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@TheIncredibles Disney/Pixar's Incredibles 2 @TheIncredibles

Incredible Style. #Incredibles2 💥 https://t.co/McWXTTZuL0

Incredible Style. #Incredibles2 💥 https:...

@WrinkleInTime A Wrinkle In Time @WrinkleInTime

Go behind the scenes to see how the costume, hair, and makeup departments joined forces to bring the legendary Mrs.… https://t.co/r1XO13nq9i

@Fandango Fandango @Fandango

🐼🐼 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼 @IMAX has #Pandas and @IMKristenBell, making it the cutest movie experience you could have all year. Or Ev… https://t.co/51lhhIPkFP

@imax IMAX @imax

ICYMI: Catch a glimpse of these unbearably cute friends in IMAX starting on April 6th. #IMAXPandas 🐼

@JurassicWorld Jurassic World @JurassicWorld

Don’t blink. @JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom https://t.co/jstO7E8mXV

Don’t blink. @JurassicWorld #FallenKingd...

@imax IMAX @imax

You've never seen anything like it in your life. Marvel Studios’ #BlackPanther is NOW PLAYING! Get tickets:… https://t.co/Ve0Uawrj14

@IMKristenBell Kristen Bell @IMKristenBell

Warning: This video contains dangerous levels of cuteness. See these pandas and follow their journey this April in… https://t.co/uwbApcBWlR

@imax IMAX @imax

Wild at heart. Starting this April, experience the world of PANDAS – narrated by @IMKristenBell. #IMAXPandas 🐼 https://t.co/YxVFuo7S8l

Wild at heart. Starting this April, expe...

@imax IMAX @imax

You're invited to experience the world of PANDAS – narrated by @IMKristenBell. The journey begins this April.… https://t.co/H5Gn3C7SoI

@EW Entertainment Weekly @EW

Exclusive: @IMKristenBell will narrate the upcoming @IMAX documentary #Pandas. Watch the trailer: https://t.co/gYFgEYWj9S

@paulscheer Paul Scheer @paulscheer

All Hail #blackpanther #wakandaforver https://t.co/hzOoOan2A8

All Hail #blackpanther #wakandaforver ht...

@theblackpanther Black Panther @theblackpanther

Wakanda Forever. #BlackPanther is the #1 movie in the world! Which character was your favorite? https://t.co/9fRL5V0RWk

Wakanda Forever. #BlackPanther is the #1...

@TombRaiderMovie Tomb Raider @TombRaiderMovie

Strength. Heart. Determination. Alicia Vikander is Lara Croft in #TombRaider - in theaters March 16. https://t.co/uukaLRelwD

Strength. Heart. Determination. Alicia V...

@imax IMAX @imax

Enter an expanded view of Wakanda. Marvel Studios’ #BlackPanther is NOW PLAYING! Get tickets:… https://t.co/Ilm5BoVKlD

@WrinkleInTime A Wrinkle In Time @WrinkleInTime

On March 9, the classic novel comes to life. Watch a sneak peek of Disney’s A #WrinkleInTime. https://t.co/6W5ThCcxDx

On March 9, the classic novel comes to l...

@imax IMAX @imax

Take a peek at our exclusive art for #RedSparrow starring Jennifer Lawrence, in select IMAX theatres on March 2. https://t.co/GRX4Uv61gO

Take a peek at our exclusive art for #Re...

@_SanjayGupta Sanjay Gupta @_SanjayGupta

Watched BLACK PANTHER in IMAX. Loved it and loved the fact that it had four fantastic female characters very well w… https://t.co/iaW7ieQ7vq

@XavierDLeau Xavier D'Leau @XavierDLeau

Oh. See Black Panther in IMAX. Ryan said that some of the scenes are meant to be seen on an IMAX screen. He's abs… https://t.co/FxXKEp4FCH

@imax IMAX @imax

Now YOU can feel like royalty. Enter for your chance to win IMAX tickets and a #BlackPanther ARTFX statue from… https://t.co/rXtT4L5CXM

@prattprattpratt chris pratt @prattprattpratt

THE HYPE IS REAL!! Woke up thinking about #BlackPanther It’s like a Bond movie meets Shakespearean tragedy. Great a… https://t.co/EHoFUYskqS

@imax IMAX @imax

One ticket to Wakanda please 🙋‍ See @Lupita_Nyongo and the rest of Wakanda in IMAX now! Get tickets:… https://t.co/swzraXPqqk

@SnoopDogg Snoop Dogg @SnoopDogg

community screening of @theblackpanther ✊🏿 thank u @FredTJoseph for starting the #BlackPantherChallenge ! it was im… https://t.co/eYmR8Yzt84

@SnoopDogg Snoop Dogg @SnoopDogg

got to show #BlackPanther to the kids n brought the @SnoopLeague to watch the movie ✨ https://t.co/etpRFQlmV9

got to show #BlackPanther to the kids n...

@imax IMAX @imax

Thank you @SnoopDogg for stopping by IMAX HQ to present a few lucky LA kids with a private screening of Marvel Stud… https://t.co/qK7wSm7eEA

@Collider Collider @Collider

L.A. Readers: Win free tickets to our #RedSparrow @IMAX screening with director Francis Lawrence (@hibbits). https://t.co/yDiKSwokIy

@imax IMAX @imax

If you were King for a day, what would be your first order of business? https://t.co/tDfpbf5iKd

If you were King for a day, what would b...

@imax IMAX @imax

You’re in for a treat. In this IMAX Sight & Sound, hear how VFX Supervisor, Geoffrey Baumann, brought #BlackPanther… https://t.co/pkPUK8gNCv

@AshaBee09 Ashley Marie @AshaBee09

I swear I love this movie. It’s even better in IMAX 😩 #BlackPanther

@larrywilmore Larry Wilmore @larrywilmore

Just saw Black Panther again, this time in IMAX! You have to see it this way!!


So I just saw Black Panther for the 2nd time and this time it was in IMAX and that made it 10x better sheesh that was amazing

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