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#fact Some #Liberals have a lot of nerve getting offended at what President Trump says https://t.co/z5czE40w0a

#Liberals have a lot of ne...

@busylizzie48 Liz 🌺💙🌺 @busylizzie48

Steve Bannon subpoenaed by Special Counsel’s Office, Fox News confirms via the @FoxNews App https://t.co/8pY1U2GL8h

@hatedtruthpig77 The Tattered Remnant @hatedtruthpig77

Globalist tv in Germany says" allah" means God, propaganda, lies, filth. Allah = Moon god, in other words an idol.… https://t.co/aGCYZaFUpT

@BlueSea1964 Bluestar @BlueSea1964

🚨 Killary Clinton Was Not A Role Model! #BadPolitician #Abuser #Criminal #SilencedHerVictims #Corruption… https://t.co/UxRGjpxrKF

@BlueSea1964 Bluestar @BlueSea1964

🚨Justice Antonin Scalia Was "Fascinated" By Trump's Outspokenness During 2016 Campaign! #AntoninScalia… https://t.co/VJIaU6FY1b

@PatrioticCindy Patriotic Cindy🚂🔴🐘🇺🇸 @PatrioticCindy

👏👏👏#JobsJobsJobs Thank you @Real DonaldTrump for putting #AmericaFirst #AmericansAreDreamersToo… https://t.co/NVKeaQu1yu

@PatrioticCindy Patriotic Cindy🚂🔴🐘🇺🇸 @PatrioticCindy

👏👏@SecNielsen under oath everybody was using rough language😂🤣😂 didn’t here #President use those words😂🤣😂We Need a W… https://t.co/Ao5tlJQFOR

@ConcernedHigh HIGH HORSE Concerned @ConcernedHigh

Dow on track for 200-point jump, putting 26,000 within reach. https://t.co/MKbvEuxmqQ

@junogsp5 Tom Moore @junogsp5

Byron York: Trump dossier probes now include possible State Department involvement https://t.co/Li5s03BWSc via @dcexaminer

@SonofLiberty357 ChainsawBayonet.357 @SonofLiberty357

Trump dossier probes now include possible Obama State Department involvement (See thread for more) https://t.co/ao3iGfIb6G

@SonofLiberty357 ChainsawBayonet.357 @SonofLiberty357

💥💥DHS report: 73 percent of terrorism-related offenders over last 15 years were foreign-born https://t.co/CjTcRbQDoH

@dawg_lb Buddy dawgmadd Wise @dawg_lb

"Proper BORDER SECURITY is a must"! -@SecNielsen: "I cannot agree to a deal that does not give the tools and resour… https://t.co/x6TABfAD8n

@BrotherVet Oathkeeper @BrotherVet

Boom DHS Secretary Nielsen just Made a fool of Sneaky Dicky Durbin

@BrotherVet Oathkeeper @BrotherVet

TIME TO INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS #MAGA #DrainTheSwamp WOW! Mueller, McCabe & Rosenstein Involved in Cover-… https://t.co/8fhobgxMPb

@KazeSkyz Raven @KazeSkyz

@CNNPR @DonaldJTrumpJr @ErinBurnett fact 19: Tapper was a Democratic press secretary fact 20: Tapper worked for a… https://t.co/FJifn2HnnR

@_America_First Proud Trumplican @_America_First

⚡️ “#FakeNewsCNN - Complete Guide Volume 1” by @KazeSkyz https://t.co/W3dt5afVG2

@KazeSkyz Raven @KazeSkyz

@CNNPR @DonaldJTrumpJr fact 14: CNN routinely stacks its panels with Democrats despite branding the network as "unb… https://t.co/SbZlPiBjpU

@Sheila4USA 🇺🇸Sheila❤USA🇺🇸 @Sheila4USA

🇺🇸Good Morning Friends and Family🇺🇸 Feels Awesome To Wake Up Each Morning & Hear The Sweet Sound of Liberty. For Th… https://t.co/2g6DVbUdl7

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