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@baekzyxing ℓzy @baekzyxing

They released an official video choreography made by Dubai Fountain Show themselves and it looks so beautiful… https://t.co/UsF44DASq5

@knockknock0408 'KNOCK KNOCK!' @knockknock0408

#BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards #EXOL @weareoneEXO https://t.co/GMUSfAr22Y

#BestFanArmy #iHeartAwards #EXOL @weareo...

@itsflawless_ oℓguiii.♡🌙 @itsflawless_

Me he arreglado los dientes y ahora no se pronunciar la f y la c 😂 #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO

@PHIXOVotingTeam EXOVotingTeamPH 🇵🇭 @PHIXOVotingTeam

RETWEET this if you’re proud of EXO. QUOTE this tweet with your nationality and the hashtags REPLY with your bia… https://t.co/nyGHU6ySnk

@jonginization Daya 💎 @jonginization

Sehun before Dubai: vivi yaaa Sehun after Dubai: ya havivi

@sehhunie nisha @sehhunie

baekhyun voice: thank you so much AHEHE annYEOOONG https://t.co/2J1BGeXrp9

baekhyun voice: thank you so much AHEHE...

@kimjunmyeonnews 김준면 수호 🐰 @kimjunmyeonnews

chanyeol wrote "im proud of you guys" for his caption and sehun replied "im proud of hyung too" 😭❤


Who is your bias in EXO (name)? Comment below with the hashtags #EXOL #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy @weareoneEXO https://t.co/LQWMA9SFTA

Who is your bias in EXO (name)?


@xolovezyx Sonia 兴 ♥ 'ㅅ' @xolovezyx

Hoy estoy muy blessed porque todos los chicos que tienen redes sociales, actualizaron, se ven relajados, felices y… https://t.co/kexAzoR1rv

@weareoneEXO EXO @weareoneEXO

전 세계인을 매료시킨 엑소의 'Power' 두바이 분수쇼💪 엑소 멤버들과 함께한 잊지 못할 순간을 공개합니다📸 #엑소 #EXO #Power #FirstKpopEver #TheDubaiFountain… https://t.co/mXXfFV7cv7

@ultchanyeolpark . @ultchanyeolpark

Imagine being a successful singer, rapper, dancer, actor, producer, song-writer, composer, bowler, skiier, billiard… https://t.co/qtrtkNeO6L

@EXOSlayMySoul snowyeol ❄ @EXOSlayMySoul

A huge shoutout to our ARAB EXO-Ls who made live streams for the rest of us living oceans across to witness this ic… https://t.co/KEihdsXs5s

@ana_loey Ana♡ℓoey @ana_loey

Chanyeol esta orgulloso de exo, Sehun lo esta de su hyung, las exol lo estamos de ellos. Conclusión, todos estamos… https://t.co/nf9GojmuUx

@addictivejongin irene ♡⁸⁸ @addictivejongin

chanyeol was comforting sehun when he got emotional aww :') https://t.co/tSu7wIk528

chanyeol was comforting sehun when he go...

@exol_pcybaek EℓyXiOn @exol_pcybaek

“SuHo se va a sentir en casa con tanto millonario qué hay” JAJAJAJAJAJA 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #WelcomeToDubaiEXO

@ulltbyun Somaya🌱| شيخ العرب بيكهيون @ulltbyun

Sehun never cried while receiving a daesang but he teared up today watching the fountain! Idk what word would descr… https://t.co/0r2mxF493u

@brandynburnette Brandyn Burnette @brandynburnette

None of us see things as they are, we see things as we are. And we are one.

@brandynburnette Brandyn Burnette @brandynburnette

Who wants hear a part of the original English version of “Been Through” by @weareoneEXO? RT #universe #exol

@OverlordEXO 엑소 OVERℓORD 👑 @OverlordEXO

For Spanish EXO-Ls Tweet, Retweet, Citar y Responder usando #iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO Other C… https://t.co/MqycdA3InE

@oshhoe ges🌸 | sebaekho @oshhoe

Im also really happy for Sehun. He always wanted to visit Dubai and watch the fountains and now his dream came true… https://t.co/SRZiNEDpQi

@solornbalbum give ksoo,our world's best singer a @solornbalbum

exo is still a bunch of kids after all #EXOPowerDubai https://t.co/HYVJNPbhkJ

exo is still a bunch of kids after all

@hztttaoswag Z.TAO🔴黄子韬 @hztttaoswag

In 2018 I’ll be your Beggar Your Fool, out everywhere Jan 19th https://t.co/ap4y2ztEGO

In 2018 I’ll be your Beggar Your Fool, o...


EXO-Ls at the venue were shouting "E-X-O WE ARE ONE!" the boys looked really shy after hearing it and Jongdae said… https://t.co/T67Aerxtlu

@poutyjongdae a hoe for baekhyun and jongdae @poutyjongdae

sehun was mad at exo because they were 11 minutes late with their happy bday wishes but he wished jongin happy birt… https://t.co/9GwGmjPkxD

@minsehoek kim @minsehoek

I don’t know about you guys, but when Power started playing and all the fans were singing along, and the fountain s… https://t.co/w2GphItZgN

@TheNationalUAE The National @TheNationalUAE

Watch: Social media frenzy as fans welcome K-pop band @weareoneEXO to #Dubai https://t.co/KnoXHSZKow #WelcomeToDubaiExo

@ultchanyeolpark . @ultchanyeolpark

If we felt pride, I can't imagine how the boys must feel. This is THEIR song. The locals made it big #EXOPowerDubai https://t.co/9CJMYG1YG2

If we felt pride, I can't imagine how th...

@itsflawless_ oℓguiii.♡🌙 @itsflawless_

i was watching a live from an aeri, laughing and crying at the same time because i was seeing my babies being so ha… https://t.co/hq5dOf26in

@BurjKhalifa Burj Khalifa @BurjKhalifa

The Power of #EXO in #BurjKhalifa. #EXOPowerDubai https://t.co/95ARiMbHxc

The Power of #EXO in #BurjKhalifa. #EXOP...

@allkpop allkpop @allkpop

#EXO's Chanyeol leaves a cute birthday message to fellow member Kai https://t.co/HxUjxEkt3V https://t.co/mIxGioVyON

#EXO's Chanyeol leaves a cute birthday m...

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