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내하루 sing by Ars (GOT7-영재)

day6 ptg exo

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@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@BTOB_SEKwang @rendezvous hi i love u good morning

@RTubly Aure @RTubly

All is said👏👏 #Verse2 is a masterpiece..I really hope that #JJProject #GOT7 @GOT7Official will see this video.Not m… https://t.co/7mQi8h8EPI

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

it's been a month now,

@fanatic_got7_ GOT7 Fanatic 🕊 @fanatic_got7_

Youngjae: Mark hyung, do you've someone you like! Mark: Yes of course! Youngjae: what kind of person? Yugyeom: Mark… https://t.co/PgXyxmceMi

@jjptrash valeria @jjptrash

This is the hottest JJP pic ever https://t.co/ojEXgrTtKb

This is the hottest JJP pic ever https:/...

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

someone tell me what this is im crying https://t.co/SPZ2ba32HB

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

the hell https://t.co/SPZ2ba32HB

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@yookinas thank you inas !!! ♡♡♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@seonataxx wait whats productive????? sino yon :( idk a productive

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@nctseun thank you lei!!! ♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@hyunsikbiased huhu thank you love !! ♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@akbratatat waaah, thank you ate!! ♡

@laughkpop ً @laughkpop

i want everyone who doesn’t stan monsta x to take a close look at your soul rn, are you really happy?

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

im crying abdul sehun

@hoe4exo Nationaℓ Baby @hoe4exo

"Mom i wanna show you my boyfriend" "ahh pls not kpop" "not this time. Are you ready? " /shows her this picture/… https://t.co/mssPIJh720

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

HABIBI https://t.co/zxxgdxSesp

@OppaSlays ChanSoo @OppaSlays

"Getting a band like EXO will give us the chance to resonate, in a much bigger way w/ the audience that are not jus… https://t.co/pxhUkxnjad

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

GOOD MORNING https://t.co/bLjt3TLqRg

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

good morning yes you know it i love ilhoon so much even if he doesnt know

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@choihandsol huhu thank you sam!! ♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@marksmytuan nako pag umuwi akong ph baka magiba na?? HAHAHA charot ♡♡ thank youuu !! ♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@sevenbeatts WAAAH, THANK YOU CHANDIE!! ♡

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@amechealle thanksss ♡

@d17tp5 karw @d17tp5

Can't wait for death https://t.co/JPCoHXwP9h

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

@akbratatat @BTOBxRMT yes po :)))


Baekhyun : i’m lost in the desert. Sehun : don’t worry habibi i’ll find you. https://t.co/LytfWg7fJJ

Baekhyun : i’m lost in the desert.

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

will got7 other than bambam sing in thai im----

@ilhooncyj jaie @ilhooncyj

are you serious https://t.co/WYuOtst4Ws

@kaipics kai @kaipics

Burj Khalifa who? I ONLY KNOW JONGIN'S GIANT LEGS https://t.co/lkwhedR7O3

Burj Khalifa who? I ONLY KNOW JONGIN'S G...

@soompi Soompi @soompi

#4YearsWithGOT7” Hashtag Reaches Over 600,000 Tweets In 24 Hours As #GOT7 And Fans Celebrate 4th Anniversary… https://t.co/sVCFK8LyYt

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