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The Insight Centre is a world leading @scienceirel #BigData research centre with over 400 researchers. Supporting @DataEthicsIre and https://t.co/81PQVXbN7z.


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@insight_centre Insight Centre @insight_centre

Want to stand up for science? Apply for your free place at @voiceofyoungsci’s Ireland workshops, held in Dublin on… https://t.co/YXTCurd7u5

@porwolluke Lukasz Porwol @porwolluke

.@YDS_EU #H2020 @EU_Commission project workshop - Stage 4 - #Galway #traffic #policy proposal conclussions @NiallOB… https://t.co/A6A1SYNNJa

@asmeaton Alan Smeaton @asmeaton

Why cybersecurity is essential for the progress of medtech, and how the Homeland TV series can take its storylines… https://t.co/uXg9yGeKfT

@ShimmerSensing ShimmerSensing @ShimmerSensing

Research Publication ☛ Technology in Rehabilitation: Evaluating the Single Leg Squat Exercise with Wearable Inertia… https://t.co/KYt4Jq31LR

@SarahLRCarroll Sarah Carroll @SarahLRCarroll

.@insight_centre rep reminds us not 2 4get to train the ppl who cre8 algorithms-ppl(incl scientists!)are human & not 100% objective#SCICOM17

@NiamhTalking90 Niamh Kavanagh @NiamhTalking90

Now we have the fantastic @claireoconnell is chairing our closing panel. We have @EvoyJohn of the #mensshed assoc.… https://t.co/RuyGLA0jer

@ChrysNgwa Chrys Ngwa @ChrysNgwa

After four hours training only....very impressive indeed! @insight_centre #AI #DeepLearning #NeuralNetworks https://t.co/wQT1dnujRX

@DocXavi Xavier Giró-i-Nieto 🎗 @DocXavi

End of #nips2017 for me, feeling once again that this community is reshaping science and research as we knew it. Lu… https://t.co/p42TGJi5Wq

@MirrorImagez_ MirrorImages @MirrorImagez_

@suz_research @GirlsHackIRL @scienceirel @insight_centre @aoibhywavy 5,000 Girls are signed up to #IWish18 from 20… https://t.co/mFfAFhzZPw

@MaREIcentre MaREI @MaREIcentre

Really enjoying the Community session at #scicom17 led by @claireoconnell with @aoibhywavy @insight_centre talking… https://t.co/g3JqqBGq1Y

@DocXavi Xavier Giró-i-Nieto 🎗 @DocXavi

The new book "Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications" by @IOSPress_STM includes a chapter our work on imag… https://t.co/IGV8oXE7dO

@ChrysNgwa Chrys Ngwa @ChrysNgwa

Facebook is asking users to judge the truthfulness of news headlines https://t.co/aU1m04Zr3c

@ChrysNgwa Chrys Ngwa @ChrysNgwa

The 5 Most Exciting University AI Projects https://t.co/0jjSURe7NU

@Abebab Abeba Birhane @Abebab

Fun and inspirational afternoon meeting and talking to fellow #PhD researchers here in @UCDCompSci & @insight_centre https://t.co/QV61FvxY3c

Fun and inspirational afternoon meeting...

@WilliamJPhysio William Johnston @WilliamJPhysio

Well done @domdom2407 on a great #TEDxUCD talk "How can neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) help accelerate… https://t.co/xqWZFONwz0

@unlp_insight UNLP, INSIGHT-NUIG @unlp_insight

Fully-funded #PhD Position in #NLProc for #eLexicography @insight_centre @nuigalway https://t.co/5QruKwX1We

@asmeaton Alan Smeaton @asmeaton

Somebody once said that data scientists are helping to shape our futures and make the world better ... oh it was me… https://t.co/0tdMTtFlXN

@BlanaidWhiteDCU Blánaid White @BlanaidWhiteDCU

Congratulations @AoifeMorrin ! Great to see your hard work in print! @DublinCityUni @DCUFSH @insight_centre https://t.co/yPJ6sCINiN

@DublinCityUni DCU @DublinCityUni

Be sure to check out DCU's Careers of the Future Supplement in today's @Independent_ie! It aims to highlight new ca… https://t.co/89OPrNUSL5

@StoryLabIRL StoryLab 💡✏️ @StoryLabIRL

"Without #analytics you are just somebody else with an opinion" - wise, wise words from Brian Moore of Galway-based… https://t.co/mZFmrBdvIr

@lifeofmoreilly Martin O'Reilly @lifeofmoreilly

It's still soaking in that today, after 4 years work I passed my PhD Viva! Thanks to all my colleagues in… https://t.co/uXv12Jle95

@scicomie SCI:COM 2017 @scicomie

We have @aoibhywavy, #Education & Public #Engagement Manager @insight_centre joining our panel discussion on connec… https://t.co/z8DqmZezBg

@DataEthicsIre Magna Carta for Data @DataEthicsIre

We've had a busy time recently. More case studies and blog posts on the way but for now, here's our latest… https://t.co/D3hb4ibmRC

@DocXavi Xavier Giró-i-Nieto 🎗 @DocXavi

Strong presence of our research group at #NIPS2017 #wiml2017 workshop this Monday. Come and meet @amaiasalvador… https://t.co/29hzhfRDvR

@NUIGinnovation NUIG Innovation @NUIGinnovation

The research community @nuigalway is invited to our free 'IP Made Easy ' workshop & networking lunch on Thursday 7… https://t.co/OUbwOqsrEF

@mohan_timilsina Mohan Timilsina @mohan_timilsina

Dr. Jim Duggan chairing Erik Aumayr's PhD viva defence for "online community success: A study of success criteria a… https://t.co/A69UKVcmfO

@BarryOSullivan Prof. Barry O'Sullivan, MRIA @BarryOSullivan

At the @RTE Radio Centre again. This time to do a link-up to the BBC in London to record a segment with David Stenh… https://t.co/hxlH1VTcyh

@UCDinnovation UCD Innovation @UCDinnovation

Congrats to Prolego Scientific, an early-stage new venture, on winning @ucddublin's 2017 #Startup of the Year Award… https://t.co/Sc7h5T9sAd

@johnbreslin John Breslin @johnbreslin

Was delighted to show Merja Toikka and Elena Panteva from DG-REGIO D4 both the @insight_centre @nuigalway and the… https://t.co/pxfNdUqwY0

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