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Freelance corporate #Cartoonist and #Writer | Author of 'Drawn From #History' and 'Drawn From 2017'| Quins supporter | Sci-Fi fan | Husband | Father | ن

Rushden, Northants

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@DLeonhardt David Leonhardt @DLeonhardt

After we published a list of Trump's lies this summer, some of his supporters asked us to compare Trump to other pr… https://t.co/SCUsQLVBYB

@davidschneider David Schneider @davidschneider

Secret Santa is very disappointing if you’re self-employed.

@cartoonbrew Cartoon Brew @cartoonbrew

Today' @THR cover is a classic. https://t.co/xhKFMJ7kWM

Today' @THR cover is a classic. https://...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Still need a #ChristmasPresent for someone who's into #History, #CurrentAffairs, or both? Both my cartoon books are… https://t.co/EnXEQxqAQI

@bromley001 Si @bromley001

From today's @theipaper. Hang on, "four-part series"? No-one's mentioned that before! Oo, lovely. https://t.co/x4uYFqsE5q

From today's @theipaper.
Hang on, 'four-...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Some #starwars silliness for Friday. #doodle #healthandsafety https://t.co/WQhZgvmB2J

Some #starwars silliness for Friday. 

@ClickHole ClickHole @ClickHole

5 Times The Animatronic Fox On Splash Mountain Addressed Me By Name And Told Me He Was Going To Marry My Dad… https://t.co/0jzV45Iwi8

@jimwaterson Jim Waterson @jimwaterson

After a week of online complaints that no one is covering Corbyn winning a peace prize that no one at Labour even b… https://t.co/iuh3ejAzmc

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Boris Johnson now has the great power (and responsibility) of a round stone fruit. https://t.co/dzXvCfoloF

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Child obesity is rising, but not to the extent that the extra weight affects plate tectonics #youthquake

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Bring good cheer to your place of work. #ChristmasJumperDay https://t.co/cKOEi8YYJO

Bring good cheer to your place of work....

@pixelatedboat “Youthquake” isn’t even a word @pixelatedboat

You (an imbecile): At last we can have an Avengers/X-Men crossover Me (a genius): At last we can have a Mary Poppins/Titan A.E. crossover

@davidfrum David Frum @davidfrum

The WashPo story on Trump's refusal to defend the country vs Russia is detailed & devastating. https://t.co/FzAXwDUIz2

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

I clicked on this resurrection story with keen interest then realised I'd read the hyphen in the wrong place. https://t.co/QjXia3NQrR

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

If your name's not on the list I'm not coming in #SantasAutobiographyTitle

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

@ejhchess Don't worry, you can always skip the foreword and go straight to the cartoons.

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

One of this year's @thortful #ChristmasCards #cooking #baking https://t.co/Eb1hk1Vevg https://t.co/JUl4ivc39y

One of this year's @thortful #ChristmasC...

@JamesDFMellor James Mellor @JamesDFMellor

Today's #cartoon: #Christmas in the #Trump White House https://t.co/Fm5Vd8SqfJ

Today's #cartoon:
#Christmas in the #Tru...

@Comey James Comey @Comey

“Nothing discloses real character like the use of power. ... Most people can bear adversity; but if you wish to k… https://t.co/CIz7xa5W1o

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

I suppose today's the day when people who think the 12 Days of Christmas and Advent are the same thing come unstuck.

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

President struggling to free himself from the tiny anti-tweeting mittens his staff have fastened him into while the… https://t.co/e3Ylwy1Trv

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

#Drawnfrom2017: The year in #cartoons A new book of my work with a foreword by Ray Keene OBE of @Times_Chess… https://t.co/LNCvjf4fr7

@JuddLegum Judd Legum @JuddLegum

Trump family tried to vote absentee in the NYC mayoral election: MELANIA: Didn't follow directions to sign envelop… https://t.co/o6OhFL7Cb8

@christhebarker christhe(seasontobe)barker @christhebarker



@GonzotheGreat Gonzo @GonzotheGreat

#MuppetChristmasCarol is 25 today! To celebrate, I've got my Charles Dickens costume and I'm narrating the lives of… https://t.co/MZ9MOJFZ4M

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

#cartoons in presentations can convey complex ideas in a striking and memorable way (even bad ideas about glorious… https://t.co/aZ0H1u0HT5

@wallaceme Mark Wallace @wallaceme

Never forget the greatest Christmas Twitter smackdown of all time. https://t.co/sPyPjzWfZe

Never forget the greatest Christmas Twit...

@art4mad Tom Richmond @art4mad

On the Stands: MAD #549! https://t.co/M1zA7E2V0f https://t.co/RIjTySAlGr

On the Stands: MAD #549! https://t.co/M1...

@jamesdfmellor James Mellor @jamesdfmellor

Unfortunately the council has already spent most of 2017's sky budget. However, we will continue to provide a daily… https://t.co/OfsCV1qeIc

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