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@heatherjones333 Heather ♥ Jones @heatherjones333

So Stormy Daniels allegedly passed a lie detector test... Yawn, So what? I am a Christian Conservative and couldnt… https://t.co/8rCAWFWudV

@buzzman888 cody @buzzman888

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Watch What You Wish For @EricHolder You Just Might End Up in Prison: Eric Holder Tells (AG) Sessions… https://t.co/HwmJptyeMk

@_SierraWhiskee 💋 SIᕮᖇᖇᗩ ᗯᕼISKᕮᕮ Is The NRA 🇺🇸 @_SierraWhiskee

Social Media, #MSM, Leftists, Feminists, & anyone who disagrees with us - HATE #FREESPEECH! Stay Loud & Bold.… https://t.co/WwcvKPZTcB

@buzzman888 cody @buzzman888

🇺🇸🇺🇸 #Reflection *Declaration of Independence* 🇺🇸🇺🇸 Signed: July 4, 1776 Summary: The Deceleration of Independen… https://t.co/0wMRBOaLkk

@CB618444 ❣️Trumps Cat'ia❣️ @CB618444

BREAKING NEWS! GOOD guy with a GUN KILLS BAD GUY with a GUN, Shooter dead, two injured after shooting at Great Mil… https://t.co/WjGZJNzvaX

@CB618444 ❣️Trumps Cat'ia❣️ @CB618444

Where the hell is spring #AlGore? 😂😂😂 https://t.co/W7sTFai9VM

Where the hell is spring #AlGore? 
😂😂😂 h...

@NalydV1776 Quintin Reid @NalydV1776

No wonder why The GDP growth never went above 3% while @BarackObama was president. He was too busy ruining our econ… https://t.co/5xz69Qy98B

@buzzman888 cody @buzzman888

🇺🇸#2A🇺🇸 @DLoesch Dana Loesch: “Media Takes Issue With Defending Children” - “This (Great Mills High School) Armed R… https://t.co/CuOEe2BAIZ

@RNcat50 RNcat50 @RNcat50

🔥Follow-Up🔥 Man Painting Outside Sheriff’s Office Helped Female Out of Vehicle... Woman on fire crashes into Browar… https://t.co/7yXuNdBDYj

@MzBodie Bodie @MzBodie

What does one do when approaching a constitutional crisis.. There was a time rough men stood ready. Do they still… https://t.co/U4Pvidbm6e

@MzBodie Bodie @MzBodie

If I've overlooked a post or comment you've left recently , so sorry.. I've been a little distracted with my legac… https://t.co/ZHfXz44ZWk

@MistressGreene Notabot @MistressGreene

@inittowinit007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 I'd certainly be in favor of that - it wou… https://t.co/eeR9pzVf5r

@RealAbbyNormale TheRealAbbyNormal @RealAbbyNormale

@inittowinit007 @hrenee80 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 DID YOU KNOW THERE WAS AN AGENCY… https://t.co/9mQ35qP1Cy

@butter54fly geri @butter54fly

@inittowinit007 @G1rly_Tattoo3d @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 Be patient There is alread… https://t.co/yJ7S4mXll0

@JusticeEdition Tomas Nunez @JusticeEdition

@inittowinit007 @thunderstreet23 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 @COMEY @SEANHANNITY… https://t.co/cPMYY6cybp

@bryan_helten Bryan Helten @bryan_helten

@Maga_ComeAsYouR @inittowinit007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 99% of what Q say's is, "… https://t.co/Jlyqsj51WI

@Maga_ComeAsYouR SmellsLikeMAGASpirit @Maga_ComeAsYouR

@bryan_helten @inittowinit007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 Really? Can I ask how you kn… https://t.co/7FUnolOwGO

@bryan_helten Bryan Helten @bryan_helten

@Maga_ComeAsYouR @inittowinit007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 McCain, Clinton's, Podest… https://t.co/5C6hXHQKzY

@bryan_helten Bryan Helten @bryan_helten

@Maga_ComeAsYouR @inittowinit007 @realDonaldTrump @POTUS @RedStormIsHERE @TRUMP45Michael2 He has 18,500 sealed indi… https://t.co/5htkq8twD3

@inittowinit007 🙏FAITH IN TRUMP🇺🇸 @inittowinit007

💥🇺🇸JUSTICE IS COMING🇺🇸💥 Every traitor to our POTUS and our USA will face a MILITARY COURT. Not OBOMAS plants! .… https://t.co/BJBxPoMejI

@TheLastRefuge2 TheLastRefuge @TheLastRefuge2

President Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Roundtable To Discuss Lawless Sanctuary Cities… https://t.co/lqiYGJtrzC https://t.co/MUH23RDsHb

President Trump Hosts Law Enforcement Ro...

@nay652_naomi cherokeestorm @nay652_naomi

@inittowinit007 Probably figured no one would know because Hillary would be president

@SeelyBrown3 Seely-Brown @SeelyBrown3

@inittowinit007 Pay for PLAY!!!!


Forget #FakeNews #StormyDaniels@POTUS TRUMP IS THE STORM!! #VoiceOfAmerica President of, for & by the People! #MAGA… https://t.co/EVxFJEmQIG

@elenochle ENoCH @elenochle

DARE YOU TO SHARE THIS LINK WITH A NORMIE!!!+++INTRODUCTION TO Q https://t.co/XUi70W5pqE @inittowinit007… https://t.co/X1cFsSkG0U

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