde Davies @deadlyvices

One can only read so much conspiracy theory shit before snapping. Especially when three innocent people are fighti… https://t.co/W02DFFdtRE

@haveigotnews Have I Got News For You @haveigotnews

After drawing CSKA Moscow in the Europa League, Arsenal confirm they're taking extra precautions: https://t.co/RnLjskXOYc

After drawing CSKA Moscow in the Europa...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

#PutinPunishesUK by ordering red wine with fish. #WellThatShouldHaveToldMeSomething

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Quick #sketch about jealousy. #Russia #Corbyn https://t.co/1fLJJQ2uN2

Quick #sketch about jealousy.
#Russia #C...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

@almurray If this international scale false flag conspiracy is a success, perhaps they can rehire the people they u… https://t.co/O8Lv5AN63O

@Freedland Jonathan Freedland @Freedland

This seems appealing -- but it's only a small, troubling step away from creating fake archive footage and so doctor… https://t.co/JI5MHRakiY

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whitehouse grindhouse #trump https://t.co/LNpr3ArEOl

whitehouse grindhouse  #trump https://t....

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Our Centrist Dad who art in heaven https://t.co/A9O14gfumm

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

@LizSM10Eighty @10Eightycareers I was really happy with how this turned out. You may have seen, it featured in the… https://t.co/KU0o85Utks

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Major Hogan was a fine spy during the Peninsular War, but I'm not sure I value his expertise on the present day Rus… https://t.co/hSIshMW48L

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought" said Einstein. Turns out it's with handbags. https://t.co/v5x043tkOf

@bobscartoons Bob Moran @bobscartoons

Latest @Telegraph cartoon #SalisburyChemicalAttack #Corbyn #TheresaMay https://t.co/ORxgDbBcCe

Latest @Telegraph cartoon

@haveigotnews Have I Got News For You @haveigotnews

Breaking: First Russian diplomat expelled from the UK: https://t.co/78xmLzO5no

Breaking: First Russian diplomat expelle...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

My #cartoon stage scene for @10Eightycareers at #HRGrapevineLive today https://t.co/ZnMYpb4flt

My #cartoon stage scene for @10Eightycar...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

das chelseaboot #footwearafilm

@MrTCHarris Tom Harris @MrTCHarris

Corbyn, the Absolute Boyski.

@CatNeilan Cat Neilan @CatNeilan

Labour MP after Labour MP standing up to offer support with PM. Bryant, Benn, Hodge, Cooper, Bradshaw - every singl… https://t.co/aQAMRutDqt

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Does zero gravity alleviate bone spurs? #spaceforce https://t.co/cSqTEQ0nsf

Does zero gravity alleviate bone spurs?...

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