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@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

That N65 atm charge that will fuck up the zeros in your account https://t.co/TxmIE7BdTC

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

@Naijablogger All these billionaire people

@HipHopTea Your Music Plug 🔌 @HipHopTea

This is exactly why my trust is ALL BAD!!! Bruh gone cry in the car. 😭😭😭😭 https://t.co/0XkCwQjSve

This is exactly why my trust is ALL BAD!...

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

Guy 😂😂 https://t.co/5WaIfM6bdy

@_Abuchi_ Nillionaire @_Abuchi_

Realest glo up yet. https://t.co/T7amq25guN

Realest glo up yet. https://t.co/T7amq25...

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole https://t.co/nuZSzLgWZL

@SagirCarpenter sagir carpenter @SagirCarpenter

Hi Guys. I am Sagir Carpenter and I live in northern Nigeria. sometimes I make props and costumes… https://t.co/rFEr9wCN4X

@Kolamide Kolamide Dwayne @Kolamide

"you can do it? Jesus Christ" 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/BU7P9xelU5

'you can do it? Jesus Christ' 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂 ht...

@mskason3 Dynastie 🍫👸🏾 @mskason3

Share my daddy’s picture please https://t.co/V7QoEmtfqd

Share my daddy’s picture please https://...

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

No be lies, is it my fault they call me Efe, Is not duktor set, I had a dream say one day I go make am based on log… https://t.co/xX7PD2IsN7

@DontrellChillis Beer Bryant @DontrellChillis

You really be feeling DE POWER OF DE BLEK PENTHA BEING STDIPPED AWEY https://t.co/0V2YpWXUO0

@xShaf Dan @xShaf

Tupac is still alive: a thread

@heyiris Iris @heyiris

A year later, we check in with Kourtney and Leonard on how their lives have changed since #HurtBae broke the intern… https://t.co/sFa6pZB4QK

@Thisismlu98 Heavyly Iconic👑 @Thisismlu98

Hey guys, this is my father he's been unemployed for 6 years but he is qualified up to the T. He has a Master's Deg… https://t.co/B91wxL1V7U


My 11yr son in JS1, makes comic books from N40 excise bks, there's reasonable demand for the works at N200. Who can… https://t.co/uXTN9wHoDA

@Omojuwa JJ. Omojuwa @Omojuwa

This Ghanaian boxer could lose his boxing license after beating up a comedian who was making jokes about his really… https://t.co/W2IJxKKHxV

@ChauncySmartt Chauncy Smart @ChauncySmartt

Wtf automatically translates to what the f*ck in your head, but LOL just stays as LOL and not laugh out loud. https://t.co/OLgNtNk7ll

@ItsUncleStephen Uncle Stephen @ItsUncleStephen

Today, I went to a rich people’s church and I want you to turn to your Neigbour and slap him/her if they dare say m… https://t.co/fB0CuBcGIX

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

🤦🏽‍♂️ https://t.co/PmZypKhqBz

@LeoKolade YOUR DAD @LeoKolade

Malivelihood gave his girlfriend deola smart a car and house as Valentine's gift and the second pic is what she gav… https://t.co/abxavCHex7

@Melody_Ball Melody @Melody_Ball

My little brother just sent me this video of the swat team evacuating his classroom at stoneman douglas. So scary b… https://t.co/inomdpbpmS

@NeicyCollins Jona🌻 @NeicyCollins

Y’all, Black Panther is a comic book movie. Not a Civil Rights movement or the Million Man March. RELAX lol

@MsTweba Mabel E. Kamassah @MsTweba

#BBNaija The look on Cee c’s face as she looks on while Bam Bam and Tobi bond together is priceless!!! But gurl why… https://t.co/BxQYlkJtQd

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

For the culture 🤙🏽 https://t.co/ngC1yBZbo2

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

@MyHoeStory Being ignored mehn

@OloriSupergal #bbnaija @OloriSupergal

#bbnaija Cee C is angry oo https://t.co/k2BFdznkyJ


Cee C is angry oo https://t.co...

@imxmarv MARV @imxmarv

Haha, man started his own football conversation 😂 https://t.co/dTiThIM1C8

@_theogod Selasi @_theogod

Tragic Scott. https://t.co/8LNYRQFd5m

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