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@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

He corrected 'wether' - but still left 'council' ... if fact increased its mention. "Excuse me, Mr President - tha… https://t.co/9DyqMjaSHu

@krassenstein Brian Krassenstein🐬 @krassenstein

In case you aren't putting 2 & 2 together. Trump's campaign manager, Bannon was a Director of Cambridge Analytica,… https://t.co/fsnrzBDJF6

@kazweida Kaz Weida @kazweida

Could we stop calling Cambridge Analytica a data company? It’s funded by the Mercers and formerly run by Steve Ban… https://t.co/oaZ0CDmANF

@abc730 abc730 @abc730

The @GrattanInst's @JohnDaley_ has crunched the numbers on who will actually pay under @billshortenmp's… https://t.co/fr5xonk9uc

@Rottoturbine rottnest wind turbine @Rottoturbine

Humans: wind farms are a menace to birds Also humans: https://t.co/qBz1b8bhU5 https://t.co/e1TVX9CT7k

Humans: wind farms are a menace to birds...

@phbarratt Paul Barratt @phbarratt

It’s a stunt. Business Council can’t bind its members. https://t.co/1uJOYa41J4

@TomthunkitsMind Tomthunkit™ @TomthunkitsMind

After pocketing a $5 billion tax cut from Trump, Pfizer just KILLED ALL of its Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research… https://t.co/Q704jGtyMf

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

@FranklyMurray s'only 9:07 over here in the West 😁

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Cambridge Analytica bosses filmed taking credit for 'Crooked Hillary' campaign https://t.co/ZkggtZdhJe via @ABCNews

@abcnews ABC News @abcnews

#CambridgeAnalytica bosses claimed they invented 'Crooked Hillary' campaign, won Donald Trump the presidency (Pic:… https://t.co/Nlpda93Ki6

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

"By July 2002 at the latest, war had been decided on; the question at issue now was how to justify it—how to “fix,”… https://t.co/4y3c0U1y0X

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Schadenbook? ... https://t.co/iuLeQVsGki

@joshuabadge Joshua Badge 🏳️‍🌈 @joshuabadge

Abbott's claim that 400 white farmers were killed in the last year is a lie. Of 19,000 homicides 74 of them were on… https://t.co/x6kZ9lzvMU

@MikeCarlton01 Mike Carlton @MikeCarlton01

POTUS continues his losing battle with the English language... https://t.co/0tep6mMYIg

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Especially when the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. https://t.co/SXuyCgv5W8 https://t.co/JOjqDk5Lhd

@somuchbullsh Prince Fed up @somuchbullsh

Fifteen Years Ago, America Destroyed My Country (with Australia's help) https://t.co/6HHY564yew

@RWPUSA Richard W. Painter @RWPUSA

All hands on deck. Every single House and Senate member must make a statement NOW that a Mueller firing will not be… https://t.co/nYvhjMtIdF

@farrm51 Malcolm Farr @farrm51

Hansard re-write alert!!! A crack Fewer-not-Less Pedantry Monitoring Unit reports senator actually said "less" https://t.co/TMUP0lZaEm

Hansard re-write alert!!! A crack Fewer-...

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

@joeymacjoeface @InflatablePlant @MurrayWatt @GrahamPerrettMP Er ... we weren't expecting them to 'get on board' -… https://t.co/uf6flsXMRL

@bugwannostra Mark Dickenson The PM signed off on it! @bugwannostra

Lodge a complaint with the Commonwealth Ombudsman https://t.co/M1w67FXK0F & upload the complaint to your mum's MyG… https://t.co/vMWef4llp4

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Such a trite response to such a shameful and heinous enterprise ... the measure of this man writ large. https://t.co/nGkFbyoSxv

@techinsider Tech Insider @techinsider

This is the Slauerhoffbrug — otherwise known as the "Flying Drawbridge" https://t.co/7YmuEpaHib

This is the Slauerhoffbrug — otherwise k...

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Sheesh! - there's an art to stacking a drainer - (we have free workshops in the tea room on Wednesdays - all welcom… https://t.co/389MFmZ9kx

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Keyword - 'invasion' ... https://t.co/nGkFbyoSxv

@Jeff_Sparrow Jeff Sparrow @Jeff_Sparrow

A million people or so dead: just a spot of ‘mismanagement’. https://t.co/jA5PjtHbFN

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

😁- how the well-off protest. https://t.co/o5sq4whs9h

@deemadigan Dee Madigan @deemadigan

The man who campaigned to change 18C to allow people more freedom to insult others, and the man who campaigned to… https://t.co/iThuWJ4rQK

@itsbouquet Coalition Tea Lady @itsbouquet

Well he's not known as "flexible Mal" for nothin' ... "these are my principles, and if you don't like them, I have… https://t.co/cg8kgjgLDd

@MichaelWestBiz Michael West @MichaelWestBiz

We estimate the size of Australia’s black hole from multinational tax avoiders at $50b pa. This is a serious amount… https://t.co/NnXu2jRMVd

@smh The Sydney Morning Herald @smh

Fifteen years ago, John Howard took Australia to war based on a lie. He should apologise for this folly, writes Kev… https://t.co/INibTAvim6

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