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@JoshuaChavers Joshua Chavers @JoshuaChavers

Here’s the speech from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Emma Gonzalez at an anti-gun rally happening to… https://t.co/3IvHCO6dEq

@blackfilm Wilson Morales @blackfilm

First Look At TNT's #Claws Season 2 w/ @NiecyNash @carriepreston @missjennlyon @itisIjudyreyes & @karrueche -… https://t.co/UuR0UMu1XS

@carriepreston Carrie Preston @carriepreston

Daring to be Amazonian @julieannemery @itisIjudyreyes @clawstnt @preacheramc #MardiGras #Claws https://t.co/5Kt1vHN74U

Daring to be Amazonian @julieannemery @i...

@carriepreston Carrie Preston @carriepreston

Y’all we aaaaallll got coconuts!!! @clawstnt @itisIjudyreyes @missjennlyon @karrueche #mardigras… https://t.co/EQDL8isEXU

@HereIsGina Gina Rodriguez @HereIsGina

Give me the eyes to see the blessings I have before me. Remove me from the pains of comparison. And the trap of loo… https://t.co/RqRsFYAN50

@DanRather Dan Rather @DanRather

The Rob Porter wife beating scandal that has the White House under siege is a heat-seeking missile to the heart of… https://t.co/RJltFvdQYK

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Can’t wait! https://t.co/ZV15SoeZfU

@Kaepernick7 Colin Kaepernick @Kaepernick7

As I reflect on my #MillionDollarPledge I realize how much work there is to do in our fight for Social Justice. Don… https://t.co/gBBFmKViDa

@Sound_of_Gol Sound of Gol @Sound_of_Gol

Super excited for our former SoG player Phillip Olla! A testament that with hard work and support you can achieve y… https://t.co/sBboZSXDTQ

@mic Mic @mic

When white fans destroy property after a #SuperBowl win, it's a "celebration." But when black people take to the st… https://t.co/rSHNy4w6D9

@Station19 Station 19 @Station19

Head three blocks down from Grey Sloan Memorial and into the fire...Here's your first look at the official trailer… https://t.co/53ghnwxX2C

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Do yourselves a favor and don't miss it!! https://t.co/xjM2mh2PJ5

@JohnCMcGinley John C. McGinley @JohnCMcGinley

‘Scrubs’ Is A Workplace Comedy That Holds Up After the #MeToo Movement | Decider https://t.co/yqsG1HRfeA

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

@taipan48 Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎈🎂🎊!!!

@iamstephbeatz Stephanie Beatriz @iamstephbeatz


@ananavarro Ana Navarro @ananavarro

Trump tells the people affected by natural disasters, specifically Puerto Rico, “We love you. We are with you”. Tom… https://t.co/AXY2cg0K14

@jessidanielle17 ms. believer @jessidanielle17

between #ODAAT season 2, #JaneTheVirgin coming back, and catching up on #Superstore i’m feeling all the latina love… https://t.co/W3XezhXZkM

@HereIsGina Gina Rodriguez @HereIsGina

@JustinaMachado @AmericaFerrera This whole thread makes my heart smile.

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Quiet Ann’s van. Claws. Season 2. Shooting now. #nola #clawstnt #clawstnt💅 https://t.co/iF4BUHXmXU

@VanityFair VANITY FAIR @VanityFair

How @OneDayAtATime captures a community most TV ignores https://t.co/aCWSHYKRY3

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Season 2! Premieres today!! Don’t miss it! Brilliant show! Brilliant cast! https://t.co/t1j3P2RpVV via @youtube

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Having a ball with the marvelous Henrietta! She made our morning! @NiecyNash @carriepreston… https://t.co/uny8f6SP0q

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Love this!! https://t.co/jH1zCyI7Zb

@Variety Variety @Variety

Gina Rodriguez: ‘The Fact that Latinos Are Not Seen On Screen Is Devastating’ (EXCLUSIVE) https://t.co/7Ipq1IlAmJ

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

Me and the awesome Tombelfrey@outlook.com, who guested on our show, finishing up a cocktails and… https://t.co/fJa0hQsiZX

@nytimes The New York Times @nytimes

"When will our exclusion matter?" Latinos try to make their voices heard in Hollywood. https://t.co/Ua5N48VR32

@henryfraser0 Henry Fraser @henryfraser0

This is a truly uplifting video that everyone needs to watch. Down's syndrome hasn't stopped this young man making… https://t.co/6m9zb5OsTs

@itisijudyreyes Judy Reyes @itisijudyreyes

America at its best! @NiecyNash @carriepreston @karrueche @missjennlyon #wereback #clawstnt💅… https://t.co/rnKsUTf0l8

@Latina Latina Magazine @Latina

If you love to laugh, then you need to follow these Latinas who are breaking down barriers one laugh at a time. https://t.co/qWeZleIlPO

@nwarikoo Niraj Warikoo @nwarikoo

After years living in the U.S. for 30 years, a 39-year-old immigrant in metro Detroit was deported this morning to… https://t.co/ifz4xSmscU

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